Ain’t nothin’ like Southern Fried Chicken!

Okay to start this blog off, I have to say that I am sooooo thankful I did not each eat much today…..WOW am I full!

My husband and I are taking a few days of R&R….well, I do have to work some I guess.  We are enjoying the beautiful city of Charleston, SC.  If you have never been this way, I highly recommend you put this on the to-do list for future vacations.

We were told by two separate people, at two completely different times, to enjoy Jestine’s Kitchen in downtown Charleston.

Jestine’s Kitchen was named after Jestine Matthews a woman who believed in “Home cooking in a warm atmosphere.”

She was born in the Low Country in 1885, at Rosebank Plantation on Wadmalaw Island. (The Low country is what they call the lower Eastern portion of South Carolina – which includes Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Beaufort, and Charleston.)  Jestine’s Kitchen was started back in the early 1900’s, to share the style of home cooking Jestine shared for years with friends and family.  Jestine lived to be 112, today her memory still lives on.

This is really my first true experience with Soul Food since moving down here in the south.  Basically my husband summed it up perfectly, “I am speechless!”  It was really THAT good!

I always ask what I should get with the server, sometimes that plan works, and well sometimes it fails miserably….

Tonight I just really wanted to hug my waitress, she ROCKED!  I told her we are new to the South, and we really haven’t had true Southern food yet.  She said ” Well then you have to try the fried chicken.  You really can’t go wrong with that choice, and it is just like my Grandma made.”  A Southern girl with a love for fried chicken.  I told you, I seriously could have given her the biggest bear hug.

You could chose two sides with your dish, I chose the special for the evening, black eyed peas, and sauteed cabbage.  Yep my first time enjoying a true black eyed pea dish, and will definitely not be my last.  I started thinking about ways to cook with black eyed peas, delish!

Oh did I forget to tell you, tonight was also a splurge night for hubs and I….

My husband knew I would totally share my mammoth amount of chicken I would be getting.  So he chose the house special, roast beef with carrots and potatoes.  Ummm, seriously melt in your mouth amazing.  I kept sneaking a little bit of his meal.

I was so jealous of my husband, he had collard greens as a side dish.  Have you had collard greens cooked a true Southern way?  Really fantastic dish, I can’t wait to cook with them when I get home!

I got so excited about our main dishes, I forgot to share what we had for an appetizer.  We had fried green tomatoes for the first time!  They were served with a sweet pepper relish, which really complimented the tomatoes.

Now as you all know I am a huge fan of dessert, I mean gigantic fan of dessert….I could keep describing what a fan I am, but I think you may have gotten the picture by now.  So when we were told to try the Coca Cola Cake, we jumped on that train without hesitation.  I haven’t had soda in almost 7 months…but I couldn’t taste the soda, so it doesn’t really count right?  (Shhhhh…Don’t tell Bobby from NoFizzClt)

The Coca Cola cake was absolutly amazing!  I really don’t know what else to say, it was that good.  It was so moist, and the frosting was really sugary.

We almost started fighting over who would get the last of the crumbs even.

Jestine’s Kitchen has been in this location since they opened.  It has a friendly atmosphere, with fantastic costumer service.  There is a sign that says, “Smile” when you walk in, and that is definitely what everyone was doing there.

Jestine called sweet tea “Table Wine.”  In the menu they say “raise your glass of table wine in memory of Jestine.”


“Salut, to an amazing soul, with a true passion for cooking!”

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • What a heartwarming post! This woman seemed so full of life & so passionate about food up until the very end. It's wonderful that her restaurant is still around & her recipes live in to this day. I lived in FL for 10 years & I totally agree, there's nothing like Southern style fried chicken. I'll have to beg my hubs to take me here next time we visit his sister in law in Salem.
    • Oh you definitely have to go and enjoy Jestine's! Your husband will love love it, it is THAT good:)
  • Southern Fried Chicken is a weakness of mine.. i LOVE them so much, I would eat that whole plate of massive amounts of chicken, lol. But I've never had Coca Cola cake before! Sounds yummy!!
    • I don't eat a lot of fried food, but I had to try this dish:) The coca coca cake was fun, the coke is used instead of sugar. It was so moist and wonderful!