The Daring Kitchen Cook’s Challenge

I am excited to be hosting a lovely giveaway with CSN stores again!!  They have  Wooden Swing Set for your kids, or how about a Big Top Sandbox, OR a new shiny Bike to enjoy while outside basking in the sun?  Be sure to read below for the all the fun details!

Today is my first post with the The Daring Kitchen. They are a wonderful site where food bloggers come together, and challenge themselves on different food each month.  This month was Cold Soba Noodle Salad with Tempura, YUM by the way!

Fried food in my house, EEK!  Having to deep fry some delicious vegetables in my home, well let’s just say that is not what we do at Cafe Terra.  BUT it was a challenge, and I am always up for a good challenge.

When I first started enjoying sushi, I would always order tempura just in case I didn’t like the sushi.  By the way, now I love sushi, and my favorite thing to enjoy is raw squid with ponzu sauce…yum, now I want some:)  I think tempura is delicious, and my most favorite vegetable to enjoy is sweet potatoes (yams.)  Seriously, all the other veggies are delicious too, but something about the sweet potato, and tempura batter….OH MY YUM!!

I decided to enjoy broccoli, asparagus, sweet potatoes, AND I wanted to test out kale.  One recipe I need to enjoy is kale chips, they look and sound wonderful.  So I decided why wouldn’t fried kale be delicious right?  The fried kale was fantastic, and I was bummed I only cooked up one leaf.  Oh well, next time….wait….not in my house…no way, deep fried foods are only cooked on a challenge!  So I will be making those delicious kale chips soon I guess, they are baked:)

Another first, cooking with soba noodles, and I would definitely cook with them again.  I followed the directions, but I believe the noodles might have been cooked a little too long.  They were still delicious though, trust me!

There was two dipping sauce recipes, that were shared.  I chose the spicy dipping sauce, which wasn’t actually spicy…or I may have lived in the south too long….I love love spicy food.  The two things I had to change on the dipping sauce recipe, just to work with what I had.  I used ground mustard, instead of mustard powder.  Also, I used chopped yellow onion, instead of scallions.  This dipping sauce was holy wow good!  Hubs and I were thinking of the foods we could enjoy it with.

Now for the tempura batter, WELLLLLL….that was interesting to say the least.  I did follow the directions, I swear, I even had chopsticks to stir the batter.  BUT it was VERY runny, so I did add some cornstarch….it still was runny….

On the upside as I always say, the batter did stick some, and the vegetables tasted wonderful!

I deep fried the vegetables at about 350 degrees Fahrenheit, for varied times.  I am bad at timing things, I just watch.  BUT if I had to guess, the potatoes being the longest to cook, they took at least 2-3 minutes.

This was fun challenge, and am soooo excited to be a part of The Daring Kitchens, here is the recipe for you to enjoy!

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I think CSN stores has so much to offer, and at wonderful prices for everyone.  For someone who loves to cook, I love love the many kitchen toys they offer, (I believe I may need that crepe pan!)  Soooo, here is the fun part!  You could win a $20 gift card to put towards something fun for your kids, or even just for YOU!

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I will announce the winner on Monday February 21st, Bonne chance {Good Luck!}

What is the one thing you feel you NEED to get ready for this beautiful weather?

