Guest Post With Masala Herb – Duxelles Stuffed Tomatoes

Well, I am half way through this Chicago venture, and would you believe I really have not explored much food?  This trip is all work, and no play….BOO!!

To make me happy, I am excited to share one of my favorite blogs with you!  Helene from Masala Herb is truly a beautiful soul, so kind, AND she shares some pretty fantastic treats too!  Since I became a food blogger, I have made a lot of discoveries.  One discovery is friendships, the friends you can make are immeasurable!  These friends are everywhere, India, Australia, England, Canada, and so many more places….I love that!

When I came across Masala Herb, I was immediately drawn in.  She shares dishes that are unique to India, along with sharing dishes from her home country in Austria.  Everything she makes, I seriously want to make that moment.  One thing I love, she has finally convinced me to start cooking with curry more.  I really have not made any dishes with curry, yet love the spice.

Here is the lovely Helene – Enjoy!

Hello everybody!

Foremost I want to thank Terra for the opportunity to guest post on her amazing blog. She knows I was excited and eager to be here!

Terra is such a sweet person, we became friends quickly. I met her through Twitter a few months back and since that we have been staying in contact. The first time I visited Cafe Terra Blog I was charmed by her style and the blogs character. Her blog is very Welcoming and her little food adventures are hilarious. When Terra discovers something, like the time when she discovered Lemon Curd, then I discover it for myself with her. That is the spirit I enjoy here, that we all learn new knowledge together. It is fun if you can share your passion with others, isn’t it?

Now, little about me…

I am Helene, originally Austrian/French and I am living and married in Goa, India. My blog Masala Herb is my food project, where I write about my passion for the eatables. I love to cook and write about world food cultures and I have a hang on keeping an eye out on rare and unknown ingredients. The tastiest dishes are posted on my blog and quite some tempting pictures along with it. I studied Hotel management in my native country Austria, right after that I decided to travel a bit in my life, that’s how I ended up in Goa, a paradise on the west coast of the Indian continent. Interestingly I used to hate to cook in my college years. I dislike industrial kitchens; you know what I mean those plain uncreative places? A point came where I was missing my beloved European food, it was a torture. Sooner or later I started to cook again and with time I learned to love Indian food too.

Today I thought of a light French dish I used to make occasionally when summer was starting in Goa. Summer starts now soon, in fact I think so we are half in it because I am boiling while I am sitting and writing here. Summer is torture, its humid it’s sticky, you can’t think straight and move. So Duxelles stuffed tomatoes are a great way to satisfy your body’s needs, including some great flavours. Duxelles is a mushroom farce which is known and common in the European kitchen. In my recipe I use it to stuff tomatoes and cook it all in a rich tomato sauce. You can either serve it as Appetizer or as Main course, accompanied with either Polenta or Rice. Enjoy! =)

Yields 6

Duxelles Stuffed Tomatoes

30 minsPrep Time

30 minsCook Time

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6 Tomatoes
125 ml Tomato Puree ( I use homemade)
Pinch Salt & Pepper
For the Duxelles stuffing:
1 1/2 Tbs Olive Oil
1 Onion or Shallot - chopped
250 g Button mushrooms - chopped
25 g chopped Parsley
100 ml White wine
3 clove Garlic – chopped
30 g Bread crumbs
Pinch Salt & Pepper


Start by peeling and rinsing the Onion, cut of the stem of the mushroom and rinse too. Chop the Onion, the Mushrooms, the Parsley and Garlic and keep aside separately.

Heat up a Pan with the Olive Oil and fry the Onion pieces translucent on low heat. Then add in the mushroom pieces and occasionally stir through the mixture. The mushrooms will lose water which is what we want. When only little liquid is left throw in the Parsley with the salt and pepper and stir fry for 3 minutes. Add the wine and allow it to reduce the liquid and add the chopped Garlic. Fry all for another 3 minutes and stir in the bread crumbs at the end and let it cook for a few minutes so that the mixture thickens and gets a bit sticky. Sit the stuffing aside.

Now take a Tomato into your hand and cut the top part off, keeping it aside, since we will be using it as tomato “hat”. With a spoon or knife remove the inner flesh of the tomato, keeping the tomato flesh aside for later use. Take the Tomato “shell” and stuff it with the mushroom mixture, so that it is properly over filled and closed with the Tomato “hat”.

Heat up a pot with some Oil and fry the Tomato flesh for a short while. At this point add in the tomato puree and a bit of water so that it doesn’t stick on, stir well and keep on low heat. Place the stuffed tomatoes so that they are standing straight and so that they are not going to fall. Close the lid and cook it on low heat for 10 – 15 minutes till the Tomatoes are cooked but not too soft. Check every few minutes to turn the stuffed tomatoes so that they can cook better evenly. In case it’s getting to dry add some water but not too much, so that it doesn’t stick on.

Serve hot and enjoy!


Okay, AGAIN I say, “I so need to make this delicious recipe!”  I love anything with mushrooms, so you had my attention immediately Helene:-) 

I am always looking for new ways to enjoy stuffed tomatoes or peppers!  Remember, I am all about variety, and trying something new.

