Santa Claus in June????

No silly, it is not time to Christmas shop just yet.  Although I believe some people do (Which is WAY TOO early!)

Have you ever seen this melon before?

I am big fan of trying new foods, especially really unique food.  Growing up my momma always said to at least try one bite.  I believe that is a fair way to go with kids.  Seriously, food can smell strong, or even gross, and still taste AMAZING!

While picking up a few groceries at the local store, I noticed two new names of melons.  Santa Claus, and Crenshaw, I still need to try the Crenshaw.  In Tucson I loved getting Casaba melons, so delicious!

The Santa Claus melon has a beautiful light yellow color, is very soft in texture, and just melts in your mouth.  It has a beautiful sweet taste that makes you want to go back for more, and more, and… well you get the picture!

But it doesn’t look like Santa, why the festive name? Turns out it got its name because its peak season is in December!

I took some of the melon to my culinary class at Flex and Fit.  I thought it would be a fun treat.  Holy cats the ladies loved it!  So happy to share something new with them.

Are you looking for a dessert for tonight?

The perfect summer treat in my mind.  Well you know Cafe Terra just wouldn’t be the same without mentioning Greek yogurt somewhere.  Soooo…I added some plain Greek yogurt, and local honey to the delicious melon!

You really could use any flavor Greek yogurt.  I almost grabbed some lemon Chobani Greek Yogurt, now that would have been DELISH!

What is one food do you always say you will try, but still haven’t?

Do you enjoy trying new food?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • Great looking melon. I've never heard of it, so now I'm going to have to hunt it down!
  • Send old Santa down under. It's winter and it's cold and it COULD be Christmas.  The melon would help, I'm sure.  :)
  • Sounds interesting.  I love to try new things.  I'll have to keep my eye out for one of these?
  • I've never eaten a Santa Claus melon before, but now I'll be on the look out for it.  Sounds delicious!  I do like to try new food. Next week: Sardines!  I used to eat them as a kids, but it's been MANY years, so I want to try them again.  Wish me luck!
  • Lizzy
    I've never heard of this melon...but I know we get Crenshaw around here.  Fun to try out new produce...especially when it becomes a new favorite!
  • [email protected]
    I have never heard of this! I actually despise melons... I have yet to find one that I like. I should look for this one and see if I change my mind. :))
  • Melons are the perfect summer food (even Santa Clause melons!). It's hard to go wrong with a fresh melon, although I'll admit, I get a little tired of plain ol' watermelon sometimes. Thanks for the heads up. Now if I could just suck less at slicing melons... #clumsyinthekitchen