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Growing up the thought, smell or even look of beets made my stomach do a turn.  My experience was mainly with canned beets.  My mom loves canned beets, still does.  Canned beets are too mushy to me, and have an off taste.

BUT have you had a roasted fresh beet?  OR better yet, have you had a golden fresh beet, roasted?

When I was doing a Food Safety audit in Tucson at a fancy hotel, the Executive Chef had me try a golden beet.  You should know that was the first time I have ever had a fresh beet in my life.  I think I was like 33 years old then….33 years it took me to try a golden beet…..just sad!  I was a little nervous to try it, but it was the Executive Chef, sooooo of course I had to try it!

After trying that beet, I was ready to try any beet.  Ever since that day, I love trying new recipes with beets.  So when I noticed that the French Friday’s with Dorie community was making a Chunky Beet and Icy Red Onion salad….WELLLLL count me in!!!

To me fresh beets roasted or boiled are like candy, so sweet and flavorful.  I won’t lie, the smell is still not my favorite….but if I put that aside and just enjoy the beet….OH MY YUM!!!

The beets in this recipe with the dressing were delicious, but the onion was still too intense for me.  AND I love onions, but that quantity is way too in your face with flavor.

As pretty as the salad looks, I think next time I would dice the onion up.  If the onion was not so in your face with flavor, I think the salad would be perfect.

If you are interested in this beautiful recipe, I cannot share it.  BUT I highly recommend the beautiful book Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.  I love being a part of the French Friday’s with Dorie community.  There are recipes I have never heard of, or even recipes I would be too nervous to try.  Enjoy!

Did you see that spoon in the one picture, it has beads on it?  Well I am excited to share that my mom made me some gorgeous props!  She has a bead store, and asked if I could use them….WELLLLLL of course I could!

They are soooooo beautiful!!! Thank you Mom:-)

Do you enjoy beets?  Have you had a golden beet?

What is a special prop you use for your photography?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • I love beets and onions, so this salad is perfect. Yes, golden beets are pretty amazing as well! Love the props, noticed them right away!
  • this looks wonderful I need to get into beets
  • [email protected]
    I love beets! Your recipe looks yummy. I love adding them to salads with mixed berries. Here's one of my favorite skinny salads with sliced beets,
    • Hi Nancy, I tried to leave a comment on this lovely link you shared, but was having difficulties.  Thank you for sharing, the recipe, it looks delicious! Thank you so much for stopping by:-) Hugs, Terra
  • i love beets! i usually juice them, but i don't put them in my salads much, but i'm sure i would love them!!! i shall have to try this salad!
  • Roasting beets definitely helps with the flavor (although, I agree that the smell is still a bit off-putting).  There is something about golden beets that are just that much better than their red brethren, for sure! And your mom's silverware is beautiful. 
  • Glad your beet salad turned out fantastic looking. Great post!
  • You could make this for me every single day!  I love it!  I love beets any way you can make them and I always include them in my juicing.  They're really good for you too.
  • Hi, Terra!  Your place looks different!  I like it ;-).  Beets are relatively new to me and I love them: red and golden alike.  I grow them spring and fall.  I have the book, and thanks for the notes on onions.  I shall use shallots then.  Thank you!
  • I was worried about the onion, but I cut them into tiny, tiny pieces and was surprised at how well the ice water trick worked. I agree that beets should be on the menu as often as possible. That was so nice of your Mom to make you some beautiful props!
  • That flatware is adorable, Terra!  How funny, I'm 33 and had my first fresh beets a month ago.  
  • First, that is SO cool your mom made you those props-super cute!  Second, my mom {who is not a veggie lover} is a beet lover, but I never liked them as a kid either.  I was PAST 33 when I started liking beets :-)  It was a salad at "Market", one of my favorite restaurants in San Diego that turned me on to them.  If you ever come out to visit, I'd love to take you there :-)
  • Pachecopatty
    I liked this recipe too! Your beet salad looks delicious and your photos are beautiful;-)
  • Ooo this is so colorful and healthy, I LOVE it!! :)
  • [email protected]
    I don't know why my onions didn't turn red?! Your salad looks perfect!