14 wonderful years!!!

The day was beautiful, the sun is setting over the Arizona sky.  Friends and family gathered together on a beautiful landing in between two mountains.  Everything was perfect, until the minister said, very seriously,  “we know that marriage is the LAVATORY of love…..”   Then the giggles, and tears from laughing so hard.  We are still laughing, and giggling 14 years later.  My husband is my angel, the one person who truly can make me laugh, and feel sooooo happy.

I met my husband almost 17 years ago.  This is actually one of our first pictures taken together….all the way back to 1994.

This was taken with film, you remember what film is right?  I had to take a picture of a picture, so I could share it with you.

We have so much fun, but it seems we have more fun in Vegas.  Well living in Tucson, it was just a hop-skip-and-jump away, or an hour plane ride.  We actually used to go to Vegas every year, and not to gamble.  I went to enjoy the food!  If you have never explored the food in Vegas, and I mean from the dollar menu at Rivera or Circus Circus, to a Melon Pancetta salad at Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant in Cesar’s Palace.  I highly recommend you go, Vegas is not just about buffets, trust me.  I actually feel I have eaten my way through Vegas, and lived to tell about it.

We have also met some fun people while eating our way through Vegas.  Here we  met Gilby Clark, he played guitar for Guns-n-Roses.  It was a free mini concert at our hotel, out by the  pool, SWEET!!!

I have a cool picture of us meeting Jane Lynch and Matthew Morrison from Glee…..that is missing right now.  But just visualize us with them, and then totally smiling for the rest of the trip in Vegas.  That was the best experience EVER!!!

We met comic Bobby Slayton, and enjoyed Collective Soul in Concert.  That concert was interesting….with a drunk guy singing behind us.

One of our favorite bands Collective Soul.  In one day we had the graces to see them play twice, and MEET them….another AMAZING day!!  Look at where Joel’s hand was behind me, just saying…..

I joke a lot, but that is how we are, we are always laughing, joking, teasing, and just so happy!  Life IS Good!!!!

We moved to Arizona in 1995, and lived in beautiful Tucson for almost 15 years.  We made some amazing friends, and discovered so much about US!   We just recently moved back to the East coast, and live in Charlotte, North Carolina.  With all the changes, all the adjustments, we are still a very strong couple, maybe even stronger today.  We have never let hardships get in our way, and believe me- we have had our share.

I love my husband as I tell him, “More than there are grains of sand in the world!”  He is MY Mr. Incredible!!!

Today was a good day to share my Anniversary with you, but trust me food is involved.  I am about to go cook a whole chicken, with potatoes, and carrots.  It is a simple dish, just as we are, but a fun dish, just as we are!!!

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra and Brian



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  • Mjmfowler
    Love your post Terra!! And Happy Anniversary!
    • Thank you so much Missy!!! Hugs:-)
  • Mel
    Happy Anniversary!!!
    • Thank you so much!!!! :-)
  • Bonnie and Jonathan
    Happy Anniversary to two of our favorite people! We are so happy that you journeyed across the country to settle in Charlotte! We are so happy to have you back in our lives!
    • Awww, you all are so fantastic!!! I am so happy to have you back in our life too:-) Lots of love and hugs your way!!!
  • Andrea
    Happy Anniversary!!
    • Thank you so much!!!! :-)
  • Happy Anniversary! You guys are adorable! Collective Soul? I'm filled with envy! :)
    • Awww, Thank you so much!! Can you believe that we have not seen Collective Soul since we moved to Charlotte, AND they live in Atlanta, CRAZY!!! :-)
  • mom
    Great Blog.............love you Mr. and Mrs. Incredible
    • Thank you mom!!! Love you lots:-)
  • Paolo Presta-Gunton
    I love the food in Tucson, the Sonora dessert food. I crave it all the time. The food is good in Canada but my heritage is Italy so I am a blend of foods. I miss Tucson and the lovely people there who fed me daily.
  • EA Stewart
    Great post! Happy Anniversary! My husband (of 11 years) and I have spent lots of time in Vegas. We actually celebrated our 10 th anniversary there at the U2 concert. That was fun!
  • Megan Babinski
    I'm not sure how I missed reading this blog, but I just finished and almost cried. I'm so happy for you and Brian. If someone were to ask me to name a couple I'd like my relationship to be like, I'd say you and Brian. I'm sure you have had many ups and downs, but the calm happiness that I see from the two of you is priceless. I love you guys and hope you have so many more amazing years!