Overnight Baked Banana Cardamom Oatmeal

This recipe is the easiest recipe, yet soooooo fun to make!  It was so easy I wasn’t for sure if I should post it, but I had a lot of people interested…..sooooo here we are!

I always share what a crazy schedule I have, or crazy life I have.  It definitely is that, but the best life a girl could ask for.  I haven’t been this happy in a long time!  My best friend said I was in a good place, I am so happy to be there for sure!  Why are my days so crazy?  I have a fun full-time job, and well- running a foodie website is a full-time gig too.

For my day job I travel from audit to audit, so my car is technically my office.  The negative side, or difficult side to that….avoiding fast food, and trying to make better food choices.  I carry snacks with me which usually consist of almonds and a bag of Chex mix cereal, and  I always have water available.  I do sometimes carry a cooler with me, and pack fun wraps, or travel friendly meals.  I eat while driving, so I need to find safe driving food.  Wraps are great, apples are not messy, tortilla chips….you get the idea!  For breakfast, I get bored with granola bars, and sometimes forget to eat breakfast…oops!  BUT if I can find a fun breakfast idea, maybe I wouldn’t forget the most important meal of the day.  I believe I have found that fun breakfast idea, I was soooooo happy this morning!

I read a lot of posts of overnight oatmeal prepared in a peanut butter jar.  They put the oats and the milk, then refrigerate, and heat in microwave the next morning.  When you use a peanut butter jar, you are getting the the little bit of peanut butter from the jar mixed in your oatmeal.  I think it is an extremely creative idea!

The problem for me, I do not have a microwave and I am not a huge fan of peanut butter.  I am huge lover of honey though.  The honey jar is glass, so it could be heated in a boiling pot of water.  So now this fun idea is totally doable in my house, YAY!

BUT then my mind went to my busy schedule, and no time to sit down and eat the oatmeal.  So I changed it up a bit, and made oatmeal bars to travel with.  I wrapped one in a piece of wax paper,  and I was off!

Yields 8

Overnight Baked Banana Cardamom Oatmeal

A fun, quick and easy breakfast full of flavor!

10 minsPrep Time

20 minsCook Time

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1 3/4 cups of old fashioned oats
2 1/2 cups of almond milk
35 oz honey jar
1/4 tsp cardamom
1 large banana mashed
You may need extra oats - 1/2 cup quick oats


In a 35 oz honey jar, add old fashioned oats, and almond milk. Let it sit overnight in the refrigerator.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

In a small cassorole dish or 8 x 8 pan, spray with cooking spray. Pour overnight oats in the dish, mix in mashed banana and cardamom. You may need a few more oats, it should be thick, not too soupy. You could do 1/2 cup less of milk in jar, or add 1/2 cup quick oats before you cook the oatmeal.

Bake oats for 20 minutes, it will have a dry appearance on top, and baked around edges. You can cut into bars and travel with!




I will take a picture of me traveling with the oatmeal bar tomorrow and add it later.  It may sound unsafe, but I promise I am truly a “Safety Girl!”

AND like I promised….but a few days late….a picture of me traveling with the delicious oatmeal!  I ate it cold, and loved that.  I also reheated a piece under my broiler, and topped it with some honey….AMAZING!!!

Have you had baked oatmeal before?

Have you had overnight oatmeal before?

Do you like oatmeal, and what is your favorite way to prepare oatmeal?


