Snow day!!

What a perfect snow day!  Yesterday was spent cooking, walking my dog, and even playing in the snow.  My Birthday may be in a few days, and I may not be a child anymore, but who says I can’t still have a little fun right?

I made a couple different dishes, and both dishes had to sit overnight before enjoying.  I soooo cannot wait to have lunch today with my hubby.

During the holidays I bought a new recipe book.  For many years I have enjoyed watching Jacques Pepin on PBS.  I also really enjoy the PBS show with Jacques Pepin and Julia Child, it was so wonderful.

The recipe book by Jacques is called Fast Food My Way.

I plan on making several, if not all of the recipes in this book.  They really are quick to make, but yet really beautiful.  For our meal today we needed to compliment it with a salad.  So I chose the Mushroom and Walnut Salad.

I decided to use Chobani Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for this recipe.

Any chance I can get in using Greek yogurt in my recipes, I definitely jump at the opportunity.

The book is called Fast Food My Way, and fast food it is….of course without all the fried, processed, and just plain unhealthy ingredients.

You just mix each ingredient together, and add salt and pepper.  Then place on a bed of Boston lettuce leaves.  Really beautiful, colorful, and healthier choice then some salads at a fast food restaurant.

My next post will share the main entree this salad complimented, I can not wait to share it with you.  Hint: Tourtiere….

Here is some other fun pictures from my fun snow day!

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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