My First Attempt at Eclairs = Success!

Ahhhh… pâtisseries françaises… soooooo délicieux!

A few weeks back the French Friday’s with Dorie community made éclairs.  With my crazy schedule…well I couldn’t make them at that time.  BUT I am excited to say I finally made them, and they did turn out, BONUS!!

Making pâte à choux the dough of the éclair is not easy, but it is not impossible either.  Just plan your time, don’t be rushed is my best advice.  I also have to say something extremely important….it is probably a good idea to be smarter then the pastry bag and attachment…Just Saying….

I bought a pastry bag kit, and it had four attachments included.  Unfortunately it did not include a big enough attachment for the large éclairs….so I made small ones.  I also had to get creative to get the éclair to come out right with the pastry attachment I had.  So the éclairs were a little thick, and not so light and airy.  Sooooo I will be getting the right attachment VERY soon!

On the positive side, I was told by an éclair lover that the taste was wonderful.  They loved the pastry cream a lot even!  So I am excited to make them again, and I have some fun flavor ideas I want to try.

I shared the recipe that I took from four different recipes, and adapted my own, on Queen City Exclusive.

Have  you ever made éclairs?  What is your favorite flavor of éclair?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra


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  • Eclairs :) I like mini ones also, because I can just keep on popping them in my mouth! Favorite flavor? Chocolate with a coffee flavored pastry cream! 
    • Chocolate with coffee flavored pastry cream....OH MY YUM!!!! Now you have my attention!
  • [email protected]
     Oh lord -  wow.... my tummy is rumbling! They look amazing...delicieux, indeed!
    • LOL! Thank you so much! I have a new love for them now, very dangerous and exciting:-)
  • They look beautiful, Terra! Your post is reminding me that I still have some in the freezer. I may have to indulge in these again soon...
    • Oh what a happy surprise, definitely go and enjoy some of your eclairs in the freezer!  I love that you can freeze the pate a choux!  Thank you so much for stopping by:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Christine’s Pantry
    Sounds good! Growing up, I remember asking my mom for money so I could go the local bakery and buy eclair. 
    • Thank you so much!  Oh wow, I wish I had more experiences with eclairs....but so happy I am enjoying them now, what a beautiful treat! Hugs, Terra
  • Briarrose
     Beautiful job on these.  I haven't had eclairs in so long and I now have an unbearable craving for them.  :)  I do favor the usual vanilla filling, but your chocolate looks so good.
    • Thank you so much!  I am more of a vanilla, or fruit girl....I made the chocolate eclairs for a friend.  So next time I am making them the way I want to!  Hugs, Terra
  • These look so good, Terra :D My fav flavor combination would be matcha pastry cream and chocolate ganache. Made them last year for Mother's day :)
    • Thank you so much!  The matcha pastry cream sounds amazing!  I bet it is gorgeous too:-)  Hugs, Terra
  • Your eclairs look amazing! Your chocolate sauce makes me drool!
    • LOL!  Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my eclairs!  I was so excited to finally enjoy a eclair:-)
  • I *just* bought a huge pastry tip just for making eclairs.  I haven't used it yet but looking at these eclairs makes me want to do it right away.  They are my husband's favorite dessert.  I've always made cream puffs (profiteroles) but never tried eclairs.  I certainly will now and I'll use your recipe too!
    • Oh how fun!  Yeah I will be getting the big pastry tip VERY soon!  I want to get the full effect, LOL!  Definitely go enjoy them soon;-)  Thank you so much for the wonderful comment:-)
  • Perfection!  These look like they came right out of a French patisserie...just lovely!
    • Awww, that is so kind! Merci Beaucoup:-) Hugs, Terra
  •  Every time I look at the eclairs I want to pull them out of my computer monitor screen....Great Job!!!!!
    • LOL!!! I understand, whenever I see a picture of an eclair it made me want to devour them right then and there:-)  One of the reasons I decided I needed to finally make them:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Anonymous
    I have never tried to make eclairs, but I sure love to eat them.  My favorite have a white cream filling and chocolate icing.  The closet I ever came to making them was that eclair dessert everybody and their brother makes in the sheet cake pan.  Not quite the same lol. 
    • I have never heard of an eclair in a sheet cake pan, very interesting!  I bet it is AMAZING though:-) Hugs, Terra
  • You may want to try just using the pastry bag as-is, no tip, for  piping the eclair cases: chances are the hole is large enough. I tend to go the traditional route when I make eclairs: vanilla pastry cream filling (though I pipe mine in rather than splitting them--makes for less messy eating) and chocolate ganache. One time, oh the horror, I'd just piped out 2 trays of petit eclairs only to have the element of my oven litterally snap in two. That was the night I found out that pate a choux will freeze just fine, pre-baked, and bake beautifully from frozen. (Normally I'd have dashed to Mom's and used her oven but they were a surprise for her 40th birthday that I was catering at the office at the end of the week!)
    • You are probably soooo right, the hole is definitely big enough now to make the large eclairs.   Oh my gosh, seriously?  Your element went on your stove...EEK!!!  Yeah, I didn't realize I could freeze the pate a choux, but very excited to discover this:-)
  • [email protected]
    Gorgeous eclairs, Terra. I have not made eclairs in ages. Yours turned out absolutely perfect, and droolworthy, delicious:DDD 
    • YAY!!! Droolworthy!!!! I love that, thank you so much:-)
  • Wow these look so good! Congrats on doing such an amazing job on these.  You should have seen the first time I tried to make eclairs... complete disaster! 
    • Thank you so much!!! I almost had a complete disaster too, very happy my friend saved the day:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Your eclairs look soooo good! Eclairs are one of my absolute favorites. I haven't made them before but I so want to! :)
    • I never said thank for the lovely comment on my first attempt at my eclairs!  You so need to go for it!  They are delicious:-)  Hugs, Terra
  • Eclairs, wow! That's so impressive. I have made cream puffs but never done eclairs. Good for you!
  • Congrats on your success!
  • Nikki @ The Tolerant Vegan
    They're beautiful! I've never made eclairs, either. Great job!
  • Those eclairs sure looks very delicious, my beloved children surely would love this as party foods for their birthdays, and by the ways congrats for your success.
  • Rebecca Walker
    Hi!  My son has begged me for years to make homemade eclairs, and these look luscious!  Is there a link to a recipe that I'm not seeing?  Thanks!