Love for the WHOLE Cafe’!

Food safety is really important to me.  My husband always has to tell me turn it off when we are out enjoying a lovely meal.  “Turning it off,” is next to impossible.

In my day job I work as a food safety specialist, and by night I love creating dishes in the kitchen.  I have worked as a food safety/quality assurance specialist for five years now.  It actually goes back further then that, because I became food safety certified while getting my nutritional science degree.

The experiences I have had have been amazing.  The friends I have made along the way are immeasurable.  The opportunities I was given are unforgettable.  I have worked in the “Happiest Place on Earth,” and audited in a place with an award winning chef.  I get cold chills just thinking about those moments.  I love my job!  To say you love your job….well it is not always said by many.  My husband and I work to be happy, not to be rich.  To me complete success is happiness, and at this very moment, I have complete happiness!

With all the positive I have just shared with you, there has to be negative right?  Oh YES!  I have worked in kitchens where “We could eat off the floor!”

and…well…I have worked in kitchens where I just want to go home and shower they are so dirty…..(true story by the way.)

I was frustrated after my audit today, and it really had my mind working.  If you want to ask, “Terra, can you shut the places down if they are that bad?”  The answer is no.  I consider myself a team player, I am there to help them improve.  Some are receptive to this, and some just don’t get it.

The restaurant is a place where food is made, duh, right?  However, the love that goes into making that food should flow out into the whole restaurant.  This includes the workers, the equipment, the food, and the facility itself- all should be cared for with the utmost love and affection.  Sounds weird to put in that context, to have love and affection for a restaurant.  But trust me when this occurs, it really shows through the eyes of the workers and the customers who eat there.

I know places get busy, things get put to the waste side at those times….BUT should it happen?  No!!! Remember I shared with you all the experiences I have had, I have worked in the smallest, busiest places AND they still can receive a 100% on their audit.

You as a customer, or worker, or manager, you all have a say in what occurs in the establishment.  Are you going to be eating there?  Then YES you have a say in what goes on at where you eat!

So I share this with you at a time when I am frustrated at a restaurant I audited….and hope the love you put into the food that is made, extends out further….And put that love into the whole Cafe’!

Have you ever had a food safety issue that you questioned, or were frustrated with?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat, and Remember what food safety really means.

Hugs, Terra  {A.K.A Foodsafetylady on Twitter;-)}

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  • great post wish all restaurants cared so when you opening your cafe?
    • Thank you Rebecca! Well I hope sooner rather than later for opening my Cafe'...But I really don't know yet:-)
  • I was on the other end of the spectrum. I was a server throughout college & then a restaurant manager. We too took the food safety courses. All those food rules? They're forever ingrained in my head! My managers would always freak out when "you guys" would show up. My mentality was, if we kept the place clean all the time, we shouldn't worry. With that being said, I wish all restaurants would maintain their level of cleanliness all the time, not just when the health department would show up.
    • I completely agree, it really is not hard to keep a restaurant clean, if you make cleaning a priority daily. I love how you said "You Guys!" I tend to really freak out people, but yet I am always to so calm and collect:-)
  • Hi Terra...what an interesting and important job! I know that I am often fearful of going to restaurants because I've heard of so many horror stories. It is sad the conditions that people continue to work in...especially when they are serving food to other people. I'm glad that people like you are there! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas day with your friends and family. Many blessings in the New Year!
    • Thank you so much!!! I hope you had a Very Merry Christmas:-)