Guest Post – Sticky Toffee Pudding/Sticky Date Pudding

YUP, you guessed it!  I am traveling out of town AGAIN!

My first reaction right now, YAY!!!!  I truly am so so excited to have Maureen from OrgasmicChef guest blog.   Maureen does not only have a beautiful blog, with unique treats like a her floating island, or her Bulgarian Pitka Bread.  She is one of the kindest food bloggers, and truly so supportive!  I pretty much adore her, and I know you will too!

When I read this recipe, I looked at hubby and said, “we have to make this when I get back!”  I love learning about food, and recipes from other countries.  Which is why I adore being a food blogger!  I hope you enjoy Maureen’s beautiful recipe as much as I did!

Hello everyone, I’m so pleased to have been asked to guest post for Terra and it really means a lot to me. I got to know Terra over the past year or so and I’ve even interviewed her on my site at Orgasmic Chef. She’s a terrific friend and one I’ve learned a lot from. Her lemon curd is legendary in our neighborhood. Friends bring me lemons and look at me longingly hoping I’ll say, “I’ll make Terra’s lemon curd with these then?”

For those of you who don’t know me, I moved to Australia in 1995 from Florida after meeting the most wonderful man on the internet. I didn’t say web because it didn’t exist in Orlando when John and I met. This was back when my grown children said, “What?? You can’t go to Australia to meet a man you’ve met on the internet – he’s probably an axe murderer!”

I went anyway because I didn’t want to die having missed out on meeting the nicest man I’d come across. I was pretty sure he wasn’t perfect but I just had to know. He WAS perfect so I kept him. It took a few years to decide to live on the same continent but I’m very happy in the land down under. I still get a bit homesick and when that happens I cook something decadently American like pulled pork bbq or apple pie.

This story was shared because one of the desserts I had on my first trip to Sydney was sticky date pudding. As an American I thought I was getting a vanilla-y pudding with dates in it and I wasn’t sure why it would be sticky. Imagine my surprise when it looked like this! I was in heaven.

After moving here I learned to make it and it’s one of the desserts most requested at my dinner table. Several years ago my son and his family came to Australia to visit and I said, “Hey Al, want sticky date pudding for dessert?”

Sticky Toffee Sauce“uh, no thanks, Mom.”

“Do you know what it is?”

“Sounds gross.”

So I left it and plated one up for him anyway. He ate his, finished off his wife’s and wanted to know if there were any left in the kitchen. It’s that good.

It’s also really easy to make. The date cake is foolproof. If you undercook it, it’s gooey in the middle and if you overcook it, you’ve got the sauce to moisten it. Win-win.

If you’ve got a big dinner coming up, this is a great dessert because you make make the cake a day ahead and it’s still going to be perfect. I’ve done that often. When my guests come to visit, I want to spend my time with them and not slaving in the kitchen.

I do recommend serving this dessert with whipped cream, ice cream or fruit or better yet, all three. The cream and ice cream cut the sweetness of the buttery toffee sauce.

The sauce is just 3 ingredients and it’s ready in just a few minutes. Make the cake ahead of time and just before serving dessert, make the sauce. It’s not a dessert you’d want to serve every week but it’s perfect for a special occasion.

You can make this even easier by making one cake and cutting slices and then pouring the sauce over the top.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Yields 8

Sticky Toffee Pudding / Sticky Date Pudding

Sticky toffee pudding is a dessert developed in England and is a date cake with buttery toffee sauce poured over the top.

15 minsPrep Time

46 minsCook Time

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180g dates, pitted and roughly chopped
11/4 cups (310ml) water
1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
3/4 cup (165g) firmly packed brown sugar
60g (4 tbs) butter, softened chopped
2 eggs
1 cup (150g) self-raising (rising) flour
Butterscotch sauce
50g butter
1 cup (220g) brown sugar
1 cup (250ml) cream
1 tsp vanilla extract


Preheat oven to 180C (350F).

Lightly grease eight (1/2 cup capacity) muffin cups

Place dates and water in a saucepan and bring to the boil over a high heat.

Remove from the heat.

Add bicarbonate of soda, stir until dates start to break down, set aside to cool, stirring occasionally.

Beat butter and sugar in a bowl using a hand beater, gradually add eggs one at a time, beat until light and fluffy.

Add date mixture, stir to combine. Carefully fold through sifted flour, divide mixture evenly between the eight muffin cups -- fill eachl 2/3 full.

Place muffin tray in a baking pan, carefully pour boiling water in pan until it comes up 1/3 of the side of the tray.

Bake in oven for 40 minutes or until golden and skewer comes out clean.

For the butterscotch sauce, combine butter, sugar in a small sauce pan or skillet over low heat until sugar dissolves and butter is melted.

Add the cream and vanilla and bring the sauce to the boil, reduce heat and cook for 5-6 minutes or until sauce thickens slightly.

If it's too thick, add more cream.