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  • I love how simple and easy this recipe is!! Not to mention what a perfect breakfast it would make for! 
    •  It was pretty fantastic! Thank you so much, Hugs, Terra
  • I think this is the best use for jars with just enough left to flavor oatmeal, but not enough for a sandwich or any other preparation.  Of course..I'm a peanut butter freak..but I  love honey too (especially with peanut butter!) so this gave me an idea to scrape the remainder of the PB jar into the leftover honey jar, and make a peanut butter-honey overnight oatmeal!  BUT, I LOVE that you baked it, because, truth be told, I prefer my oatmeal warm or hot!  I'm trying your way next time!  Finally..so glad to hear how happy you are!! xoxo
    •  Ohhhhh, peanut butter honey, now you are talking!!!!  Thank you so much sweet friend! Hugs, Terra
  • Keia Mastrianni
    You are one busy lady, I mean, "safety girl". Glad to see you rocking the work-life balance and remaining happy as a clam. Simple recipes are the the best sometimes, glad you shared your oatmeal recipe with us. :) 
    •  I am, I am, LOL!!!  Thank you so much sweet friend! Hugs, Terra
  • You said the magic word... cardamom! Mmmmm! And baked oatmeal is so awesome, no?! I love it because I can bring it to work!
    •  It really is a perfect treat to take to work, and delicious cold or hot:-) Thank you so much, Hugs, Terra
  • FiSh SzeHui
    very nice presentation! :) sweet yet healthy enough, i love it! Latest: TomYam-licious
    •  It was really full of delicious flavor! Thank you so much:-) Hugs, Terra
  • This sound truly delicious. What a great way to start the day!
    •  It was a fun way to start the day:-) Thank you so much, Hugs, Terra
  • justonecookbook
    I LOVE THIS!  What a fun recipe.  I like to make this with kids before going to sleep and put it in the fridge...morning we pour into a pan to bake.  Sounds like a great summer project (sort of?)!!!!  I love cardamom and I might add even more of that.. :-)
    •  More cardamom sounds perfect to me!!!  Enjoy:-) Thank you so much, Hugs, Terra
  • Youmadethatblog
    sounds good and healthy, I do love oatmeal. I made oatmeal in the crockpot once and it was pretty good.
    •  Oh beautiful, I need to make some crockpot oatmeal now:-) Thank you so much! Hugs, Terra
  • What a great idea! Healthy, delicious and portable! I'm amazed how well you balance your job with blogging...you are an inspiration :)
    •  I am amazed I can balance my job and the blog world too, but I love both sooooo much:-)  Thank you so much!! Hugs, Terra
  • This oatmeal looks fantastic my friend :D Everything you could need in one delicious brekkie! Cheers Choc Chip Uru
    •  I had a very happy tummy, LOL! Thank you so much, Hugs, Terra
  • I love this Terra!  My youngest is an oatmealaholic! :)  Perfect! Thank yoU!
    •  Did you end up trying the oatmeal treat?  I hope you enjoyed it!  Thank you so much, Hugs,Terra
  • What a creative recipe! I love the idea of just soaking the oats overnight in milk and then baking or microwaving them. Brilliant. And I love cardamom!
    •  It was fun to make! Thank you so much:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Sonali- The Foodie Physician
    This is such a great idea and I love the combination of bananas and cardamom! I've never made overnight oatmeal before but am definitely going to try it. I'm always looking for healthy breakfast dishes that I can take on the go.
    •  This is definitely a great breakfast to take on the go for sure:-)  I hope you enjoy! Thank you so much, Hugs, Terra
  • I've baked things with oatmeal before but never like this.  What a clever idea!
    •  It really is so easy:-) Thank you so much, Hugs, Terra
  • kitchenriffs
    What a great use for empty peanut butter (and honey!) jars - clever idea.  I haven't seen this before.  How have I missed it?  I guess I lead a sheltered life.  Anyway, sounds terrific.  And years ago I used to drive tons, which meant I ate in my car a lot too.  Not fun!  
    •  You definitely need to try oatmeal in a peanut butter or honey jar, soooooo good! :-) Thank you so much, Take care, Terra
  • I love oatmeal and can totally imagine the delicious taste with bananas and cardamom!!YUM...Great idea to use honey and peanut jars!!
    •  Thank you so much, it was fantastic! Hugs, Terra
  • Kim Bee
    This is such a cool idea. I am all for using up the last of the honey. Plus it has bananas which just make me a happy lunatic.
    •  I like that you are a happy lunatic, that is perfect!  Thank you so much! Enjoy, Hugs, Terra
  • [email protected] and Biscuits
    I love the idea of overnight oatmeal, especially when you have house guests.  Those make ahead dishes really take the stress out of the morning meal.  
    •  It really is a great make ahead dish for sure!  Enjoy, Thank you so much! Hugs, Terra
  • FiSh SzeHui
    that's so crispily good! Latest: A Trip to Hunan :) 
  • I think I need to start eating oatmeal more often...how delicious this is! 
    •  You definitely should start eating oatmeal more, it is VERY delicious! Thank you so much, Hugs, Terra