Two dishes, One pot, Part Deux


Ahhh Fall, can you feel it finally?  I need to pull out my warm comfy socks! As my niece would say, “my tootsies are cold!”

I made a whole chicken in the crock pot last week, and saved the the stock, and leftover chicken.  So now I can make my second dish, still in one pot.  I said I was going to put a twist on a comfort soup.  When I was out to lunch with fellow bloggers the other day at Zoe’s Kitchen, I was inspired by a side dish.  I ordered per my servers recommendations, the white beans with rosemary.  Rosemary is one of my favorite herbs to work with, it is so lovely, and fragrant.

I made white bean and vegetable soup, with fresh rosemary.  Normally I would not add the chicken, but what a great way to use a leftover right?

I soaked the Great Northern Beans for about an hour.  When soaking beans, make sure you have about an inch of water above the beans, it gives them room to expand.

Here is the stock I reserved from the first dish.

Be sure to remove the fat from the top of the stock- there’s no need to have that extra unwanted fat in your dish.  Just lift off with a spoon, and I recommend discarding in the garbage.

The stock looks like jello, don’t let that scare you away.  Just place in a pot, and warm it up.  Within seconds it starts to cook down, and look happy again.

Once the stock is cooked down you can still see some fat, so be sure to strain the stock.

I did add about two more cups of water, with the two cups of reserved stock, in the crock pot.  I wanted the dish to still have that fun, walking-down-memory-lane feel to it.  I remember my mom making delicious bean soup when I was a child. The house always smelled amazing.  So I decided to just add carrots, celery, onion, and garlic to the soup.  The leaves on the top of the celery- be sure to cut them up too, they really give a lot of flavor to the dish.  The garlic you add all depends on your preference, we love garlic in this house.  You really can never have too much garlic in a dish.

It is ready to do its magic now!

I started putting everything together in the morning about 10 am, and set the crock pot for eight hours so dinner was ready for the nighttime football game.  Nothing is better then football, Fall, and comfort food right?

About 3 hours before the soup was done cooking, I added the leftover chicken, and chopped a bunch of fresh rosemary very finely.  I also added salt, pepper and dried thyme as I didn’t have fresh thyme in my garden.

All cooked!

Time to enjoy some warm soup!

What is your favorite soup to make on a cool Fall day?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • Sissy
    So when will you be opening your restaurant???
    • Awww! Well if I could open my restaurant now I would, but baby steps right:)
  • Megan
    Hmmm not sure what is my favorite. I like to throw a bunch of leftovers and veggies in a pot too; however, I like the idea of adding beans and rosemary. I think I'll try this soon. Yum!
  • Hahaha, I like that you said that the stock will cook down and "look happy again" - you make me giggle! :) This looks delicious. I want to make it. Think having soup from breakfast at nearly 7am is ridiculous? Hmmm.
  • Crystal
    YUMMY! My favorite soup to make is white bean chicken chili. Soup is my favorite : ) I miss my soup dates with my son to Panera Bread. Thanks for all the photos too!!!
    • If you are interested in guest blogging on my site, and making your delicious white bean chicken chili, that would be fun?
  • Anonymous
    Wow! I'm visiting from the SITS tribe and can't decide what I like most...your header and blog or this soup! Looks delicious! :)
  • Bonnie
    Did you know that the fat on the top of the chicken stock is considered a is called schmaltz and was very popular years and years ago before the discovery of clogged arteries and heart problems!! your recipes are amazing...we must get together to cook soon...and for me my favorite is either beef stew or chicken soup!
    • I did not know that, thank you for sharing:) We definitely need to get together soon:)