PT.1 – Big Smiles-Fun Giggles-TerraFest2011!!!

This year I felt sooooo much love on my birthday.  Seriously, between the love I received on Facebook, AND Twitter, this year was perfect.

I actually was not into my birthday that much this year.  I think my hubby was more excited about  my special day than I was.  BUT then I received the best email EVER!!!  My very best friend Amy was going to come visit me.  Oh man, I got soooo excited, my day turned into a week of fun.  That is because she will be coming a few days after my birthday.  I adore Amy, and look forward to some good old fashion girl talk.

My birthday on Saturday started off so perfect.  When I walked into yoga class at Charlotte Fitness, my yoga buddy Sara gave me a beautiful cupcake.  I decided at that moment that today would be the best TerraFest ever.

This cupcake was melt in your mouth, amazing goodness.  She told me she got it at Polka Dot Bake Shop.  I can tell you right now, I will definitely be going back to that delicious place.

I have been with my amazing hubby for almost 17 years, married for almost 14 years.  I believe we have stretched out birthdays that whole time.  We believe a birthday should be celebrated for longer then just one day.  We will enjoy our birthday’s for like five days to a week.  I mean, why not, right??

So to continue in the Birthday festivities.  When I came home from yoga, hubby was on his way home from the gym.  Guess what he brought for me??

Do you give up?

A yummy, delicious carrot cake…..oh yeah, HE ROCKS!!!

I love getting cards, they are soooo cheerful, and make a day brighter.  That being said, I am not good at giving cards.  I always forget to get them sent off, so I end up sending an e-card instead.  I know, I know, don’t judge me!!

Look at the one with the hamster, OH MY too cute!!!

AND look at the one my beautiful husband got me, so perfect for us.  I love him to pieces.

I really could not be any luckier in life, the friends, family, and amazing hubby that surround me, make my life complete.

Here is my sweet, handsome Tuki!  He says, “Stay tuned, we will share where we ate for my special dinner in the next blog.”

Do you enjoy celebrating your Birthday?  Do you make your Birthday a big day, or week celebration?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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