Tuna Melt Quesadilla

Well as you all know I {LOVE} Greek yogurt!!!  I am going to finally share another fun way to enjoy the creamy, delicious Greek yogurt.  So today I present to you the lovely sixth way to eat Greek yogurt, Ta-Da!!!

Well it was a simple idea really, but I decided to put my own spin on it.  I made a tuna melt, Cafe’ Terra style.

My husband and I have been enjoying tuna wraps a lot lately.  Mind you we are careful to not eat too much tuna in a week.  It is recommended to enjoy only about 3-4 servings of fish per week.  Why you may ask?  Well fish has mercury,  some fish has higher levels.  Here is a chart to help you when eating fish, and for some more often then others, FDA – Mercury Levels of Commerical Fish and Shellfish.

Here are the ingredients I decided to use for my happy Tuna Melt.

For the melt use:

2 heaping Tbsp of plain 2% Greek yogurt

6 oz can of tuna in water

1 heaping Tbsp of chunky salsa

1 tsp of grated parmesan cheese

1 1/2 Tbsp of sundried tomatoes in olive oil chopped up

6 large black olives roughly chopped

Mix well and add salt and pepper to taste

{Now for a important side note} When you have animals in the house, especially three cats like in mine.  When you open a can of tuna, you are obligated to share some with them…..Very Important!!!

Here is the tuna all mixed, it actually looks fun and colorful.  I took one tortilla,  and folded it in half.  Of course if it is a tuna melt what is it missing…..cheese silly!

I used provolone cheese, but you could use your favorite cheese to complete the tuna melt.  Now of course if you are not a big fan of cheese, it won’t be a melt, but still delicious.

I do not own a microwave, nor do I wish to.  I used the broiler to cook the tuna melt, you could also do it in a pan stove top.  Honestly, food cooks with a crispy outside, and warm inside in the broiler, or stove top.

All cooked and ready to enjoy!  Of course I had to share  some more tuna with my kitty, Paco really loves fish.

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • I love that Greek Yogurt can be substituted pretty much anywhere you would use sour cream--opens up a lot of options! I bet those tuna melts would be fabulous in spinach wraps!
  • I admit the title of the post made my stomach turn but upon further glance I thought this sounds great & as luck would have it i have some plain yogurt in the fridge. Hmmm.... oh & yes you need to share the tuna w/ furry friends! They can smell it from the other side of the house!