Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza {Hint: Everything Made From Scratch!}

Pizza, Pizza, Pizza!!!!  That word is music to my ears.  I use the words “pizza addict” to describe me, and I am very proud of those words.

What is fantastic about pizza?  What is really fantastic about pizza…….hmmmmmm…..cheese-meat-homemade dough-lots and lots of mushrooms…..oops sorry I was day dreaming for a sec!  No really, my thoughts on what is fantastic about a pizza, it can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or even dinner.  What better entree  then a versatile entree right?

I still think it is ingenious that someone thought of a breakfast pizza with scrambled eggs!  I mean seriously, YUM!!!  Okay so I am getting a little carried away, good thing my hubby is joining us today, he always wrangles me back in and keeps me balanced!

Hubby and I have been grilling freaks for sure this summer.  We have made Cornell chicken, beef ribs, baby back ribs, pork loin, pizza, and coming up next week on the blog- beef brisket!  This weekend we are going to make a mussels and shrimp dish.  We actually use a wood smoker for our meat, and that is my hubby’s new addiction.  He dreams about what to make next on the smoker….seriously!

The recipes we share today are not all ours, but we for sure wanted to share all the beautiful elements.  Each area was made from scratch, because that is how we roll.  For the dough, I am a huge fan of homemade pizza dough, and for the longest time made Chef Jamie Oliver’s recipe.  BUT this weekend I decided to shake things up a bit, and enjoy Chef Troy’s homemade dough.  I loved his recipe, and it was really easy to make.

Homemade Pizza Dough

Delicious homemade dough, perfect for any pizza addict!!! (This recipe comes directly from http://cheftroy.net/ )

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Pizza Dough
1 Cups-Warm Water
1 Tablespoon-Active Dry Yeast
2 Tablespoons-Granulated Sugar
2 Tablespoons- Olive/Canola/Vegetable Oil
2 Teaspoons-Kosher Salt
2 1/2-3 Cups-All Purpose/Bread Flour


Combine warm water with yeast and sugar.

Set timer and let rise for 10 minutes.

Warm bowl of stand up mixer/mixing bowl with warm water.

Add yeast water to bowl and add oil, salt and 5 cups of the flour.

Add bowl to stand up mixer and attach the dough hook.

Mix on low speed until a sticky ball of dough is formed, add remaining flour if necessary.

Place dough in lightly oiled bowl, cover, set timer for one hour and let rise.

Divide into two potions, roll into balls and use immediately.

Or place on lightly oiled sheet and freeze individually.

Remove after frozen, place in freezer bags and store in freezer until ready to use.

Thaw in refrigerator overnight when ready to use.


My dough was a little dry, so I had to add a little moisture to my mixture, I added more of both olive oil and warm water.


Since my hubby, AKA “Grill Master” made the chicken and the bbq sauce….Take it away my sweet Grill Master!

Let’s start with the sauce. We adapted a recipe from a book we found called “Barbecue Bible: Sauces, Rubs and Marinades; Bastes, Butters and Glazes” by Steven Raichlen. We have found some really cool stuff in here, but one sauce in particular caught our eye, and we haven’t looked back since.

B.B’s Lawnside Spicy Apple Barbecue Sauce, based on the sauce from the Kansas City Barbecue joint called B.B.’s Lawnside. This is a sweet, spicy sauce that works great on just about anything that comes off the grill. We’ve used it on chicken, pork, and beef brisket already. I had it on eggs one morning. I may or my not have taken a drink right out of the Mason jar, don’t tell Terra.

Here’s the thing, though. A lot of barbecue sauces use ketchup as a base. I, generally, loathe ketchup. It’s the Devil’s condiment. So, we used an equal amount of tomato sauce rather than that “K” ingredient, and I think it gives the sauce an extra dose of real tomato, without the sugar and processed ickyness inherent in the Condiment That Shall Remain Nameless.

One word of warning, this sauce can get spicy on you fast. It calls for a liberal helping of cayenne pepper, so be prepared to back off on that if you’re not into the high heat.

We made a huge amount of this sauce last weekend, multiplied the ingredients by five and it’s given us enough sauce for us, and to give away to some friends. Refrigerated, it should last 4-6 weeks.

Now, for the chicken.  We used bone-in chicken legs for the added flavor the bone brings to the table. You could just as easy use boneless, or even breast meat. We wanted the dark meat- so we went for the legs.

Skipping ahead a bit, we peeled the skin off the cooked chicken, but I wanted to try something first, so we left it on for the grilling.

I’ve learned that in competition barbecue, the goal is to have your chicken skin be crispy, so it doesn’t all come off when the judge takes a bite. Anyone who has ever grilled chicken knows how difficult this is to achieve.  I found a tip online that suggested if you let your chicken sit, uncovered, in the refrigerator for four hours before you cook it, it will dry out the skin and increase your chances of crispy, perfect skin.

We seasoned the chicken only with sea salt and black pepper. We didn’t want anything to interfere with the smoky-sweet chicken flavor.