Thank you so much Helene!!!!  Be sure to stop by Masala Herb and say hi for me, and a bonus, she has her first giveaway going on this week.  She also shares pictures of the street markets in Goa India, I love that!!!  Since my dream vacation is to go to India, I love enjoying pictures!

You can follow Masala Herb on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google +!

The one curry dish I need to try first is Drumstick Cashew Curry!  What is your favorite curry dish?

Thank you so much Helene! You are so wonderful, sending hugs your way!

Until next time, Come on in, Have a seat,

Hugs, Terra


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  • Great to Helene over here. Her pictures are just lovely.  @Helene: The stuffing sounds incredible. 
    • thank you! ...and thanks to Terra that I am here. =D
  • Love these stuffed tomatoes.  I could eat them all.  I might share one but that's it.  They look like food too good to share. Lovely to see Helene here.
  • Choc Chip Uru
    What an out of this world delicious guest post - I feel very very happy continually flicking through the photos :D Yum! Cheers Choc Chip Uru
  • I love stuffed tomatoes..and the mushroom sounds like a perfect stuffing!
  • These look fantastic, and I love Helene's blog!
  • Those tomatoes look amazing! I've given you a Versatile Blogger Award. Check it out!
  • Jessica
    Love stuffed tomatoes, new follower via Helene! 
    •  Sorry for my Delay Jessica, trying to get caught up:-)  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Have a lovely week:-)
  • Glad to see Helene here..the two of you make a scrumptious pair :) And the stuffed tomatoes look so yum..
  • kitchenriffs
    Terra, nice blog - glad I discovered it. Helene, I haven't made duxelles in years!  Why not?  I have no idea, it's such a great taste.  Nice recipe, and perfect when my garden gives me more tomatoes than I know what to do with.  Thanks.
    •  Thank you so much! Sorry for my delay in responding, I am so glad you stopped by:-)  Take care, Terra
  • This is beautiful Helene and I want to make this. that photo is killer.  Hello Terra this is my first time visiting you thanks to Helele and I am so happy to have found your blog.  It looks delicious.  A very pleasant day to you both.
    •  Hi Suzi, Sorry for my delay responding.  Thank you so much for stopping!  I really enjoyed visiting your blog:-) Take care, Terra
  • Helene, thanks for introducing me to Terra's blog - I have added to my subscriptions list. And I love how easy these tomatoes are to make - and that you make it all from scratch! 
    •  Hi there, sorry for my delay responding.  Thank you so much for stopping by, and I appreciate you adding me to your subscription list!  I look forward to reading your blog! Take care, Terra
  • What great flavors! The white wine = perfection. Love this! 
  • Wow Helene, these are awesome!  What a great recipe full of delicious flavors!
  • What a fantasti combination of flavours! It looks and sounds delicous! Lovely to see Helene here: I am following her blog for a while now and love her recipes and beautiful photography! Great guest post... 
    •  Hi Tanja, I agree Helene is so wonderful!  Thank you so much for stopping by!  I really enjoyed your blog:-) Take care, Terra
  • Hi Terra!  I found your blog not a long ago, and I'm so happy to see my blogger friend Helene here!  Whoo hoo!  Helene, thanks for sharing your delicious stuffed tomato recipe!  I can prepare this for parties - they look great and delicious!
    •  I am so glad we connected, your blog is really beautiful!  Helene is so lovely isn't she, I love her blog:-) Hugs, Terra
  • This looks absolutely delicious, and beautiful photos too! Great guest post Helene!
    •  Thank you so much for stopping by!! I really enjoyed reading your blog:-) Take care, Terra
  • Thank you all for your awesome comments and support!!! =D
    •  You are fantastic Helene!!! Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful guest post:-) Sending love and hugs!
  • The photos of your tomatoes are wonderful.  What a great recipe.  I would love to try this - I love what the French do with their food!  xx
    •  Thank you so much for stopping by and enjoying Helene's lovely guest post! I really enjoyed your blog:-) Take care, Terra
  • Helene, love the stuffed tomatoes recipe! Definitely something I'd like to try, so simple and sounds so delicious!
  • EA-The Spicy RD
    How fun to make stuffed mushrooms-They look and sound delicious! Heading over to Masala Herb right now....Hurry home to your hubby and pets! Xoxo
    •  Thank you sweet EA!!! I hope you enjoy Helene's site as much as me, she is amazing! Sending hugs, Terra
  • Yum yum yum!! This dish sounds so elegant and delicious, and really has some of my favorite flavors. Great guest post! I love to see two blogs that I love collaborate like this :-)
    •  Awww, thank you so much for your sweet words! Sending hugs your way, Terra
  • It's been a while since I made stuffed tomatoes -- looks so yummy! What a great guest post :)
    •  Thank you so much Kiran for stopping by!  I really enjoyed your beautiful site:-) Take care, Terra
  • Hi Helene, these look absolutely incredible!  Great guest post :)
    •  Thank you sweet friend:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Camilla
    My husband grabbed this recipe off his printer and said 'yes, I'd like that tonight', only problem is we don't have any mushrooms so I'll have to wait until tomorrow.  I have a new food blog in England called which you might like to look at!