It’s a Crawfish Boil Ya’ll!!!!

It is Mardi Gras week in New Orleans, and it was Fat Tuesday this week.  Lots of fun food has been celebrated, enjoyed, and explored.  Everyone in the blog world was making beautiful King Cakes.  My family and friends in Michigan were flaunting the delicious paczkis.  You could have a paczki for your breakfast, AND lunch, they are so big.

I enjoyed a fun Southern tradition with dear friends, a crawfish boil.  The more common boil is called Low Country Boil.  The Low Country runs along the coast of South Carolina starting at Charleston, and goes all the way down to beautiful Hilton Head Island.   A Low Country Boil includes shrimp and crab, or sometimes just shrimp.   All boils will have corn on the cob, potatoes, sausage, and then the star attraction.  My friend did add in mushrooms, and WOW people loved them, they absorbed all the lovely flavors.

What a great experience, enjoying my first ever southern boil.  On April 11th it will be my one year anniversary since I moved to the South.  I have made a point to experience some wonderful southern food traditions.  BUT I do have to say, I still need to try sweet potato pie…. I know, I know, this is crazy that I have not tried it yet.  I actually bought the ingredients to make it, and then ended up using the ingredients for other things.  I promise here and now, Café Terra will make sweet potato pie!

I did the silly thing and did not bring my camera.  As an amateur photographer, I am supposed to bring my camera wherever I go….but failed here.  Thank goodness for smart phones, my Droid did not let me down.  So the pictures are not great, but I still hope you enjoy.  I’m sharing the whole crawfish process, so this may not be for the faint at heart… Just saying!

My friends had two 40 lb bags of live crawfish that they had shipped from Louisiana.  First you put salt on them, and fill the container with water.

Next you will transfer them to another container, and rinse them off.  I will hold back on what occurs here, but if you look at the water you may figure it out.

Then you transfer them to the last container, rinse them off again and add them to a huge pot of boiling water.  They had two huge pots on their patio, one for the veggies, and one for the crawfish.

When you order the crawfish, they also ship a packet of seasoning which is actually pretty spicy!

AND of course there are no bowls, utensils, or even a table for that matter.  Just your hands and you dig in, and eat over a trash bin…. Yep, food safety lady had to hang her hat up for the night!  One of the ladies at the party was born in Louisiana, so she gave me the inside scoop on how to eat a crawfish.  Even down to sucking the juices out of the head….ummm….yeah, I did it.  It felt like an Andrew Zimmern moment!

To finalize this perfect night, we showed up just in time for me to steal a slice of King Cake.  I have never had it before, and now want more.  It is moist, delicious, and all around heaven (especially the frosting!)

What is your favorite food during Mardi Gras, or on Fat Tuesday?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • Yum! This looks so good! I remember as a kid fishing for crawdads using a raw chicken leg in a mesh bag that the crawfish could clamp onto! Great post!
    • Oh how fun, I love when a post brings back fun memories! Thank you for sharing:) A raw chicken leg, had now idea you use that, but makes since for sure:) Thank you so much for stopping by! Take care, Terra
  • oh wow what a treat and so fresh
    • It really was amazing! I am so glad we were able to go to the fun party:-) Take care, Hugs, Terra
  • EA Stewart
    Fun post! I've never been to Mardi Gras before, and just learned about King Cake this year. I've had crawfish before, but never boiled them myself. I had no idea everyone just digs their hands in to the pot! My daughter just got it into her mind that she wants to make gumbo (got the idea from The Frog Princess movie). Do you have any favorite gumbo recipes to share?
    • I finally tried King Cake for the first time this year, I can not believe it took me this long to try it:-) Now that I live so close to New Orleans, I really need to go enjoy Mardi Gras. The Low Country Boil is messy, but so worth it! Thank you for stopping by:) Take care, Terra
  • went to them when we lived in TX ... lots of fun energy even though I'm not a fan of the crustaceans. Here in CT they are a beautiful grey blue color and we catch them in streams and let them go.
    • It is fun energy, which I loved! We all had so many laughs, especially on the quantity of food we kept eating:-) It is hard to stop eating that good of food! Thank you so much for stopping by:) Take care, Terra
  • Wow - what an amazing way to experience fresh, local cuisine!
    • I completely agree!!! Plus no butter, or oils used, so no guilt included:) Thank you for stopping by:)
  • Veronica
    I love a good old Low Country Boil. I usually use shrimp.
    • They are amaizng! And so fun:) Thank you for stopping by!!