Not Like My Grandma’s – Apple Crisp

Apples are unhappy mushy, until you make them into Apple Crisp, then they are doing a happy dance!!!

I love apples, and any dish usually with apples.  However, I really dislike soft apples, especially Red Delicious.  I bought a bag of apples the other day, and discovered they were WAY too soft.  So what better way to enjoy them and not waste them?

My Grandma said, “To make the perfect apple crisp use Macintosh.”   Well for some reason I picked up Rome, and we never eat that kind….so I will not be making the most amazing Apple Crisp.  It will taste okay, but can never be as amazing as what Grandma makes.  Seriously, any recipe your Mom-Grandma-Aunt made, can your recipe ever be as good?  NO!!!  There is something about the love they put in the recipe that makes it their own!

I decided to not share this specific recipe and keep it as my Grandma’s special recipe.  I will be adapting it soon, and making it my own.  I will share that recipe I promise!  The pressure  will be on to make the perfect Apple Crisp.

Peel and cut up the apples.  No need to be fancy with cutting them up, just rough cut.

This is where I have to keep the secret safe, but will share another version very soon.  There is a lot of cinnamon and butter, so you know it is going to be DELICIOUS!!!!

Apple Crisp is cooked for about 45 minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you want the best experience EVER, take a piece while it is still warm.  The flavor is amazing, and melts in your mouth.

My family have always enjoyed their Apple Crisp A La Mode, but I feel that ruins the beautiful piece of Apple Crisp.

What is your favorite Apple Recipe?

Until Next Time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra


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  • I love Apple Crisp but it's definitely NOT something my family has ever made. Apples aren't tropical, so we never had a ton of them while growing up, but slowly I grew to like them. This summer I made...3 apple crisps looking for the perfect one and I think we found it. I like a thick crumble-crust on top and a mix of apples. Please share your recipe when you can! Yeiii!
    • I honestly can not imagine not having apples around ALL the time! They are my favorite, SOOOOO delicious:-) I will share my version of the recipe soon I promise:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Yum! I love baked apple desserts. This looks great!
    • Thank you so much!!! I agree, any baked apple dessert is perfect:-) Hugs, Terra
  • EA Stewart
    I don't care for soft apples like a red delicious either. I like a little crispness and tartness to my apples. I think apple crip would he up there with my favorite apple dessert. That and French apple pie. Mmm...
    • Oh I soooo agree, a Tart Aux Pommes is my other favorite apple dessert! I made it awhile back, may need to make it again:-) Hugs, Terra
  • I'm a huge apple crisp/crumble/buckle fan. Something about all that crunchy topping, yum! My gram used to make the best ones too, maybe its the memories that come with those gram/mom made crisps that make them so good?
    • I agree, definitely the memories that make the recipe soooo amazing! I love the crumble top of the dessert too, love it on a apple pie, YUM! Hugs, Terra
  • Apple pie fan here, anything with cinnamon and butter has my vote!
    • You said it, cinnamon and butter make any dessert perfect! Have you tried cardamon, a delicious spice, if you like cinnamon:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Angela Pritchett
    Crazy for apple crisp, although my fav apple dessert will always be pie.
    • I still can't decide which apple dessert is my favorite....I love them all! They are delicious! Hugs, Terra
  • Briarrose
    Beautiful job. I adore apple crisp....which is why I always have to make a little batch so I don't nosh it all....ehehehe.
    • I have to make extra Apple Crisp because I love it that much, and it still disappears quickly, LOL! Hugs, Terra
  • [email protected]
    Grandmas always make everything taste can get the same ingredients and follow the same recipe, but their stuff will always be that much better! :) I love apple crisp, but I like apple pie a tad bit more. And apple streudel! :)
    • I agree, I can follow a recipe given to me by my Grandma, or Mom....but yet still no go, not as delicious:-) Apple Streudel sounds delicious! Hugs, Terra
  • You've just posted about apple crisp, but I have to have vanilla ice cream with mine :)