This Halloween made me smile!

Day 3 of the SITSGirls Halloween Party!!!  Oh and a chance to win Canon Rebel T2i, SWEET!!!!

Sometimes in life we have to do things to make us smile, or even giggle.  This Halloween was that time for me to have that full-on giggle.  My animals are my kids, and my happy place.  When I am feeling sad or alone, I can get a wonderful snuggle to take that sadness away.

My youngest cat Juno, AKA Junie/Junebug, she is my youngest baby.  She follows me around like a little lost kitty, and will chat with you.  Sometimes I wonder what stories she shares with me.  She is truly so sweet, my little angel, and of course a beautiful princess.

Now my oldest cat is completely different story….he is 17, and so not amused!  When he was younger he was not a very nice little boy.  Even the veterinary technicians were scared of him…seriously!  Now with age he is so gentle, and kind.  However, his past always comes back to haunt him…..

My little devil child!

Now for some reason I totally spaced on getting a cute costume for my sweet Ode’.  I honestly can say she is totally okay with this forgetfulness.  However, I remembered I had a really funny picture I could share.  When I first rescued her, I got her a big teddy bear stuffed animal to play with.  She destroyed it, I mean destroyed it into tiny pieces.  Then the other day I found one of the many pieces, and couldn’t stop laughing…..

I saved the best picture for last….My husband picked out the perfect costume for my sweetie, Tuki!!  Tuki is pretty funny, and my precious baby.  He likes to snuggle with me, and will knead on my neck.  He has features about him that are so distinct, which is why this was sooooo perfect!

Ahoy Matey!

I had soooo much fun this year with my kids.  Now did they have fun is the question?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • Oh my gosh - i love all your babies' costumes! Your oldest baby sounds like our current oldest kitty - very tough nuts to crack as young punks, but they definitely get more loving with age! i can't imagine our two kittens enduring a costume at the least not without a whole lot of neosporin and bandaids being needed! Off to go drool some more over some of your amazing food photos! Another Terra