Runner-Up in a Recipe Contest!!! YAY!!!

Hello my lovely readers!  Do you remember a few weeks back, the Sweet Corn Blueberry Muffin post?  Weeellllll…I am excited to share that I was awarded second place in the recipe contest, YAY!

The contest was hosted by Fresh Super Sweet Corn, and you had to use fresh sweet corn in the recipe, no frozen or canned corn here.  I wanted to make sure I used corn in each element of the recipe.  The judges were apparently really impressed with the corn in each area of the recipe. I used pureed and whole kernel corn in the muffin mixture, and I baked some corn to add in the crumble on the top of the muffin.  The judges even said they would love to go into a muffin business with me, which truly warmed my heart!

I am excited to make them again, and continue to be creative with the fun recipe.  There is no end to the variations you can make with the recipe.  I hope you enjoy as much as my friends here did!

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • wooohhooo! Corn Rocks! You rock! 
    • Thank you so much dear friend!!! You rock too:-)
  • Ooh, these look and sound delicious! I'm excited to try them.
    • If you try the Sweet Corn Blueberry Muffins, let me know what you thought:-) Hugs!
    • YAY!!! Thank you sooooo much:-) Hugs!
  • Congratulations!!!  That is so wonderful, and your muffins definitely deserved it. 
    • Thank you so much!!!! I really appreciate that:-) Hugs!
  • Beth
     Congratulations!  How exciting for you!
    • Thank you so much!!!!!
  •  Congrats! That's awesome!! 
    • Thank you so much!!!!
  • How cool for you! Bet that news made your day, heck your month :] 
    • Oh it sure did, I was celebrating for awhile!  Now I want to make the muffins again, need to find some sweet corn here:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Veronica Gantley
    Dont you love it when your hard work is recognized. I won a few recipe contests also. Its like christmas. 
    • It is just heart warming to win this recipe contest.  I agree it is like Christmas to win a contest!! Hugs, Terra