To serve, invert the hot cake onto a serving plate, top with butterscotch sauce and serve with ice cream or whipped cream (or both)

Cuisine: British |

OH MY WORD…..OR Holy Cats!!! You choose the proper words that fit, whatever you choose will work perfectly. Seriously, I love this recipe! Thank you so much sweet Maureen, you are wonderful!

Have you had Sticky Date Pudding?

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  • I loved reading Maureen's story.  You are right Terra, she really is one of the nicest bloggers out there.  She is so generous and lovely and supportive.  I didn't know how she came to be in Australia.  I didn't know she came her for love.  What a happy story.  Sticky date pudding is one of my favourite desserts, and it's especially good right now because we're in the middle of winter and this dessert is excellent comfort food.  Love the images xx
  • Oh my, that sounds marvelous! You had me at buttery toffee sauce. Maureen's blog led me here in the first place, so what a perfect choice for a guest post! :)
  • Terra you are too kind.  I've learned so much from watching how you operate your blog and I was thrilled to be asked to guest post.  Have a great time away.
    •  Thank you again sweet Maureen!!!!  Sending hugs your way:-)
  • oh my goooooshh!! That looks so amazing!! Yeah i gotta say Maureen's blog is pretty amazing! Her recipes are simply.... orgasmic! :)
  • As per usual, delicious, delicious, delicious looking! Thanks for stopping by Shut Up & Cook earlier to see your comments there.
  • This has all my attention my friend, what an insanely wonderful and delicious post :D - always love your blog! Have lots of fun Terra, thanks for hosting such an awesome blogger! Cheers Choc Chip Uru
  • angela.simon11
    Omg - yum! I could drink that sauce!
  • angela.simon11
    Omg - yum! I could drink that sauce!
  • I adore sticky toffee pudding and LOVE Maureen, how fun to combine the two! This looks amazing, I will be making this soon, very soon! 
  • A_boleyn
    The only thing that prevents me from making it right away is the fact that there's no way I can eat 8 portions by myself. Maybe I'll save this for thanksgiving and surprise my brother and his family. :) Thank you for sharing this decadently delicious sticky treat and introducing me to a new blog.
  • So nice to meet you through Terra! I love dates so I am sure I would love this sticky pudding. I am off to visit your blog. Sometimes you just have to follow your gut instead of asking "what if". I am glad it turned out great for you.   
  • justonecookbook
    I love Maureen and so happy to see her guest post here!  I had dates before, but never used in my own cooking.  I love that the sticky toffee pudding.  Sounds so good and the pictures look wonderful too! 
  • I have to agree! Maureen is really one of the sweetest blogger I've met!  The sticky pudding sounds incredible and the butterscotch sauce is just the perfect finish. :) 
  • Maureen is indeed one of the most helpful, considerate and sweet bloggers I have met :) Now back to this beauty she made today..I LOVE sticky date cake and it is as Maureen says, perfect warm with icecream or cold out of thhe fridge. I can't to give your recipe a try Maureen. Thank you for having her as a guest Terra
    •  Thank you so much for stopping by!  I am excited to try Maureen's beautiful recipe:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Sandra J
    I'm printing this recipe & will have this on a menu soon. I love when my Brit SIL gives us this for dessert. Thanks.
    •  Oh how wonderful!  I hope you and your SIL enjoy Maureen's beautiful recipe:-) Take care, Terra
  • What a lovely (and sticky!) guest post! :D
  • Smile. This looks delicious. And now I'm going to have to hunt down that lemon curd recipe. It sounds just amazing too. Thank you for sharing it with me. I love sticky date pudding!
  • FreeSpiritEater
    My mouth is literally watering right now with this amazing toffee sticky pudding, wow! Wonderful guest post! =] 
    •  Thank you so much!! I am so glad you stopped by:-) Hugs, Terra
  • Hope you have a great time away Terra.  You are so right about Maureen.  She is one of the kindest bloggers.  I've always wondered how she ended up "down under".  And now I know :)
  • Bookmarked it Maureen!!! It is gorgeous. I love anything I can make ahead for guests because like you, I don't like to slave either when friends are over. Nice to come over to your blog Terra :) I am looking forward to know you more.
    •  Thank you so much Minnie!  I really enjoyed your site too:-) Hugs, Terra
  • The pudding looks lipsmacking!
  • EA Stewart
    Great seeing Maureen guest posting here. just love her blog and her delicious sense of humor! I have had Sticky Toffee Pudding in England, so I can attest to its deliciousness. Love Maureen's version and can't wait to try a GF version!
  • kitchenriffs
    Wonderful choice for a guest blogger!  Everything Maureen makes is, well, orgasmic, and this looks terrific.  I've not had Sticky Toffee Pudding before - sounds great.  Really interesting post.  Thank you.
  • Kim Bee
    This is such a cool recipe. Maureen is always so creative. Love her blog.
  • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen
    I like the love story behind this post! Despite what the name sounds like, the pics are awesome and everyone raves about sticky toffee pudding. And I looove dates!