What mood am I in tonight? (Eat In Month)

Well how is everyone doing on the Eat In Month Challenge?  The challenge is definitely a fun way to get your creative juices flowing.  Not sure what Eat In Month Challenge is, check out this link at TheChicLife.

I have been trying to think of different meals I really enjoy when I dine out.  Then my husband and I are looking at how to create those delicious dishes.  Then of course some dishes are just our creative minds thinking, and having too much fun.

Today for lunch we enjoyed a vegetable and chicken salad, with a homemade Asian style dressing.  My husband has been dying for me to try his new dressing creation.  So today we had fun making lunch together.  We always have some giggles, and good messes when we cook together.  The dressing recipe will have to be posted later, we had some issues with getting it just right.  The dressing basically has tahini, soy sauce, lemon juice, whole ground mustard, olive oil, and a couple other ingredients.  So, ya, um….YUM!

Then we decided to keep it simple and enjoy a healthy dessert.

Now I may not share very creative meals during the week.  This is because hubby has a different work schedule.  Honestly cooking for one is can be boring.  I do use leftovers we have sometimes, but I am weird and have to be in the mood for food.  Or as hubby would say, “I have to be entertained by my food!”

So for my dinner tonight I was in the mood to eat at Chili’s, or any place with a hearty vegetarian quesadilla.   But who needs a restaurant, when I have a the comfort of my own kitchen to create a  fun dish?  I love black beans, so tonight I made a black bean quesadilla. I topped it with Chobani Greek yogurt, mixed with hot sauce.

And for dessert, I had an orange I needed to eat.  I used the zest of an orange in a recipe the other day.  I love oranges, but hate peeling them, so really don’t eat them enough.  I know, I know….I am weird!!!!

Who knows what is for dinner tomorrow….I will know my mood tomorrow!

What have you enjoyed for Eat In Month meals so far?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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