My first Tart Aux Pommes!

Have you read the About Cafe’ Terra page?  If not, it will definitely explain my love for France, French Cuisine, and the beautiful French language. J’aime la France!

I watched Julia Child for years on PBS, in my book she is a goddess!  I bought her first book ever written this summer, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”  It really is a wonderful book, and so easy to follow. 

I decided I wanted to start sharing more recipes from her lovely book.  I chose to start with an everyday favorite in France, Tart Aux Pommes [Apple Pie.] 

It actually took a good portion of the day to make, probably because it was so new to me.  However, I seriously enjoyed every moment in the process of making the tart. 

To start, I sliced 3-4 large apples carefully, which then would be used to fan out on top of tart.  Mix lemon juice and sugar to help stop the apples from browning, and sit aside in le frigo.

Next, roughly cut up 8 cups of apples, to then cook in a large pot. 

Cook the apples for about 20 minutes, or longer, until they are soft enough to mash. 

When cooked enough, mix rum, lingon berry preserves, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, and blend with beater till mixed well.  The apples sauce mixture will still be in chunks, you don’t want it pureed’.

I had to use a different preserve, because my apricot preserve had gone bad.  That is the fun in cooking, thinking on your toes when changes occur.

While apples are cooking, you can make your crust. For this recipe, it called for ‘Pate Brisee Sucree’ [Sweet Short Paste.]  It is basically the same ingredients for a pie crust, but also with sugar. 

Mix the ingredients with a pastry mixer, probably one more stable then mine. 

Ah bummer I will have to go find a fun new pastry mixer….twist my arm to go shopping for a fun kitchen gadget!  I love, love finding new toys for my kitchen! 

Once you have the dough mixed up, wrap it in a piece of plastic wrap, and place in le frigo for 30 minutes to an hour.  

When your dough is ready, you can roll it out and place in bottom of pie pan.  Be sure to grease and flour pan before spreading dough out evenly.  Next you will place your mashed apple mixture in  the pan, and fan out sliced apples.

While the tart is cooking, in small sauce pan mix preserves with sugar.  Use a brush to spread out sauce mixture over apples once cooked.  I should have left the sauce pan on the stove top to keep it warm.  Once it starts cooling it looks like gelatin, and gets slightly chunky. 

The flavor is really amazing, I actually thought I might taste the rum.  The rest of the flavors come together with the rum, and make a beautiful blend of happiness in your mouth! 

I seriously think there may have been fireworks and all…it was THAT good!

“Vraiment delicieux plat!!!”

What is your favorite Tart, or Pie to make?  Do you enjoy making a homemade crust, or do you find yourself buying a crust instead?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • Paolo
    You are right about cooking something the first time, taking time. I love apples, pie, galettes, etc, etc. My favorite is a simple apple tart. I didn't make pies much because the texture didn't come out right, until I stumbled on a recipe for it in the book that came with my food processor. It's below. The most important thing is to let it chill after mixing. Add to this about 3-4 tablespoons sugar to make Pate Brisee Sucree’. The resting and chilling is critical. Line an 8" tart tin with this crust and blind bake it for 14 to 15 minutes on 350, you want it to cook but not over bake. Pastry for Pie Single crust You will need: 1 ¼ cups all-purpose flour ½ teaspoon salt 1/3 cup butter or shortening or 5.75 tablespoons. 3 to 4 tablespoons iced water Double crust: 2 cups all purpose flour 1 teaspoon salt 2/3 cup butter or shortening or 10.5 tablespoons 6-7 tablespoons iced water mix butter, salt and flour in food processor until it looks like coarse meal add the water a tablespoon at a time with machine running until it pulls away from the sides. Remove from processor bowl shape in a disc and wrap with plastic wrap and chill for 15 minutes then use as you normally would. When cooled, a thin layer of pastry cream goes in it is cooled again while my apples are cooked with a blend of spices that includes a pinch of cayenne. When finished the apples cool too. You can prepare all the ingredients ahead of time. Once assembled use apricot jam heated spooned over the top to give the tart a nice sealing and make it look like those in the bakery. I've made this tart many times and it's always a hit. Since you make it yourself you can make it sugar less.
    • This sounds really wonderful, and I am definitely going to try it! The apple mixture, is it basically the same process as the apple mixture I did, but with a pinch of cayenne? Thank you for sharing!! I look forward to sharing with you how it turns out.
  • You did a fabulous job with this and it sounds like you really enjoyed the process. I don't know that I've ever tried a Julia Child recipe. I really ought to! My favourite sort of pie has a crumb top, with lots of oats, brown sugar and butter. With that on top, it almost doesn't matter what's in the middle!
    • Thank you so much! You should definitely try a Julia Child recipe, they are really fun to make. Thank you for sharing your top for your pie recipes, sounds amazing!
    • Thank you so much! You should definitely try a Julia Child recipe, they are really fun to make. Thank you for sharing the topping for your favorite pie, it sounds amazing!
  • Grams
    Hopping over from Blog Frog. This tart is gorgeous! As for your question, homemade pie crust will not be found in my cooking. I rely on Pillsbury All-Ready Crusts. When I try to make pie crust, it just comes out as a sticky glob.
    • Thank you so much for stopping by:)
    • Thank you so much for stopping by:)
  • Oh wow, that looks delish! I have made homemade apple pies before, but usually opt for a crust dough already bought. I have made my own, but the pre-bought just saves time for me and is easier to work with. I'm not sure, but I think the recipe I always used was from my Betty Crocker cookbook; a wedding gift I got back in 1990 :)
    • Thank you so much! The pie crust was actually really easy to make, easier then I thought it would be:)
    • Thank you so much! The pie crust was actually really easy to make, easier then I thought it would be:)