By now I think you all have figured out that I am a romance author, along with being a food blogger.  In my first romance book “Catch Me,” there are five recipes from the story available in the back of the book.
 In the second book, “Need You,” there are six recipes available for the reader.  Now I am working on book three, and there will be more recipes coming your way.
Eventually, I will take and compile all the recipes from The Winters Family Series and put them in one cookbook- and I may write a short story with the cookbook.  My romance and food love will always go hand-in-hand,  everyone loves a good book- and good food, right?


Last week, several bloggers were kind enough to make and share a few of the recipes available in each book.  The fact that they made a recipe was really special, but then they shared a post with you also- and that meant the world to me.  They shared with you their experience, along with images, to help you to see what is available and how delicious each recipe really is.  So let’s enjoy the images together, and the lovely bloggers involved.  Two of the recipes were taken from my CafeTerraBlog recipe collection, so those recipes are available for you.  Plus, there is a bonus to all this, one blogger shared a special recipe just for you.  The rest of the eleven recipes are available on Amazon, you can grab the books in ebook form for just $2.99- perfect, right?

Roasted Vegetable Chicken Salad

Book One: Roasted Vegetable Chicken Salad from Big Rigs ‘n Lil’ Cookies 


Book Two: Aunt Anna’s Apple Pumpkin Strudel from An Affair From The Heart

pulled pork mac and cheese

Book Two: Pulled Pork Mac n’Cheese from Cooking With Mary And Friends


Book One: Bourbon Lemonade Cocktail from FoodBabbles


Book Two: Wood-Smoked Pork Shoulder, Arugula, & Mushroom Pizza from Full Belly Sisters


Book One: Please-Forgive-Me-Cheesecake (Cherry Limeade Cheesecake) from Ally’s Kitchen (Bonus: This recipe is available!)


This is a montage of all the recipes, they were all tested and devoured for sure!


I hope you enjoyed all the images of the recipes available, and maybe met a new blogger in the process.  After book four is published, I will have another recipe book blog tour for books three and four… so much delicious happiness!  You can find my books “Catch Me” and “Need You” only on Amazon, in paperback and ebook form.  Happy Reading!

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To say I love Tuttorosso Tomatoes… well, that is putting it mildly!  Who doesn’t love bread and tomatoes combined together in one happy dish?  Last week, I made delicious Tomato Basil Garlic Knots- now it’s time to enjoy some tomato basil in these homemade pretzels!  The dough is similar to the garlic knots, yet very different.  The pretzel dough is airy and fluffy… basically the perfect bite… or bites.  Who wants a Homemade Tomato Basil Pretzel?

Homemade Tomato Basil Pretzels

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Tomato Basil Garlic Knots + A Giveaway!

April 10, 2015

Homemade bread can be detailed, time consuming, and well- just fun to make.  This recipe brings together two companies that I adore- Red Star Yeast to make the bread, and Tuttorosso Tomatoes to provide another level of flavor to the bread recipe.  The dough is light, fluffy, and full of tomato, basil, and red pepper […]

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Butternut Squash Bread + The Complete Coconut Cookbook Review

April 4, 2015

Who says butternut squash recipes can only be enjoyed during the Fall season?  My grocery store sells cubed butternut squash in the produce section, and that rocks. Butternut squash is a great filler in bread recipes, and includes vitamins that are wonderful for the body.  This bread recipe is “healthier” and gluten free…AND full of coconut […]

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Recipes and Romance (My Second Romance Book is Published!)

March 24, 2015

Have you ever read a romance book that also shares recipes?  There are actually more authors out there than you would think who share recipes AND romance.  I first discovered this marrying of two worlds from Barbara O’Neal.  She has a fabulous book called, “How to Bake a Perfect Life: A Novel.”  The book shares […]

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Sponsored Post – Feed Your Creativity with Castello Havarti – Bloody Mary Cocktail

March 5, 2015

Get creative with any of Castello’s uniquely crafted cheeses. Click here for a $1 off coupon to create your own gourmet masterpiece. Cheese in a cocktail has been the discussion in our house for a few weeks.  Vodka is a girls best friend…well so is bourbon.  For this special post we are working with dill […]

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