My Chobani Christmas Song!

Imagine me singing….which is probably not a good idea….okay, okay, so let’s do this….imagine YOU are singing this then…..

“This Christmas….I bring to you, eeeeelllllllleeeeeeevvvvvveeeeeeennnnn nnnneeeeewwww Chobani recipes!”

The holidays are a time for baking, spending time with family, decorating, and enjoying all the pretty lights!  To add to this lovely holiday, this year I am excited to have 11 of my 52 ways to enjoy Greek yogurt complete.

I was asked the other day what is my favorite type of Greek yogurt?  Wwwweeeeelllllll….of course Chobani!!!! Why you ask?  BECAUSE THEY ROCK!!!! They even have new flavors coming out, lemon, mango, and black cherry yummy goodness!

I love Greek yogurt with my Toffee Chocolatey Cookies.

Look Santa and all the elves enjoy Greek yogurt.

Even Santa’s reindeer enjoy Chobani.

This Christmas my present to you is 41 new recipes that WILL be created in 2011.

Even Junie is very excited about what the new year has to bring:)

Here is some of the recipes I have created already:

Creamy Marinara Sauce

Creamy Popsicle

Apple Yogurt Puppy Goodness – Homemade Dog Treats

Coffee Pumpkin Brownies – Blog coming soon!

Some other ways to enjoy Greek yogurt:

Tuna Yogurt Quesadilla

Chewy Toffee Chocolatey Cookie

Peas and Peanuts Salad

Topped on Chili, Soup or even Oatmeal

Key Lime Pie

Creamy Dressing

And a added bonus:

My husband is now known as the “Dip Chef” in the house!  Chobani chose his dip idea as a great side during a football party.  We actually make the dip all the time….ummm…I mean he makes the dip all the time…He is the “Dip Chef” after all right?  The dip does not have an official name, but I call it OMG Good!!! It has garlic powder, and lots of garlic powder too, cumin, onion powder, hot sauce of your choice, and a very small amount of mayonnaise.

We enjoy this dip on, and in everything.  My favorite way to enjoy it is with my quesadilla or nachos, YUM-O!!!

I look forward to thinking of new ways to enjoy Greek yogurt, and sharing them here!

What is your favorite way to enjoy Greek yogurt?

Until next time, Come on in, and Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • Pepe the Poodle and Stinky the Beagle are salivating at the thought that mommy might schedule in some Apple Yogurt Puppy Goodness baking time next week. If I do, they might need you to visit so they can personally give you a kiss and thank you for sharing the recipe!!!
    • Awww!!! Sounds wonderful:) I hope they enjoy them!
  • I fell in love with Greek yogurt when I lived in England for a year and a half. How exciting to see your great Greek yogurt recipes! I'll be waiting for your new recipes to be published! I'm your newest follower from Blog Frog.
    • Thank you so much! I look forward to sharing with you more fun Greek yogurt recipes:)
  • LOL, I love Chobani too. I actually make my own greek yogurt now because it's cheaper, but Chobani saw me through gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy so I will always have a soft spot for it!
  • Junie looks so cute! She definitely understands what the delicacy is...