Angel of Halloween Past

October 30, 2010 · 4 comments

Halloween is the start of the best time of the year.  What better way to spend it than with my SITStahs from the Sits Girls.  This weekend we are celebrating Halloween by doing three days of MckLinkys.  The first day, share a story from your past Halloween that is memorable to you.  I had to really think about which Halloween was most memorable, but after 35 years I was having difficulty.  Then my husband reminded me of a wonderful Halloween I had just three years ago.

Sophia was born in October.  My niece is the most amazing, and beautiful little girl.  Her first Halloween was when she was only two weeks old.  Soooo… technically her first Halloween was when she was one year old.  I bought her a cute little ladybug costume from a fun children store in Las Vegas.  It caught my eye, and I just had to have it!  I still lived in Tucson Arizona then, my sister was coming to visit around Halloween.

The problem I faced was…….What was I going to dress up as……

I can tend to be a grumpy bear about Halloween, I just never want to dress up.  I mean seriously one year I wore a Bob Marley t-shirt and said I was Bob Marley….

SO because my sweet angel was coming to visit, I decided to be a good girl.  I am a HUGE fan of hockey!  GO REDWINGS!!!!  I love, loved Darren McCarty, #25!

I decided to pull out my #25 Redwings jersey, and I could be a beat up hockey player.  Simple, yet fun right?

Of course you have to get cute videos right?  Looking at them now I get teary eyed, she really is that special to me!

We were having so much fun indoors, but all the fun was outdoors.  I lived in a small neighborhood, so just the amount of houses for a one year old.  So everyone had their cameras, and we headed out in the warm Tucson Halloween evening to collect some loot.

My Sissy and I were taking her to each house, and my husband was taking the photos.

Come on Momma, let’s go!

Every house was so fun, people were dressed up, and the houses looked so spooky and fun.

We were successful in getting lots of yummy goodness! YAY!!!!

She even shared her candy with me, what a sweet little angel.  She knows how much her Aunt Te-Te loves candy. :)

That was the best Halloween I ever had, probably cause I can’t remember the other ones…. Sad, Sad, I am only 35, yet I can’t remember any of my past Halloweens.   Either way, I will take a wonderful Halloween spent with my precious angel  any day!

My niece just turned four this year, time does really fly by.  It is always good to stop and enjoy every moment!!

Happy Birthday my Precious Angel!!!  Your smile lights up my heart everyday!!!

She was Alice in Wonderland this year. :)

Sophia and I hope you have a Safe and Happy Halloween!!!

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • Christine Leiser

    Aw! So sweet! Happy Halloween.

  • Sissy

    I LOVE THIS!!!! Pam & I watched the videos… I forgot how freakin cute that costume was!!! She was/is such a hoot!!! Thanx for the blog just for her… It was very sweet!!!

  • Lindsay {Designer Wife}

    OH! MY! GOODNESS!! She is so adorable!!! And that black eye you had looked pretty good, haha :)

  • CK

    Oh my gosh, she is SO cute!!!! I love her dancing!!!

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