Springtime Fun & Chocolate Pecan Pie!

It was my one year Anniversary of living in gorgeous Charlotte a few weeks back.  To make that Anniversary even better, I have baby Cardinal’s by my door to my patio.  Oh how I missed green trees, green grass, and the amazing nature.  I have woods in my backyard, and deer come and sleep there, LOVE IT!!!!

Do you see the red blur?  That is their Daddy protecting them, Mom was near by too.

There were two Deer who slept in the woods in our backyard for about 5 hours.

Okay, Okay on to fun food talk now!  I am doing my very first catering event Saturday, HOLY CATS that is only two days away!!!!!  I am ready to go, thank you again to beautiful Nelly from Cooking with Books for her help.  AND a HUGE thank you to my supportive husband from RadioExiles, he will be helping me the day of the party.  He has been helping taste the goodies too, not a bad gig I would say!  It is a Kentucky Derby themed party, so time to make some traditional Derby food, and old favorites.  I will share the food from the party on Saturday, I have to it is that exciting for me!

I do have one dish to share, I made Kentucky Derby Chocolate Pecan Pie, and wrote an article for it on Queen City Exclusive.  The recipe is there and all, even my favorite recipe for pastry for double-crust pie that is on Chef2Chef.

Tonight I will be writing an article about Mint Juleps, and will share the link when it is up.  I am not a bourbon girl, but the mint infused in the bourbon smelled amazing.

Have you ever been to a Kentucky Derby party, or the Kentucky Derby?

This is beautiful Momma!

Until Next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • Hey Terra, I've opened this post 3 times and none of the photos are showing :( congrats on your first catering job and good luck. Can't wait to read your post on Saturday! xoxo -Yuri
  • Happy Charlotte anniversary! This pie looks like a great way to celebrate!
    • Thank you so much! To add to the fun, a deer was wondering around in my backyard yesterday, love love it!!! :-)
  • OK. I have to make this pie with a gluten-free pie crust from Whole Foods. Pecan Pie is my absolute favorite pie, and now you've just gone and made it better by adding chocolate to it :-) The mint julep, on the other hand, must be an aquired taste. I'd much prefer a margarita or a martini. Much success with the party!
    • Oh my EA you could totally do a gluten-free pie crust! AND definitely try the pie, I am not a chocolate lover, and adore this pie:-) Enjoy! Thank you for the support, I will share about the party today:-) Hugs!
  • Wow. that pie looks great. And isn't it lovely now that spring is in full swing?
    • Thank you! I know I love love spring I think it is the best of all the seasons:-) But Fall is a runner up for sure, so gorgeous! Hugs:-)
  • Another delicious recipe from @cafeterrablog! The chocolate pecan pie looks incredible! Checked out your hubby's site, too, which is excellent. Reminds me a bit of the movie, "Pirate Radio." Very cool.
    • Thank you so much for your support! We definitely need to meet sometime, and I will bring you some homemade English Muffins;-) AND a big thank you for the support of my hubby's site, that means a lot to me! Hugs:-)
  • [email protected]
    Hello beautiful pie!!! YUM! That is one delicious way to celebrate!
    • Thank you so much! It really is a perfect way to celebrate, pie makes a day brighter:-) Hugs!
  • I had chocolate pecan pie for the first time here in NC, and fell in love! Your pie looks fantastic!
    • Oh yay! That is so fun that you had chocolate pecan pie recently:-) It really is amazing!!! Thank you for the lovely comment:-)
  • Wow, such lovely spring photos...and your pie looks amazing!!!!
    • Thank you so much!!!! The pie was dangerously good, LOL! Hugs, Terra
  • Briarrose
    Mmmm...chocolate pecan pie....that looks just dreamy. What a great theme to a party.
    • Thank you so much!!! It was dreamy, and delicious:-) AND dangerously good! Hugs, Terra