Coconut Pecan Olive Oil Cake

“Happy Blogaversay to me, Happy Blogaversary to me!”

YAY! This is so exciting, and I didn’t even plan to make cake, it just happened.  I love how the universe works!

A few weeks ago I received a gorgeous bottle of California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  If you haven’t tried this wonderful olive oil, I highly recommend you do.

When the olive oil came in the mail, my first thought was olive oil cake.  I love baking, we all know that.  So why not bake with this delicious treat?  Then I made squash corn muffins with the olive oil, and they turned out so fun, and with a high muffin top!

What is next? Not sure, but there is still some left, so we will see very soon!

Just a little about California Olive Ranch They have been around for over 300 years.  They started when the Spanish brought the first olive tree to California.  Their bottle is recyclable, and has a easy grip that enables you to have a perfect pour.  They use a green bottle to protect the olive oil from light.

Please head on over and follow California Olive Ranch on Twitter, and you can “Like” them on Facebook!  They really are wonderful, and they enjoy interacting with you on twitter and facebook!

Now who wants cake? I shared the recipe on Queen City Exclusive, just click here to enjoy.  I even used my favorite Chobani Greek Yogurt!  This cake made me so happy, when it was baking I said, “look at that pretty little thing!”

Something about a Blogaversary that makes me so happy!  I can’t believe what has happened in this wonderful year:

1. Improved on photography, so much one of my photos is in a book!



Published Photo:

2. Improved on making gluten free and vegan dishes, now find them easy to make, and so much fun!

3. Improved on my writing, and now contribute at Queen City Exclusive and Honest Cooking!

4. Improved on recipe development, and now have two areas where my recipes are published.  ( I will be sharing more about the book and magazine very soon!)

5. Experienced my first catering event, the event helped me to get an amazing opportunity to do my first big catering event for 100 people!

6. The growth that I have taken with my blog, has helped me grow, and continue “Dreaming Big!” The best part of my year….I am now a Pastry Chef at Providence Cafe in Charlotte.

Thank you to my readers for all your amazing support!  I love you all:-)

What do you enjoy most about Cafe Terra?

What would you like to see in the next year?

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra


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  • Baker Street
    Happy Blog Birthday Terra! The cake sounds delicious! 
    • Thank you for the sweet comment on my Blogaversary! Hugs, Terra
  • Happy Blogiversary! Happy for you with all you've accomplished. Just keep at it!
    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my Blogaversary! I couldn't be any happier right now:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Happy Blogiversary!
    • Thank you for the sweet thoughts on my Blogaversary!  Hugs, Terra
  • Happy Blogaversary, Terra! Congratulations! So happy for you , it's a great milestone! And this is a fabulous-looking cake! May you have many more happy ones and the best of delish days ahead! Hugs!
    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment on my Blogaversary!!! Sending love and hugs, Terra
  • Happy Blogaversary!!!!!!!!!!!  I miss you! :)
    • Thank you for the sweet comment on my Blogaversary!! Miss you lots too! Love and Hugs, Terra
  • happy blog birthday terra :). what a special year! hugs*
    • Thank you for the sweet comment on my Blogaversary! Hugs, Terra
  • Happy Blogiversary to you!  The cake looks delicious.  Did I miss a recipe somewhere. . . ?? ;)
    • Thank you for the sweet comment on my Blogaversary!!! Hugs, Terra
  • Yay! Happy blogiversary! Glad to be sharing the week with you! :)
    • So happy we shared a Blogaversary together! Thank you for the sweet comment:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Rai
    I just found an italian store in my town where they mix their own olive oil! It's so cool!
    • Thank you for the sweet comment on my Blogaversary! Oh how fun, I would go crazy at that Italian store, I bet their olive oil is AMAZING! Hugs, Terra
  • EA Stewart
    Happy Blogoversary! Your cake looks delicious, and beautiful photo of your lemon pie. Love your blog Terra because I think your just such a nice, kind, genuine person who also happens to make yummy food :-)
    • Awww, EA you are so sweet!  I truly appreciate your beautiful comment on my Blogaversay:-)  I have enjoyed meeting so many beautiful food bloggers, I have grown so much through you all!  I especially look at you as my gluten free mentor. I am not afraid of baking/cooking gluten free anymore, I actually love it! Thank you for all your guidance:-) You are pretty amazing too! Sending love and hugs, Terra
  • Andrea
    Hey Terra, happy Blogoversary! How exciting!! :) The published photo is amazing, definately wish I could take a fork to that right now!!By the way, I still haven't received my coconut oil from the giveaway and was wondering when I would, thanks a ton! -Andrea :)
    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my Blogaversary! I believe you should be seeing your delicious coconut oil any day now! Enjoy my friend:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Bestfoodies
    Happy Belated Blogoversary!  i never even considered coconut or pecans and olive oil in a cake but it looks sooo good.  I love experiementing with new ideas as you know and when it turns out great what a bonus!  Your picture makes it look good enough to just pick up and eat, never mind cutting out a piece lol. 
    • Thank you so much for the beautiful comment on my Blogaversary! Sending love and hugs, Terra
  • Happy One Year!!
    • Thank you so much for the sweet comment on my Blogaversary! Hugs, Terra