Culinary Classes at Flex + Fit

Well, I am excited to share this post!  Wednesday was my first culinary class I taught at Flex + Fit.  A wonderful group of ladies attended, and the menu was loved by us all.  An easy, delicious, and flavorful dish to try at home for sure!

I share all about the beautiful concept created by Shama Patel, in my latest Queen City Exclusive article along with sharing one of the recipes we created together on Wednesday.

I honestly had so much fun, and really enjoyed interacting with the ladies.  I look forward to many more classes.

Here are the days I will be teaching, please give Flex and Fit a call (980) 219-8425 to reserve a seat for you.

Here is the Red and Black Fruit Salad Recipe –

Serves 4

2 red plums, pitted and sliced

1 cup raspberries

1 cup blueberries

1 Tbsp sugar (or powdered sugar, honey, or agave nectar)

1 Tbsp orange juice

½ tsp cinnamon (add a small amount of nutmeg)

2 Tbsp unsalted shelled pistachios, chopped (or any or your favorite nut)


Toss plums, raspberries, and blueberries with sugar,  orange juice, and cinnamon.

Let stand for 15 minutes.

Serve with pistachios.

A perfect salad to enjoy on a hot summer day!

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra


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  • Glad you're enjoying your classes! That berry salad looks delicious!
  • [email protected]
    If I lived closer to your zip code, I would be right there with the rest of the ladies!!  Love the salad... I really really love the plums and pistachios in there. :)
  • EA Stewart
    Sounds like a fun class! I love your addition of pistachio nuts ton the fruit salad. Yum! Happy 1st day of summer :-)
  • This is HUGE Terra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS! and Hugs! :D
  • Hey, how wonderful, Terra.  I am sure you were an excellent instructor.  Nice work!
  • wow how cool, and the venue looks great