So we tried the four-hour refrigerator method, and I think it could work.  Let the chicken return to room temperature, then place the chicken, skin-side down, over a direct heat for about 10 minutes. This time around, about six minutes into the cook we had an inferno, and the skin burned considerably- I believe I had the chicken too close to the coals. Lesson learned. But, I do think, executed a little more carefully, this technique could work. We’ll try it again, soon.

Anyway, we then smoked the chicken over an indirect heat- using Cherry wood- at about 300 degrees for about another 40 minutes.

By now you know my philosophy that good grilling means rarely leaving the heat. You have to babysit, you have to tend to your meat and love that chicken while it’s on the grill. Make it your career. (Wait until we tell you how long I spent with the brisket!) The extra effort and the care you take with your meat while it’s on the grill will pay off in the end.

Once we peeled the skin off, the meat was tender and juicy and carried with it just a slightly sweet smokiness from the Cherry that blended with the pizza and the sauce perfectly. We pulled it off the bone and cut it into small pieces, for placement with loving care on that homemade pizza dough.

Okay it is me again, thank you Grill Master!  Now do you see why I said he is addicted to wood smoking?  We decided to use chopped red bell pepper, fresh chopped chives, leftover grilled corn, and Vermont sharp cheddar cheese as our toppings on the pizza, and of course wood smoked chicken, chopped.  For your sauce, use that delicious bbq sauce my hubby shared up above, then create  your fun pizza!

We used our propane grill to grill the pizza, yes we have two grills….I said we are grilling freaks, remember?  There is a couple ways you can grill your dough.  First, I used a pizza stone, and grilled the dough on the stone, on the grill, and have your grill at 500 degrees F.  Cook one side until light brown, and top is starting to look cooked.  Flip dough over, take stone out of grill, add toppings, and put back into the grill until dough is lightly browned on second side, and cheese is melted!

Now since we are bbq addicts, it is appropriate that we watch Bobby Flay’s new show on Food Network called, Bobby Flay’s Barbeque Addiction.  The episode that aired today, he made a pizza.  We have made our dough like this in the past because of Bobby, (I love him!)  Here is the link to his recipe, and directions for grilling pizza dough directly on the grill.

Stay tuned for more grilling fun!!!  Thank you Grill Master for stopping by and sharing the bbq sauce, and grilled chicken!

Are you a pizza addict?

What is your favorite way to enjoy a pizza?



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  • LOVE LOVE this! 
  • I didn't think I was a pizza addict until I read this post.  I must now confess. This pizza is lovely!
  • Hi. I am Anuradha and I'm a pizza addict! Heh! I love homemade pizza and this looks incredible, Terra! 
  • Your Pizza base looks so crispy and...its time I baked my own soon!
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  • Oh my!!!!! Good thing I wasn't over at your house because I would have eaten the entire thing!
  • Sonali Ruder
    Wow, this looks amazing!  What a great collaboration between you and your hubby :)  I love that you made all of the components from scratch, so impressive.  I love pizza and use my pizza stone all the time.  I've never used my pizza stone on the grill though.  Thanks for the idea- can't wait to try it!
  • kitchenriffs
    Fun post!  Great tip on how to get crispy chicken skin.  Never made a BBQ anything pizza, much less chicken, but it sounds wonderful.  I'm going to have to give this a try.  Thanks to both of you for such an informative and interesting post.
  • Pizza is the perfect food. Top it with your favorite ingredients and you can eat something different everyday!  I'm curious, why do you loathe Ketchup?  Cheers!
    •  Hi Eileen, My hubby said that ketchup is too sugary, and he said "gross." LOL:-)  He said he has never liked ketchup ever.  He feels that tomato sauce, or tomato paste has a better taste, rather than sugary ketchup.  I am not opposed to it, I do eat it once in awhile:-)  Thank you so much for stopping by! Hugs, Terra
  • YUM!!! PIZZA PIZZA :) I love pizza and this one looks delicious
  • YUM!!! PIZZA PIZZA :) I love pizza and this one looks delicious
  • Simone
    That pizza looks totally gorgeous. I love pizza it only e homemade kind really so my kind of pizza this!
  • This is brilliant my friend, I love how everything is homemade! Cheers Choc Chip Uru
  • [email protected] and Biscuits
    What a great looking pizza!
  • Yum!!! Next time invite me.... ;-)
  • Tell your husband he had me cracking up :-). Although I have to disagree with him about ketchup being the devils condiment. There is nothing better than a little dollop of ketchup on top of scrambled eggs! I wish I lived by you so I could come over and sample some of that BBQ sauce-yum! And, I am a pizza lover too!!! Happy Grilling :-) xo
  • Don't know where to start except I want to taste that bbq sauce and the pizza! We are pizza addicts and I make homemade pizza once a week but never vary from the classic Italian pizza toppings. Too bad cause this bbq chicken topping is outrageous!! And I've only had grilled pizza once and loved it. Sadly we have no grill. Great post, Terra!
  • Just in time! I was looking for a dough recipe just now for our BBQ chicken pizza. One of my favorites!
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  • Beautiful pizza!  I love that you made your own BBQ sauce and I love that it's spicy!  The hotter, the better!  Then you smoked your own chicken??  I can almost taste how good this pizza is!  I wish you lived closer..seriously.
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