Oldie but Goodie! {and A Big Thank You!}

I need to first start with a BIG, HUGE THANK YOU!!!!  I asked you, and you delivered!  Thank you for your responses regarding my dilemma with my cookies.  I will be making the cookies this weekend, and will share in the fun.

Here is the fantastic tip from Jennifer:   “To prevent a lot of spread in your cookies, chill the dough until just before it goes into the oven. This keeps the fat solid, longer, and the heat of the oven shocks the water in the recipe into steam, creating lift rather than spread.”

I am so excited to try this tip!  I still may purchase regular sheet pans, it may be time to retire my air bake pans……To Be Continued….

Now for other fun stories: How was everyone’s Christmas/Holiday?  In our home there was much relaxing happening.

For the holidays I like to bake for my family.  This year I asked my Mom and Sister, if I made something, what would you want me to make? They both answered “pumpkin bread,” so pumpkin bread it is!  It is fun to make new recipes, but sometimes Oldie but Goodies are always the best.

I love, love pumpkin bread.  Usually I try to go to a pumpkin patch and get sugar pumpkins.  Then I roast them, and freeze the cooked pumpkin for future fun.  This year, well that didn’t happen, so I used canned pumpkin.

I decided to use extra cinnamon, cinnamon is my favorite spice.  What is your favorite spice to cook with?

I enjoy finding recipes on FoodNetwork- this recipe I used is from Alton Brown.

I also added a crunchy top to the bread.  I mixed up cinnamon and sugar, and covered the top of the batter before baking.  All I can say is, Happiness!!

I am a few days behind on sending them off to the family, better late then never right?  PLUS then they may get extra goodies too, hint, hint!

What are your favorite goodies to make for your family during the Holidays?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • Gigi927
    Did you redesign your blog? It looks really good since last I visited!
    • Hi Gigi, Thank you so much!! I got a host and my own domain in September. I have added stuff to the site as I go, but basically the same since September. I am going to change my theme in a few months though:) Have a Very Happy New Year, Terra
  • My holiday was relaxing. Went to a friend's on Christmas eve for some tamales & menudo. I spent Christmas day w/ my husband (our families are on the east coast) and it was a quiet day at home. Finished it off by watching a movie & walking the dogs while looking at the Christmas lights. One of my favorite desserts during the holidays is peppermint bark. I made it myself this year & realized it was so easy! more is in store for the year ahead! I hope you have a happy 2011!
    • Happy New Year Bianca! I still have not tried Menudo, and I lived in Tucson for 15yrs....I was always nervous too, after I learned what was in it. :)