Sharing this recipe, also shares a little piece of me.  This recipe is  favorite of mine, and one I enjoyed many times while growing up.  To bring back some fun memories, my Mom visited me in Tucson, Arizona one time, and made these lovely little fritters.  Then, last month we were treated to the little morsels again.  Corn fritters are easy to make.  Perfect with butter, (that is what Grandma and I love.)  Or you can top them with your favorite maple syrup, and just enjoy.  They have a fun crunchy exterior, and a fluffy, delicate interior, with pieces of corn sprinkled throughout.  Who would like a few Homemade Corn Fritters added to your plate?

Homemade Corn Fritters

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If you didn’t already know, this girl LOVES venison.  Each recipe made in our house growing up used venison instead of beef.  The meat is lean, full of flavor, and oh so good.  So, of course when I noticed Kris’ post on Big Rigs ‘n Lil’ Cookies, it had to be made ASAP!  I’m so excited to be included in another Freaky Friday event with several fabulous bloggers.  You all remember the movie Freaky Friday, right?  Well, that is what’s happening for this post, we are switching things up, and making someone else’s recipe.  When I found out I would be making one of Kris’ recipes, I was beyond excited.  The problem…Well, not a problem, more like indecision.  What should I make?  All you have to do is stop at her blog, and you will understand why my decision was so tough.  Everything she shares looks fabulous, truth!!!  So, tell me, who wants me to serve them up a delicious Coffee-Spiked Venison Sloppy Joe?

Freaky Friday Coffee Spiked Venison Sloppy Joes

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Growing up there was a treat my family looked forward to… actually more like begged to have.  We called the treat grape ape, and it was just Welch’s grape juice and vanilla ice cream. Making this cocktail took me back to my childhood.  My last post that was shared was a delicious Summer Berry Pie, that included Not Ketchup Blueberry White Pepper Sauce.  Since there was still a few slices of pie left, and raspberry liquor in my bar… of course we needed to make a cocktail! This cocktail shares all the flavors from the pie, with creaminess from the milk and ice cream, perfect!  Who wants me to pour a glass of Summer Berry Pie Cocktail?

Summer Berry Pie Cocktail

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Summer Berry Pie with a Twist #HotSummerEats

June 6, 2015

This time of year is just too delicious, with all the berries, herbs and veggies.  What about mixing the berries with herbs, and throwing them in a pie?  This recipe mixes blueberries, strawberries, basil, and Not Ketchup Blueberry White Pepper Sauce.  When you first dig in, the sweet flavors of the berries burst, then the […]

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Farmers Market Herbed Potato Salad #HotSummerEats

June 1, 2015

Do you have herbs growing like weeds in your garden?  Or, what about your last trip to the farmers market, did you pick-up WAY too much?  This recipe uses fresh, local, and homegrown ingredients.  If you were looking for a new potato salad recipe to take to your next Summer gathering, this recipe is a […]

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Ally’s Kitchen Cookbook Review + Avocado Radicchio Wasabi Salsa Recipe

May 20, 2015

Oh how you will love this post, I’m so excited to share Ally’s cookbook with you!  Come join me as we take a magic carpet ride together, and explore all that is included in her delicious book!  I met Ally several years ago, she stopped by and said hi on my Facebook page.  Meeting Ally […]

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Mexican Style Borek (Food Fusion)

April 30, 2015

This recipe is food fusion at it’s best, with the mix of Mexican flavors, combined with Turkish ingredients.  Last week my dear friend took me to a Turkish grocery store, and I had so much fun filling up my cart.  One ingredient that was a must- the pastry sheets to make Borek- a recipe you […]

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