Orange French Macaron with Mango Compote

It is a mango madness party!  AND when there is a party, I am soooo there!!!

I am joining in last minute, but Nelly said, “last but not least!”  Some fellow bloggers decided to share some mango recipes, that had to be completed by today.  Here are some of the lovely recipes….**Warning you should not look if VERY hungry**

Cooking with Books – Mango Dulce de Leche Pudding Cake

The Daily Palette – Rum Mango Freeze

The Queens Notebook – Mini Mango Tarts

Creative Cooking Corner – Mango Black Bean and Corn Salsa

Skip To Malou – Bingo Mango Waffle

La Cocina Kitchen – Mango Dressing

The Aub Blog – Mango Rosette Tartlets

Big Fat Baker – Homemade Mango Ice Cream

So what should I make, well I should actually say…”what should I TRY to make…”

Do you remember a few weeks back I received some True Lemon products to review?  Well I decided it would be perfect to include lemon, orange and lime in a French macaron.  THEN Nelly from Cooking with Books was talking about the mango madness party, and I decided a mango compote would be perfect inside the macaron!

My macarons are being cranky today, but they are still tasty, BONUS!  For some reason they do not want to rise, weird….

The first batch was sad, just a hard cookie….Fail…

Second batch did rise some, but definitely not pretty circles….Kind of a fail…

The third batch basically went in between the first two, it wanted to rise, but also be a firm cookie….third fail…

I need some macaron intervention.  Who is willing to help me out???  I made raspberry macarons in January, and they turned out??????

Oh well, I tried to make them still look pretty!  AND the mango compote with the orange macaron really complimented each other….YUM!!!

The orange macaron recipe is from Martha Stewart, I only added the True Orange and food coloring.  For the True Orange, add 2 packets to the mixture.  For the food coloring, add 1 drop of red, and 5 drops of yellow to the mixture.

The Mango Compote Recipe

1 mango diced



~ 2 Tbsp brown sugar

1 packet of True Orange

Saute’ the ingredients in a sauce pan until tender, and carmalized.

Well the effort was there, and the love definitely went into every once of this mango madness!

I will have a pretty macaron VERY soon I promise!!!!

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra





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  • Love the flavor combination and you are are definitely a true baker! Only a true baker would be so persistent! We BOTH need some mac demos! :)
  • What a delicious looking pics! Cookie looks so yummy and tasty! I can't wait to eat this :)
  • All of you in the "mango club" are such teases.  It won't be mango season for months here.  :)  What a lovely flavor combination you came up with!
  • jamie Creative-Cupcake-Recipes
    I love macarons.These are different and look amazingly delicious.
  • Yummychunklet
    I still think your attempts were strong steps in the right direction. They look tasty!
  • Hey, I didn't realize you were in on MangoMadness too.  Sorry your Macarons didn't turn out as well as you hoped, but I'm sure they were still delicious once assembled! Looking forward to future reads =)
  • they sound so tasty sorry the macs didn't turn out as planned next time they will rock