Our Thanksgiving After Thanksgiving

*I am excited to announce that Jen Needham won the give-away I hosted with CSN!!!  Thank you so much for participating, and I look forward to sharing another give-away with you in the future!!*

My thinking RIGHT NOW!  Pumpkin, cranberries, stuffing, mashed potatoes, turkey, I could keep going….BUT I am probably making you hungry, I know I feel a rumbly in my tumbly right now….

Our Thanksgiving was truly wonderful, we ate a lot of yummy food, and enjoyed wonderful company.  What more could a girl ask for right?

My husband works in television, so our schedule and holiday’s are always different from everyone else.  After 16 wonderful years, we definitely have learned to adjust to change.  SO since he worked early on Thursday, we celebrated Thanksgiving on Friday.  We found a way to avoid shopping malls too, we are smart like that.

We enjoyed learning about a new website called CHOW, they have wonderful recipes, tips, and helpful vlogs.  My husband and I found some tips for cooking our turkey.  First we put small pieces of butter under the skin.  Next we took celery and carrots, and placed under the bird as a rack.  Then we created a rub of herbs and spices to spread all over the turkey.  I put together rosemary, thyme and olive oil for a rub.

It was so beautiful after it was cooked .

There is a tradition in the family, my husband has to have Peas and Peanuts Salad every year.  Don’t be afraid, it IS delicious!!  This year we changed it up a bit, AND it became my 7th way to use Greek yogurt.  The salad calls for mayonnaise, we had a light mayo with canola oil.  For the change we put half the amount of mayo, and put Greek yogurt instead.  “It tasted the same actually,”  said my husband who loves this salad.

I love cranberries, and find a new recipe every year to enjoy them!  Here is the salad I found this year, AND I made whipped cream IN MY NEW MIXER!! YAY!!! The recipe is Holiday Cranberry Salad:

OF COURSE I made my winning stuffing, remember when I shared that I won a recipe challenge with Chef2Chef.net?  Seriously, my husband and I almost ate the whole thing, and all before the turkey was done cooking…..OOPS!!!

For a perfect Thanksgiving in my book, you must have mashed potatoes!  When my husband was giving them some love, he also added an over abundance of garlic….I was concerned….UNTIL I tried them, YUM-O!

It seems like every American family has to have Green Bean Casserole for part of their holiday dinner.  So why not continue that tradition?

I am a dessert girl, I can eat dessert for a meal….There really should be another food group just for delicious desserts.  OKAY, OKAY…I am just dreaming….  But it is important, and what is most important is choosing what to make each holiday.  This year I chose Pecan Pumpkin Crunch Bars, the recipe is from Cooking Channel. FYI-It really doesn’t look great in a picture, but trust me it was delicious!  I baked a fresh pumpkin for this recipe.

Now as always I like to challenge myself, especially with creating new recipes.  The Chewy Chocolatey Toffee Cookies I used applesauce in the batter.  I decided to make them again, minus the toffee + butterscotch chips instead, and my 8th way to enjoy Greek yogurt.  The cookies came out so beautiful, and much thicker.  Everyone enjoyed each cookie, but it seems the one with the Chobani Greek yogurt was a hit!  Look at the difference in the thickness, the applesauce made them thin, and Chobani made them thicker.

Want one?

We really had a lovely dinner, and it was shared with good company.  My dear friends Kelly, Luis and their 3 kids came over to share in the festivities!

I have a really fun story to share with you…..WHAT you may ask?  WELL some of our other dear friends invited us for dinner Saturday night.  Guess what we had?   Bonnie loves reading my blogs, and she said she was really inspired by  “I don’t see any mess in my kitchen!”  So Bonnie and Jonathan made pizza dough, and put out a variety of toppings.  We all enjoyed our own individual pizza- even Tessa the sweet little two year-old helped make her own pizza.

I am so happy and honored to have readers enjoy my blogs, and make the food that I share with you.

This holiday season, I was definitely, and still am Thankful for your support and love!  I look forward to sharing many more fun recipes, and stories!

Until next time, Come on in, And have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • Amy Lowy
    That is great! For our Thanksgiving in D.C., we had Puerto Rican food. There was a traditonal turkey but no greens or cranberry. The potato was potato salad, flan was dessert and the stuffing was a ground beef mix (raisins, celery etc.). There was a rice dish with pigeon peas and yellowish rice. I guess it's a classic puerto rican dish. interesting, right?
    • That is interesting, and all sounds DELICIOUS!!!!!! Miss you, (((((Hugs)))))
    • I haven't had Pigeon Peas before, I would love to learn about them though....:-)