Georges Duboeuf Wine and Burgers Event with WineTwits!

Did somebody say wine and burgers?  Count me in!!!

If you know me, you also know I am a Twitter-holic!  I love Twitter-I love my Twitter friends- I love reading my Twitter stream- love love Twitter!!! Okay I am done:-p

I follow WineTwits, and was excited when I found out there was a fun Twitter event.  I immediately sent them a message sharing my interest in being a part of the event.  I was put on the waiting list, then a few days later was put on the event list, WOO HOO!!!

We were given three wines to taste, and we were to make three different burgers to enjoy with each wine.

The wine we tried was from Georges Duboeuf vineyards in France.

Chef Bob Waggoner, the host of PBS ‘Ucook with Chef Bob,’ was making the burgers live in NYC….aaaahhhh the beauties of technology!

Yann Bourigault from Georges Duboeuf vineyards was live also, sharing information about the beautiful wine.

A live stream of the event in NYC, with Chef Bob making burgers, Yann answering any questions on Georges Duboeuf wine, and everyone on Twitter sharing their burger and wine pictures!  What a perfect night!

Burger one was Angus beef and was to be paired with Beaujolais Villages wine.  We ended up just using a ground beef…I know, I know, not as good, but still delicious!

Beaujolais Villages was my favorite of all three wines I tasted.  It offers a bouquet of ripe red fruit flavors of strawberries, black currant, and a touch of cinnamon. Délicieux!

I made them into cute little sliders!

The second burger was portabella mushroom burger.  This burger was to be paired with Brouilly.

Brouilly has rich concentrated jam-like fruit flavor from plum, strawberries, peach, and red currant.

This was a delicious wine, but was the driest of all three for me.  Still delicious and perfect with the portabella mushroom.

Whenever we grill, we always make grilled zucchini, YUM!

The third burger was grilled turkey burgers.  This can be a tricky burger to enjoy, if done wrong will be WAY too dry.  We added a few of our own ingredients to make it happy, happy.

My husband is the Grill Chef, so I knew my turkey burger would not be dry!  The burger was paired with Julienas Chateau des Capitans wine.

Julienas has a intense, and complex mix of flavors from peach to raspberries, black currant and a touch of cinnamon.  With the beautiful fruit flavors, this wine came in a close second, it was très délicieux!

I found gorgeous yellow tomatoes at the farmers market the other day, perfect for each burger!

I wanted to share in the fun with you, and no I am not blogging while under the influence of too much wine….that would not be appropriate….right?

What is your favorite wine?

What is your favorite burger?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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