Perfect Bunny Day!

It was a perfect sunny Easter day!  Started off with a cup of coffee on the patio, while listening to the birds sing a lovely song.  Then to make the day even better, we were invited to enjoy the holiday with friends.  Holidays are always better spent in the company of friends and family.

The star of the day was the beautiful cake that was made from scratch.  I was told there was a lot of labor put into the dessert.  It was actually the first thing I noticed when we walked in.  So the blood, sweat and tears it took to make the cake was all worth it!

Everytime I go to our friends house we have such delicious food.  I love dessert the most of course, but then again, who doesn’t, right?

They had vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, with buttercream frosting.  The kids just loved the marshmellow bunny on the top.  I have to admit, it was my favorite, so cute!


They have a fun tradition that was started several years back in their family.   They start six months before Easter, and start collecting a lot of eggs.  Then you cut part of the end of the egg, empty it out, and save the shell.  They will eventually color the shell, and fill it with confetti.  What is this all for?  A fun Mexican tradition called Cascarones.

You break the confetti egg over someone’s head for good luck.  The kids love this tradition, and have way too much fun!

They made homemade Sangria, and it was WAY too good!  I drank a lot, and I am totally okay with that!

My friend has all her herbs planted, and they are already growing beautifully.  The one thing that caught my eye…

That is SERIOUSLY a rosemary bush….SAY WHAAAAAT????  I could make soooo many delicious recipes with that amazing rosemary bush!!!

I really did have a lovely day!  How was your wonderful Easter, or if you don’t celebrate….how was your wonderful Sunday?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra



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  • Yummychunklet
    That homemade sangria looks so refreshing! Great cake!
    • Oh man the Sangria was DELISH!!! And well the cake was pretty amazing too!!! Hugs, Terra
  • isn't it funny we were JUST talking about rosemary? wow, this is a huge plant! did you escape with some?
    • I may plant some rosemary, and then say lots of positive thoughts to get it huge like that, LOL! Hugs, Terra
  • The cake looks so lovely!
    • It was so pretty, and tasted fantastic!!!! Thank you so much:-) Hugs, Terra
  • That cake looks beautiful! It's always nice to spend holidays with friends - sounds like you guys had a great Easter!
    • Thank you so much! We did have a wonderful day, love all the new friends we have made in Charlotte:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Oh, boy, that is one fantastic cake! What a fun Easter celebration~
    • The cake was so beautiful, AND tasted amazing! We had a lovely day:-) Thank you so much:-) Hugs, Terra
  • It looks like you had such a great Easter!
    • We really did have a lovely day! Thank you so much:-) Hugs, Terra
    wow! what a cake!
    • I know I was so impressed with the cake too! AND it tasted AMAZING:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Love the confetti eggs! First time I hear about them. Sounds like fun :D
    • Thank you so much dear! It was my first experience with the confetti eggs too, was really fun:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Erin Dobias
    Looks like a perfect day!
    • Thank you so much! It was a lovely day:-) Hugs, Terra
  • I love the confetti eggs, how fun is that!? It looks like you had a great Easter. :)
    • They broke one of the eggs on my head to show how to play the game, LOL! So guess I got a bit of good luck, YAY! Hugs, Terra
  • Bestfoodies
    Thanks for sharing your day! Looks like a lot of fun and the sangria looks wonderful!
    • Thank you so much! I love homemade Sangria, always loved it in Tucson, YUM! Take care, Hugs, Terra
  • What a beautiful cake! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter with perfect weather too! :)
    • Thank you so much! I was so impressed with the cake, and it tasted amazing:-) Take care, Terra