Plum Upside-Down Cake! {Article on Queen City Exclusive}

{Note: I know I need to share my catering experience…..but that post will have to wait a few more days.  It will be worth the wait I promise! }

The other day I took a trip to South Carolina for work.  In Blacksburg, SC there is a fantastic farmers market called Black’s Peach, they had soooo much to choose from.  I walked by a basket of plums, and was immediately inspired.

Please take a stop at Queen City Exclusive where you may drool a bit over my latest contribution there, plum upside-down cake!

The cake does take time to make, but is soooo worth every minute!!

I used True Lemon in the cake, because I adore this product!  Between cardamom, cinnamon, sorghum molasses, and True Lemon….this cake was packed full of flavor!

Do you want a slice?

I hope you enjoy taking a stroll at the lovely Queen City site!

What is your favorite upside-down cake?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra

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  • my mouth just watered! looks awesome! My favorite? traditional pineapple upside down cake! oh dear...
  • Looks fantastic! I wonder if this would work with peaches?
  • oh my, plums are so pretty! love the twist on the classic! beautiful cake, terra :)
  • [email protected]
    Terra, this looks so very yummy. definitely putting it on the list!  I do enjoy a slice of the original, pineapple upside down cake once in a while. :)
  • What a great way to use seasonal fruit!
  • Heather
    This is now on my list. The {I need to make this now} list. 
  • Wow this cake looks fantastic and so beautiful! :)
  • Oh, I "am" drooling!  What a fabulous upside down cake....I'd take yours or one made with almost any other fruit....mmmmmmm.
  • So pretty with all the plums!  The cake sounds wonderfully moist and delicious!
  • Meghan
    Plum happens to be my favorite upside-down cake & yours is beautiful!  I'll take a slice please :)
  • betty
    what an amazing looking cake it looks scrumptious :)
  • Looks fantastic, Terra! Off to check out the recipe!
  • Wow that is definitely a flavorful cake and it looks so inviting! 
  • This looks like a wonderfully moist and delicious cake.  Can't wait for fresh plum season to arrive!