Carolina White Christmas {Noël Blanc}

Well any Christmas that involves snow nestled on the trees, and covering the ground IS THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!  Besides having the pleasures of eating AMAZING food this holiday season, we got to enjoy our first white Christmas in 15 years.

Look our beautiful dog Ode’s first step in the snow!

On Christmas Eve we enjoyed a delicious dinner with dear friends.  It was so much fun!  My friend Kelly, her husband and kids have lived in Charlotte for over two years.  This is where the term, “Small world,” really fits.  Kelly and I went to school together, all the way from pre-school to graduation.  It is really fun to be reconnected with a dear old friend from Michigan!

On Christmas day we started the day off just perfect!  Thank you to Kelly, my husband made me Cuban coffee….and ya, um, YUM-O!!!

We were invited to my husband’s boss’s house for Christmas dinner.  They had such a beautiful assortment of food to share.  One of my highlights was getting to try some new dishes.  John’s  (Brian’s boss)  Grandmother is from the UK.  So every Christmas they make Yorkshire pudding, one dish I have been dying to try.

They made beef, turkey, stuffing, potatoes, rolls, gravy, carrots, and of course the Yorkshire Pudding.  They decorated the table so pretty, and used their pretty china.

I love my Christmas plate, but I think I like it more with lots of delicious food on it.

Whew!!! Definitely was stuffed, and very happily stuffed…..but I believe there is a little spot open in my tummy for dessert.  Just wait till you see what they had for dessert, OH MY YUM!!!

Well I have heard, and seen some beautiful pictures about Christmas cake, a tradition enjoyed in the UK.  I was so excited to try it, the cake was really flavorful and moist.

Another tradition enjoyed in the UK is mincemeat, today I was able to enjoy mincemeat bars.  They have a tart, and sweet flavor, with a beautiful crumbly top.  I was so excited to try them, they really are wonderful.

Now wait till you see this beauty, WOW is all I have for you….Upside Down Pecan Pie!

YUP, you heard right, upside down….AND the most beautiful dessert I have ever seen.

There was also pear almond cheesecake.  You can’t go wrong when cheesecake is involved in the dessert mix.

One of my favorite cookies my mom made growing up was Spritz cookies.  They are so beautiful, colorful, AND delicious.

I came home satisfied, and happy!!!

I wanted to share a extra special story with you:

My niece Sophia, well I may be partial, but I believe she is the most beautiful little girl in the whole world.

WELLLLLLL she got the coolest present this year!  My Grandfather is a cabinet maker by trade, and has made some of the most amazing pieces of wood work.  I have a desk he made me when I was like 13 or 15.  It is sooooo heavy, it is the one piece of furniture we dread moving.

WEEEEELLLLLLLLL…..Guess what Sophia got from her Great Grandpa this year?????  A homemade toy box!!!  Such a beautiful gift, and something to always cherish!

From our home to yours, we really hope you had a wonderful day, and all your wishes came true this year.

Until next time, Come on in, and Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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