Grilled Banana Splits….OH YES I DID!!!

Just in time for grilling fun this lovely summer!!!  Grilling does not have to be all about meat.  I think dessert is the most important meal of the day…..don’t judge me!

This treat complimented the Smoked Pork Loin Tacos perfectly….well at least my tummy thought so!  This is the second addition to the grilling fun my hubby and I will be having this summer.  I will be sharing some ice cream treats very soon, I so can not wait to share them with you!

This is a really quick and easy treat, and fun to make with your kids!  I found a few different recipes, and then played off the recipes, and created my own flavor combination.  So have fun, and use whatever you have in your cupboards for the grilled bananas.

The most important part of the recipe is grilling the bananas.  We used our smoker, but without the wood chips, and grilled the bananas.  The bananas have a fun smokey flavor, and work perfectly with your creamy ice cream, and favorite toppings.

Yields 4

Grilled Banana Splits

A dessert made for a king!

5 minsPrep Time

5 minsCook Time

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4 bananas
1/2 tsp cardamom
2 tsp lime juice
1 Tbsp melted butter
1 tsp honey
1 tsp brown sugar


Leave the peel on, and slice the bananas.

First grill the bananas over indirect heat, meat side down for two minutes.

Then turn the bananas over, brush with sugar lime mixture, and grill over indirect heat, peel side down for three minutes, or until soft.

Remove peel, and top with favorite ice cream toppings!



There is no specific way to flavor the bananas, but you do want to be careful with grilling them for too long.  The bananas can get too mushy.  Since we found some frozen Greek yogurt, we had to have our banana splits with some of course!  A strawberry flavor of ice cream brings all your flavor combinations together perfectly.

Have you grilled bananas before?  What is your favorite fruit to grill?


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  • Yum! The grilled banana really pushes these splits over the top!
  • LeslieLimon
    Be still my heart!  That is one very awesome banana split!  I haven't tried grilling bananas, but I have grilled plantains.  Will have to try grilling bananas next time I turn on the grill. 
  • Yuuuuuuummy! Your pics are gorgeous!!!
  • grilled bananas... hmmm you are such a teaser and it's 12 MN Terra... haha.  I love grilling fruits.  mmm the caramel and smokey goodness yum!  I could imagine the the flavors and oops wait the ice cream is dripping haha... thanks for stopping by my blog today..  happy memorial day weekend! malou
  • A_Kiasi
    Yum Terra, This looks so good. I've thought of grilling bananas, but I didn't think of doing something delicious like this with them. Wonderful idea!
  • Carrie @ Bakeaholic Mama
    OH my word! Awesome Terra! 
  • Seriously? Wow! I mean wow! What a fabulous way to cook bananas and I am so intrigued by the flavoring you brushed on them. Beautiful Split!!! This really screams Summer!
  • I agree, dessert is the most important part of the meal! :D There are times when I start and end the meal with way to go! I've never grilled bananas before...must try it your way, love that lemon honey glaze.
  • EA Stewart
    We used to do foil wrapped and grilled bananas in Girl Scouts, but I love your version with the cardamom and lime! Oh, and those smoked pork loin tacos are absolutely calling out my name!! Happy Memorial Weekend Terra :-) xo
  • Soni/Soni’s Food for Thought
    Umm cardamom in there too! Yumm sounds like a fun treat for the kids this summer!Will try it for sure :)Hugs Terra!
  • Holy cow what a fabulous idea!  I think I'd want dessert first just in case I couldn't fit it all in.  :)
  • Hola Terra :) I love to grill peaches and nectarines, but now I am sure I'll love to  grill bananas. Thanks for sharing the trick of leaving the peel on. Have an awesome week.
  • shruti @ a spoonful of yumm
    very yummy recipe....i love bananas ! 
  • I really like it,but for some reason I never make it. I should - it's a perfect holiday treat! Looks yummy!
  • I've only tried to grill peaches before... and that didn't tun out to well. But ooo this looks so good. I have to try it!
  • kitchenriffs
    I've grilled fruit before, but it's been quite some time.  I *love* the idea of grilled banana splits!  Such a totally cool idea.  And I like the addition of cardamon - nice flavor.  This is such a perfect summertime recipe!  Thanks!
  • What a really cool idea, nice!
  • Oh no you didn't! there are no words to describe how good that looks! Great way to beat the heat. I like that you used grilled bananas. 
  • you're making me fire up the grill just so I can have one of these banana splits! They look amazing Terra! 
  • o my this looks ever so tempting and summery! 
  • Oh..this is such a fun way to eat Bananas. I think my MW grill will do it for me. Lovely clicks, Terra.
  • A HUGE HELL YES to grilled banana splits.  I love the addition of cardamom and the whole shebang put together looks simply awesome!
  • What a gorgeous idea. Now the weather's hotting up in the UK I'm BBQing practically everything, including bananas in tinfoil with chocolate and nuts. This takes them one step further and turns them into a split - heaven!
  • Most perfect idea ever made in the history of all ideas - just saying :D Cheers Choc Chip Uru
  • Karriann Graf
    Very creative! I will definitely give this a shot ;) "Happy Cooking"
  • Nikki @ The Tolerant Vegan
    Yeeeeeeeessss!!! I love this so much I could cry.
  • anda @ spelonca
    OMG this looks amazing! I love that you added cardamom, it's one of my favourite spices.  My favourite fruits to grill are quinces and strawberries.
  • Just brilliant!
  • Susan
    Wow!  They look fantastic!