Have you ever made Tempura, and what is your favorite sushi to enjoy?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • I am terrified of frying food. All that hot oil popping all over the place. Eek!
    • LOL! I used a really deep pan, and not as much oil, then the popping was not sooo crazy. It makes me nervous too!
  • I was never a fan of frying food (the grease gets everywhere in little particles in the air, not to mention the calories and the mess of clean-up) but the Indian Cooking Challenges seemed to require deep frying quite a bit when I started and, when done right, the mess was minimal, the flavor incredible and, really, with small items and quick dunk times, the health impact was not so much for a once-a-month thing.
    • It is messy, and fun! I definitely don't plan on starting to deep fry foods, but enjoyed this challenge:) Tempura is pretty delicious!
  • Hi Terra! I have never tried Sushi.... I know, I am ridiculously lame. I am not a seafood fan so I don't think I'd enjoy it. I fried some sausage stuff olives once and it was a disaster. I left them in the oil too long and they got way burned... but I just picked off the breading and ate them anyway!
    • Love Love it!!! Sausage Stuffed Olives sound AMAZING! It is tricky to know exactly how long to cook the item for. Sushi is not always fish, you can try a California Roll, or some of the the other ones I have had are Arizona Roll, or Avocado Roll:) They have veggies in them only, YUM! Enjoy!
  • Audax Artifex
    Wow those photos say it all marvellous your tempura batter is stunning so thin and crisp, yes the challenge recipe gives a thin runny batter but is the way it is meant to be, I love yam tempura also and I have to try kale that sounds so so tasty. Well done on this challenge. Cheers from Audax in Sydney Australia. OBTW I should mention that you should place the blog checking lines into your post that way the automatic programme can check off as doing the challenge and also other people can found your blog using google. No big deal for next time. The blog checking lines are always in the challenge posting near the reveal date information. Audax
    • Hi Audax, Will you let me exactly know what you mean about Blog Checking Lines? I had no idea, but thank you soooo much for letting me know:) Thank you for the kind words on my photos! Take care, Terra
  • domestic diva
    Lovely! Thanks for the chance.
    • Thank you so much!!!
  • yummychunklet
    Your dishes turned out great!
    • You are always so kind, I really appreciate it!!! Take care, Hugs, Terra
  • Megan
    Oooh tempura and noodles at home, yum! I also am in love with sushi! My fav would have to be...ALL of it! No, seriously, my fav is unagi (eel). Very pretty pictures by the way. Did you use your cool photo box? Oh...and sign me up for the giveaway please. :)
    • I love going and having sushi with you, you are so adventurous!!! Eel is pretty delicious:) Thank you for the kind words on the pics, Yuppers it is the fun light box!!! I love the light box sooooo much:) Love you lots, Hugs, Terra
  • Anonymous
    Your dishes look yummy!
    • Thank you so much!!!!
  • As cliche as it sounds, I need to do spring cleaning & update my wardrobe for the warmer weather (which is crazy because I just updated my winter wardrobe, oh well!) Nope I've never made tempura at home but after seeing it on food network this week thanks to Giada & this post, maybe the universe is telling me something.
    • The universe is TOTALLY telling you something!!! It was actually really fun to challenge myself, and enjoy deep fried food all in one! I wouldn't start doing it always, but a nice change up, compared to my normal cooking:) Take care, Hugs, Terra
  • annalene
    Love homemade tempura, the carrots are my favorite! Also love CSN, they have an amazing selection of kitchenware! thewideworldof (at)gmail (dot)com
    • I didn't make carrots this time for the tempura, but will have to next time:) Thank you so much for stopping by!!
  • I have never made tempura because I'm too chicken to do that :) The entire feast up there looks amazing, though...great job!
    • Thank you so much!!!! I was nervous too, I am not a fan of having oil all over the place. BUT it was a challenge, sooooo why not right? It was actually really fun! Take care, Terra
  • I'm new to sushi too! I'm just starting, so I'm doing the tame stuff, no sqid for me, but we did have one with a shrimp tempura in it... wow! Nicely done here!
    • I have a hubby who loves sushi, so I have made myself try crazy stuff. You will be surprised on some of the items, you may think eek, but then love love it! I had a famous sushi chef make me a special raw squid salad, with his special dressing, that is where my love of squid developed. So good!!! Sit up at the bar, and ask all the questions you want to a sushi chef, they really are amazing, and helpful!!! My hubby's favorite is spicy tuna roll, and he said if you are really feeling adventurous, try a spider roll (soft shell crab) YUM!! Enjoy, Take care, Terra
  • Christina
    Good for you trying something new! Kale chips sound amazing! We had a taste of spring the other day when the temps reached 60 F so I bought an ice cream maker in anticipation of the warmer days to come! We're back down to the teens & twenties now, but I'm still going to fire up the new toy & see how she goes! :D
    • Oh that sounds so lovely!!! I have been thinking about getting an ice cream maker, like I need another kitchen toy, LOL! Thank you for the kind words, Take care, Terra
  • Anonymous
    i've NEVER made tempura (frying scares me!) and my favorite sushi is probably avocado and cucumber - creamy, cool, crisp and i don't need to feed to guilty after eating it :)
    • Yum, I believe that is the California roll? Either way, one of my favorites too, so delicious!! Thank you for stopping by, Take care, Terra
  • I'd love to win a CSN gift certificate:-)
  • just joined the daring cooks! i am super excited but a little bummed I missed out on the tempura challenge. these look sooo delicious!
    • I literally just joined the Daring Kitchen too, I am so excited to be a part of the fun group! I say just make the recipe for fun, you will love it! Thank you for stopping by, Take care, Terra
  • Liz
    Thanks for the giveaway! This is a timely post for me to find as I recently acquired a deep fryer!
    • Oh how fun!!! Well then I believe tempura should be the first item to be cooked in that fantastic new kitchen toy!!! Enjoy:) Take care, Terra
  • Liz
    I tweeted!!/FakeGradSchool/status/39504977835728896