French Friday’s with Dorie – Chicken B’stilla

Life should be an adventure- explore, and try new things!  I LOVE to try new food, spices, anything….AND I do mean anything!  This Friday with the French Friday with Dorie community of bloggers, we had the pleasure to make a French-Moroccan dish.  The dish uses Coriander, which I can not believe I have never had before.  My mind started wondering on what I could make next with coriander….that is to be continued….

Actually, another first for me was, I have never worked with Fillo Dough before….. I know, crazy right?  It is so delicate, but so beautiful.  Now I have so much leftover I believe I may have to try to make something fun… maybe Baklava…

This recipe was definitely involved, as Dorie said in the instructions, but sooo fun to make!  You had to marinate the chicken for awhile, then cook the chicken for awhile, then let the chicken mixture cool.  Soooo…don’t do what I did, AND think I could start cooking at none o’clock at night…..nice one Terra!  BUT I figured I would at least get started, and finish the next day.  Then the food safety lady in me could know the chicken was definitely cooled enough.

The hubs and I were going to some dear friends’ house last night, and so I decided to bring this lovely dish with us.  I had it all prepared and pretty for the drive there.

It is a perfect dish to take to a party, or friends house, because it only has to bake for 20 minutes.  So your friends will not be waiting FOREVER to eat!

It is always rewarding when others tell me the dish was delicious.  Really, you could try it yourself all you want, and like it.  The real test is, will others enjoy what you made?

I have never had a true Moroccan dish before, so the sweetness in the dish was VERY new to me.  I did end up enjoying it, and I am really happy to try so many new things with this recipe.

Excuse me while I go enjoy some more….before hubby comes home and wants some….he couldn’t stop talking about it last night…

What is your favorite Moroccan dish?  Do you like sweet and savory mixed in the your recipes?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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