A cocktail and dessert all wrapped into one delicious sweet treat! If you decide to enjoy the crumble bars for breakfast, remember it is always five o’clock somewhere. All three layers of the bars share a perfect balance of flavor. A delectable compliment to a Bourbon Cherry Sipper, a big piece of Cherry Bourbon Crumble Bars.

Cherry Bourbon Crumble Bars #RecipeRedux

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Cherry and bourbon together is basically just some serious bourbon happiness.  This cocktail is simple, delicious, and would be perfect served in a snifter glass……if I had one.  No need to gulp it all down, just sit back, relax, and sip away.  Time to enjoy this summer fun together one sip at time, with the delicious Bourbon Cherry Sipper.

Bourbon Cherry Sipper

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Grilled Pasta? Since you can grill just about anything, why not pasta? This recipe uses fresh pasta that only takes about five minutes when boiled in water. Take a trip to your local farmers market and grab your favorite vegetables. Bring it all together and enjoy some delicious Grilled Pasta and Vegetables!

Grilled Pasta and Vegetables

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Banana Cinnamon Swirl Bread

July 9, 2014

Banana bread with your morning cup of tea or coffee sounds perfect!   This yeast bread will make you feel like you are enjoying your favorite banana bread, but without all the sugar.  Each bite holds the flavor of banana, and pure happiness!  With all the flavors included in this recipe, there is no need for [...]

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Summer Fun: Bourbon Pineapple Cocktail

July 3, 2014

Summer fun means bbq, parties, and of course cocktail hour… every hour! Every cocktail hour deserves a little rum, and a whole lot of bourbon love. Grab a table and create an open bar for all your booze-loving friends! A few weeks ago we enjoyed a Bourbon Lemonade and Raspberry Bourbon Shake together- to keep [...]

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Cherry Rum Chocolate Candies

June 27, 2014

Chocolate spread, dip, sauce, cocktail, AND of course candy.  Chocolate lovers crave the taste that this sweet treat has to offer.  Mixing in a liquor just enhances the flavor of any recipe.  Sometimes it will enhance it just a wee bit too much, but sometimes a boozy drink makes a recipe melt in your mouth. [...]

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Raspberry Bourbon Shake

June 20, 2014

This week was all about bourbon love, and beating the Summer heat.  Grab a tall glass full of raspberries, coconut ice cream, and of course, bourbon.  Take a seat by the pool….or beach your choice!  The coconut ice cream will cool you down during the intense heat of the day.  After you take a dip [...]

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