Homemade Refrigerator Canned Pickles

Well guess what?  I am on vacation in Michigan visiting my lovely family, AND I am blogging!  There are some fabulous food experiences happening this week.  Today, a friend brought us a bag of fresh….JUST off the vine tomatoes and eggplants.  I was so fascinated by the color of the tomatoes, I had to make a lovely tart…..stay tuned for that delicious treat!

After several years of saying I want to make pickles…..I FINALLY made dill pickles, YAY!!!  I decided to take it slow in the canning world, it is all new to me.  So with this recipe, it is a a simple refrigerator recipes.  No boiling the cans after filling them needed.  It was about three weeks that I let them sit in the refrigerator, and then decided to bring them to Michigan to share with my family.  The important taste tester was my Sissy, she LOVES dill pickles.  AND she LOVED my pickles, WOO HOO!!!!  First time is a charm for sure!

Now this recipe was one that my friend found and shared with me, and then I just played off the recipe.  From what I gathered from other lovely foodies, the recipe itself is pretty fluid, and really all about how you want to make them for your palette.

Since I had only a few small pickling cucumbers, I decided to add in garlic, carrots, and vidalia onions in the jars too.  In Tucson, I loved enjoying the pickled carrots and jalapenos at some of my favorite Mexican restaurants.

Homemade Refrigerator Canned Pickles

Perfect homemade dill pickle, without all the extra sodium!

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64 oz white vinegar
64 oz water
5 Tbsp salt
3-4 Tbsp of Ball pickling spice mix (I used 1/2 a jar of the spice mix)
3-4 Tbsp of dried dill (you could use fresh dill)
1 lb of carrots
1 large vidalia onion (or 2 medium vidella onions)
2 whole garlic cloves
24 small pickle cucumbers
4 (32) jars


Wash pickle cucumbers, cut up carrots and onions to size you want them to be. Pack the cucumbers, carrots, onions, and whole garlic cloves in the jars.

In large pot, mix together vinegar, water, salt, Ball pickling spice, and dried dill together, and heat up mixture until comes to a boil, then take off heat, and pour mixture into each jar. Let cool for about 15 minutes before you tighten lid on and place in refrigerator.

The heat from the mixture in the jars will seal the lid on beautifully.

Enjoy about 2-4 weeks later. Letting them sit in the brine longer is better!

They last for about 12 months.



The recipe my friend gave me was very vague, BUT did share that the vinegar to water ration is 1:1.  Also, you usually add 1/2 Tbsp of salt for every cup of liquid.  Since I am not wild about lots of salt in my food, I only added about 2/3 of the amount of salt.  For example – I should have added (16) 1/2 Tbsps of salt, but only added 10.  So again, use the basic ratios, and then create a recipe that works for your palette!

Do you enjoy canning food?  What is your favorite food to can every year?

Have you ever made refrigerator canned pickles?

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  • GlabrousBruxism
  • What a great idea, Terra! And I love that you can make these in the fridge and not have to deal with canning :).
  • Simone
    I've been thinking of pickling stuff for ever now and I keep wanting to do it but I never end up actually doing it. You just convinced me again I should just start doing it instead of saying I will.... Looks great!
  • I have not canned anything yet. I have a friend who loves fresh pickles and I am tempted to make a batch and give as a gift.
  • Sanjeeta kk
    In India it is a very common way to preserve winter veggies...sometimes we add crushed mustard seeds to it for fiery taste. I like the addition of Dill to this pickle!
  • Sanjeeta kk
    In India it is a very common way to preserve winter veggies...sometimes we add crushed mustard seeds to it for fiery taste. I like the addition of Dill to this pickle!
  • [email protected]
    Yum! Homemade pickles are some of my all time favorite refrigerator foods. Thank you for sharing, my friend, and for making my day a bit more happy and delicious. I hope you are having a wonderful week!
  • Angie Tan
    I adore fridge pickles. So much quicker, perfect for impatient folks like me.
  • Deborah @Taste and Tell
    My mom used to always can pickles. I've only ever done a quick pickle, but this sounds wonderful!!
  • Lana @ Never Enough Thyme
    I've been canning and pickling for at least 30 years. Each year I make kosher dill pickles, strawberry preserves, tomato jam, pickled okra, canned tomatoes, and many others. I try to do something new and different each year as well. This year it was pickled celery and pickled cherries. Canning is so much fun - especially when you open a jar in the winter months and have that delicious taste from summer!
  • kitchenriffs
    These look great! I'm not really the canning type - just not something I've ever learned to do,nor have I really had the desire. But I'll do refrigerator pickles and relishes. Really good job. Sounds like you're having fun on your vacation!
  • Mmmm...these look so good! I have never made homemade pickles before. I think I need to! :)
  • I love the time of the year when u collect all your garden goodies, because that's when we can everything. Often I realized that we save lots of mine that way. My mom has always canned fruits and veggies at home, so in winter we were able to enjoy some garden fruits for example. For sure pickles is one of my fav., in fact I got some seeds from Europe and I have started to plant them, yet the rains where so heavy so its having trouble to survive, so most probably I l retry after the rains in 1-2 months time. Otherwise I love canning Mirabel and peaches, we have 2 amazing trees in my parents garden. I d love to try your canning recipe for a change in the future. thanks for sharing Terra!
  • Helene Peloquin
    I've never made pickles but do make fruit ketchup. I just gave my mom 4 jars. Nice pictures.
  • Love homemade pickles! These look awesome. Have a great trip!
  • Beatríz Arellano
    what a great recipe! I've never made them before but thanks a lot for sharing
  • its magic when a recipe works like that :-) have fun at home with your family, thanks for the encouragement and friendship hugs Rebecca
  • Econ service