Strawberry Melon Chiller with a Food Safety Tip!

Well for some people Summer is already here, and for some it is fast approaching!  With Summer comes farmers markets with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and so many fun BBQ parties!

When the weather gets warm, I start to crave cool treats like smoothies, ice cream, or just a big bowl of cut up melon.  There are several varieties of melon to choose from, but the most common that will be at any party is delicious watermelon.  It is fun to try different varieties of melon, last year I tried a Santa Claus melon.  Have you tried Santa Claus melon?

This week while browsing the produce section, I saw cantaloupe… AND well, I had a craving.  I know my recipe is simple, but it is refreshing for sure!

Before I share the recipe, I wanted to share an important food safety tip with you.  Since this is the season to devour LOTS of melon….wait…I mean TONS of melon….it is important to make sure you are safe.

Since my background is in food safety, reading- learning-and sharing food safety information with you….is important to me!  It actually floors me how many foodborne illness outbreaks there are everyday, some you may read on national news, and some you will not read about.  Since I surround myself with food safety everyday, I follow some wonderful websites. My favorite food safety sites to get up to date information are Bill Marler, Food Safety News, Fair and Petting Zoo Safety, and Food Poison Journal.

This is not food safety….

Melon safety – Before you cut into any melon, rinse it off under hot water really well.  Some melon is not rinsed after it is picked from the field.  The chance of contaminants on the melon are higher if it is not washed.  If the melon is not rinsed- and you cut into the melon- you transfer the foodborne illness into the edible portion of the melon.

Sometimes the simplest food safety tips, are also the most helpful.  That is something my husband, managers I work with, and my friends tell me all the time!

Yields 4

Strawberry Melon Chiller

Refreshing drink that is perfect for a hot summer day!

10 minsPrep Time

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1 cup low calorie lemonade (the lemonade is from Trader Joe's)
1/4 of a melon diced
About 1/2 cup fresh strawberries that I froze
1/2 cup ice
2 Tbsp Florida Crystals Pure Cane Sugar, or you can use honey or agave.


Blend all ingredients in a blender, and enjoy!!!


I don’t usually buy low calorie drinks, because I am not a fan of sugar alcohols.  BUT I decided to try the low calorie lemonade at Trader Joe’s.  It is good mixed into smoothies, but just plan, not really my favorite.  Like I said, I am not a huge fan of the flavor of food or drinks that contain sugar alcohols.  You could use a fresh lemon squeezed, and add some water for a little bit of liquid needed to blend the mixture.

Have fun with the recipe, make it your own.  The ingredients are not exact measurements, just play with the flavoring to what you enjoy.

What is your favorite way to enjoy melon?  What is your favorite variety of melon?

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  • This sounds delish. Great tip too. 
  • This sounds wonderful! And thanks for a great reminder for food safety. It only takes one bout with food poisoning to take food safety very seriously.
  • Perfect way to beat the heat! Thanks for sharing a great tip, Terra! :)
  • I never think of washing the melon before chopping into it...  duh.  It makes perfect sense.  Good thing I never died from it.  :) I love the strawberry melon chiller.  I'm thirsty now!
  • Summer is definitely here in a big way and this looks like the perfect, refreshing drink! Great tip about washing melons - it seriously never occurred to me before!
  • Keia Mastrianni
    You mean, kitties and melon chillers don't mix? Thanks for the food safety tip and this refreshing recipe! 
  • I never think to wash a melon before I cut into it...I will now, though! It makes total sense now that I've heard why. I've also never thought to use melon in a drink or smoothie before, as silly as that is! I can't wait to try it, now.
  • That chiller looks delicious!
  • Rosanne Osmak
    Can't wait to give it a try.. never think to use Melons in a drink
  • Oh what a great summer drink. never new those safety tips for melon, thanks for sharing. Pic with the cat, OMG, too cute.
  • This is just perfect for the summer heat over here, healthy and natural too! 
  • I never would have thought to wash a melon before cutting - but it makes so much sense. Thank you!
  • hotlyspiced
    That's a great food safety tip!  I have never heard of a Santa Claus melon - that I would like to see.  What beautiful, refreshing summery drinks xx
  • I never wash melons either, but I will now! Thanks for the safety tip. I'm not a fan of sugar alcohols either. Love the idea of using fresh squeezed lemon and water instead. I'm sure the agave will make it plenty sweet enough for me.
  • bestfoodies
    Terra, what a refreshing drink and I love the melon tip. The Hubby doesn't rinse before cutting...I will show him your post!
  • kitchenriffs
    Great food tip.  I actually read about this a couple of years ago, and it's such an obvious thing to do once you think about it.  But I confess, until I read about it I never thought to wash my melons before cutting into them.  Great recipe for a melon chiller - sounds so tasty and refreshing.  And love the picture of your cat.  We have a cat also that is always getting into things (and seems so innocent when something gets knocked over!).  Nice post - thanks.
  • This drink would be a perfect way to celebrate summer - oh well, I guess I will celebrate winter with it :D Also thank you for the wonderful melon tip! Cheers Choc Chip Uru
  • Love the picture of the cat... cute! This chiller looks amazing. I have to admit I have stayed away from melon after the out breaks last year. 
    •  Hi Carrie,  With how much things have cracked down with safety of melons, you are okay to eat them.  But if you want, just keep up with or :-)  Hugs, Terra
  • I don't blame the adorable cat for checking out these smoothies - They look gorgeous and so refreshing! :)
  • Oh, I bet the melon-strawberry combo is delectable! And it's gorgeous, too!  Thanks for the reminder to wash my melons~
  • PS...your cat is adorable!
  • I was trying to grab that glass of Strawberry chiller. How wonderful If I had been at your cat's place.
  • Karriann Graf
    I could have this all summer! ;) "Spice it Up"
  • EA Stewart
    Delicious drink Terra! I agree, I would make this with some fresh lemon juice, but otherwise perfect! I had the yummiest watermelon for dinner tonight, so I'm definitely getting in the mood for summer melon :-). Great food safety tip too! I really only recently learned this from another friend, so now I wash my melons before cutting them. Enjoy the rest of your week! xo
  • Gorgeous drink for the summer and something I'm surely going to be making soon!Love the refreshing color and flavors in this.Great food safety tip too!Hope you're having a  fab weekend :)
  • Meghan
    Wonderful summer drink! I don't think I ever tried melon in a drink, but I definitely will now! Great tip too!