Delicious Banana Ice Cream With Only One Ingredient!

As food bloggers we know that not everything can be perfect……BUT we know that our dishes will always taste delicious!  Do you remember my Serendipity Muffin?  It was supposed to be a muffin, and ended up a delicious parfait!

I went back and forth on if I should post this recipe or not.  There was some discoveries made when making this fun treat, thank you to Vegan Richa for her help.  The container I used did not seal perfectly, and I kept taking it out of the freezer to stir the banana.  The banana ice cream turned brown…..brown is really not appealing to the eye… IS however appealing to the tummy!

The deciding vote on why I wanted to post this fun recipe- my hubby!  A little bit about my hubby, he doesn’t eat bananas.  He doesn’t hate them, just not his favorite.  If he is going to enjoy fruit, he loves pears, pineapple, and strawberries.  Last night he devoured a huge bowl of this banana ice cream topped with some chocolate sauce of course….BECAUSE chocolate goes good with everything, especially bananas!

This recipe has been shared by many, and always amazes me when I see it.  Finally it was time for me to make banana ice cream.  I first learned about making bananas into ice cream from Nelly from Cooking With Books.  Then just recently I read Richa’s delicious post on Vegan Richa.  Here is a picture of what the banana ice cream would look like if you have a sealed container, and let if fully freeze.

Photo Courtesy of Vegan Richa

 I had fun making this dessert, and will for sure be making it again…..with a really good sealed container of course!  Instead of using the printable recipe option today, I am going to share photos, it is that easy I promise!

1. Let your bananas sit and become very ripe, with lots of brown spots.

2. Peel the bananas.

3. Dice up the bananas, and freeze them for about one to two hours, until almost frozen.

4. Place almost frozen bananas in a food processor.  (Optional – add toasted pecans and 1/4 tsp of cardamom.)

5. Place pureed banana in a air-tight container and back in freeze for about 1-2 hours or more depending on your freezer.

6. Enjoy with your favorite chocolate sauce, or your favorite ice cream topping.

I am so happy I finally made banana ice cream, and now I know how easy the dessert is to make.  This treat is truly a fun dish that is so healthy, full of flavor, AND perfect for everyone especially vegans!

Have you made banana ice cream before?




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  • Yuuuuuuuuuum!!!!!!
  • Ann
    I never thought to add cardamom! What a delicious idea!
  • I've heard about this one ingredient ice cream, what a great idea!
  • Awesome!:) i am so glad you tried it and your hubby loved it. I had not made some for a really long time since my husband is allergic to bananas. thankfully i started making some just for myself, esp to top some cakes or brownies;) i second that.. chocolate goes with everything.:) i love the texture on yours! i think i am making some chocolate banana ice cream tomorrow. with loads of chocolate. yum!
  • Sonali- The Foodie Physician
    Wow, that's so cool! I never knew you could make banana ice cream with one ingredient, how interesting! Is the texture similar to regular ice cream?
  • Banana ice cream in itself never disappoints my friend, this looks incredible :D Cheers Choc Chip Uru
  • love banana ice cream! I used roasted bananas last time and they tasted so good! Your version sounds fantastic and is next on my list! :)
  • Nikki @ the Tolerant Vegan
    I looooooooooove this! I've never added nuts before. That's a definite "to do" for this week!
  • How fun! I have never seen this before...must try it :)
  • It's amazing how much it looks like full fat ice cream! I've tried it..and it tastes pretty close to full fat banana ice cream! Now that I've seen yours..I must make it again! xo
  • Barbara | Creative Culinary
    I have done this before; actually hate to admit for how many years...but loved making it for my kids and having a treat that was really a fruit but seemed like more. Now to even the scale a bit I will soon share an ice cream that is cream, half and half, brown sugar and butter. Go on...get out the wet noodle now; you will most definitely want to whip me with it. :)
  • This is new to me but I love it! Healthy icecream - go figure :)
  • Mari’s Cakes
    This is heaven! I also saw it at Nelly's blog, it is a must do almost every time I have some ripe bananas at home. Your ice cream looks delicious with those pistachios, enjoy! Have a great Tuesday :)
  • I loooooove this banana ice cream! It's so good and so simple. I always keep frozen bananas handy so I can make some whenever I want. I usually just blend up fully frozen bananas(and sometimes a touch of milk to get it to blend smooth) and then eat it right away :D
  • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen Notes
    Yum! Maybe a caramel sauce on top...
  • Soni/Soni’s Food for Thought
    Awesome and nothing to it literally!Will be making this for sure :)
  • Ha! Love it. I enjoy my bananas very ripe and don't mind the color. Wow just bananas. Have to try this. Thank you for your kind words.
  • kitchenriffs
    Wow, this really is a one ingredient recipe! Looks great - heck with the color. You could always add just a pinch of brown sugar, then say it's banana and brown sugar ice cream - and everyone would totally get it that it's brown! Really nice recipe - thanks for introducing me to this.
  • [email protected]
    What a wonderful recipe! I'm not a big banana girl either (unless in quickbread form) but maybe, like your husband, I'd fall in love with this ice cream. It sure does look amazing!
  • Balvinder
    Bananas get ripe very soon and this is the good way to use them. Thanks for the tip of sealing the container tightly while freezing.
  • Jennie @themessybakerblog
    One ingredient? Very impressive, Terra! I'm totally sold on this ice cream. I'm always looking for ways to use my leftover ripe bananas, and it doesn't get any better than a 1 ingredient ice cream.
  • oh wow no milk added! Looks very yumm and I even life the brown colore. gives it a more natural look. nature = organic and heathy in my world. Its banana season in goa, so some of our trees are full of small local bananas. My husband loves banana and ice cream anyway, so no worries here. ;)
  • You go girl! These photos make me really hungry!
  • Moore Or Less Cooking
    Love your banana ice cream Terra, I have to make it! YUMM!! Nettie
  • mjskit
    I thought you would have us guess what that one ingredient was! :) I love this! I just put 4 overripe bananas in the freezer this morning! Ice cream tomorrow night anyone?
  • Betty Ann @Mango_Queen
    I love the step by step process. You make it look so easy to do. And I bet this banana ice cream tastes marvelous ! Must try this soon. Thanks for sharing the recipe & thanks for the sweet blog-visit! Happy weekend, Terra dear! Hugs back :-)
  • foodwanderings
    Hi Terra, I saw this post circulating and had to visit and check it out. How cool, one ingredient, really?! & it looks super delicious. BTW I love bananas. LOVE!
  • justonecookbook
    Oh Terra, I'm saving this recipe! We ALWAYS have bananas and easy recipe like this is great for having 2 small kids. They love bananas and I'll make this today when the come back from school.
  • One ingredient?!?!?! Count me IN!