Apple Party! From the Vault – Apple Craisin Bread Pudding

It’s Fall.  It’s time for cool cozy recipes, and recipes with apples and pumpkin included.  It’s almost Halloween.  AND only 3 months left to Christmas shopping…….ahhhhhhh!!!!

Well let’s start working on three of those declarations.  Today I decided to bring back a recipe from the vault, it was that delicious.  Since I am just getting back in the swing of things after my fun vacation,  sharing a recipe from the vault seemed appropriate.  PLUS, after my fun trip to my family’s apple barn, I had to share the sweet treats I picked up.  I will share more on the apple barn in coming posts.  My Uncle shared his cider-making process, and then hubby and I devoured cider and cider slushies!  YES, I said cider slushies!

I loved that Kitchen Riffs really got us in the Fall mood with his cozy, gorgeous Black Eyed Peas and Cabbage Soup!  Thank you Kitchen Riffs for your wonderful guest post!

Growing up with an apple barn right next to my home, and my family owns it…..well let’s just say every holiday gathering ROCKED!  So let’s have an apple party to kick off this Fall season!

No, No, I did not make any of those treats.  BUT my family did, does that count?  I think I figured out why I have a doughnut addiction.  I really do have a doughnut addiction.  It is so bad, I stopped eating them a few years back.  I made an exception this week, cider doughnuts are a REALLY positive exception…..OH MY YUM!  They used to make blueberry doughnuts that rocked my world…..hence my doughnut addiction……

Our last day of the vacation up by my families house, we took a trip to Leaman’s Green Applebarn.  It had been years since I had been there…..AND my hubby had never been there.  My hubby and I have been married for 15 years, and together for 18 years.  We moved to Tucson, Arizona a year after we were together.  He shared with me that he had never actually been to the apple barn… jaw dropped!  After all these years, and delicious treats devoured, AND he had never enjoyed my childhood fun.  Well we fixed that problem straight away, AND he had fun!!!!  They have added a petting zoo,  play area for kids, face painting, hay rides, and so much more!

Before I left my Uncle said I needed to take a special caramel apple…..he said he double-dipped our apple!  My mom always tells me when she has a double dipped Granny Smith apple from my Uncle.  For years I was jealous when she would share about her delicious apple.  Now I finally had my own, BONUS!

 ……there was serious caramel love going on!

Since I have a serious love for apples that goes back many years, apple treats pretty much make my day AMAZING!  Last year I finally learned how to make bread pudding, a delicious Southern dessert.  To shake up my bread pudding a bit, I added diced apples.  If you have never had bread pudding… are missing out!  The common recipe is with cinnamon and raisins, very simple, yet truly delicious.  Diced apples,  give another dimension to the bread pudding recipe!

Note:  I did make this a year ago, so the pictures, in my eyes, are just okay.  BUT the bread pudding does look pretty delicious, I may need to make more now!  

Yields 10-12

Apple Craisin Bread Pudding

Warm Southern dessert with an apple twist!

25 mins Prep Time

40 mins Cook Time

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2 macintosh apples, peeled and diced
2 Tbsps unsalted butter
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg
3 Tbsps brown sugar
2 cups almond milk
2 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
1/2 cup craisins
4 cups French bread, dice in one inch squares
1/4 cup honey
1/4 cup homemade granola


Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Grease small casserole dish, or you could use a square pan.

In sauce pan, saute’ diced apples with butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar, until softened. Reserve 1/4 cup of uncooked diced apples for later, and finely dice.

In medium bowl, whisk together milk, eggs, and vanilla. Then add in craisins and mix well. Add in bread, let bread soak for about one to two minutes. Mix in sauteed apples, then add bread mixture into greased casserole dish. Bake for 35-45 minutes depending on oven. The bread will start to puff up and have a golden brown top.

In small sauce pan, mix together honey and finely diced apples on medium low heat for about 2 minutes.

Top bread pudding with small amount of granola, and honey apple mixture.

Note – If you really love cinnamon, you could totally add more. Also, after eating the yummy treat, I decided I would mix in more honey. The honey really brings all the flavors together!



Probably serves about 10-12.


Welcome to Fall!!!!  Since I lived in the desert for so long, I actually look forward to cool weather, AND love snow!  So this time of the year makes me sooooo happy, I look forward to reading-devouring-baking-cooking-and enjoying wonderful fall recipes!

Have you made bread pudding before?

What is your favorite apple treat to make?


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  • I love anything apple - your bread pudding looks delish! :)
  • Simone
    Maybe a little bit too early to think about snow and christmas but I do love the fall season. Plus I love apples, plus I love breadpudding so an apple breadpudding sounds like a heavenly dish to me!
  • I know all about apple barns. Growing up with one in the back yard makes you the luckiest girl in the world! We have one down the road from us. The other day I went to stock up and I was so sad to find out they weren't selling apples this season. I wonder if our hot, dry summer has something to do with it?? Now I need to find another source, because like you, I'm ready for apple everything. By the way, I am a doughnut freak too. I can completely relate!!
    • My family had to buy apples from another orchard this year, they were sad of course. Their orchard had been damaged by the frost. That is what a lot of apple orchards dealt with, even the cherry orchards in Michigan were all pretty much damaged. Silly weather.... Thank you so much, Hugs, Terra
  • Life’s a Bowl
    This looks absolutely delicious and perfect for fall!!! I loveee all of the fall flavors, especially anything apple, cinnamon, or pumpkin :) My husband and I are planning to go to our first apple orchard this fall- gotta make it happen! And hopefully they'll have cider doughnuts ;)
    • Thank you so much! I hope you have a blast at the apple orchard, they truly are fantastic! If you miss out on the cider doughnuts, there are delicious recipes on line you should soooooo try:-) Take care, Terra
  • [email protected]
    Holy YUM! Look at all that amazing food!! I can understand your doughnut addiction...I want some of those doughnuts, too! :) But I do like bread pudding, a lot...I bet I could finish it all up without your help. ;)
  • kitchenriffs
    Welcome back home! Lotta good stuff in this post. My wife's been playing with baked doughnuts lately - so good, and a bit healthier (just a bit, though). I'll have to show her your bread pudding recipe with apples. I don't think I've had an apple bread pudding before, but I really like the idea. Fun post - thanks!
  • I can understand why you would have a doughnut addiction. Those doughnuts look amazing. And those caramelised apples! I have never seen anything like that before. They look really delicious. There certainly are some great cooks in your family. I make bread and butter pudding and like everyone else, have added cinnamon and raisins. It's a great dessert especially when the days are getting cooler. I'll have to try it with apples xx
  • Ilke
    I should have gone on vacation with you! Look at all those treats! Let's not talk about Christmas shopping! I will delay it as long as I can :)
  • This apple craisin pudding is totally my kinda dessert, Terra! Great recipe and ideas.
  • Deborah @Taste and Tell
    I want that caramel apple!! And this bread pudding sounds divine. I love this time of year!!
  • That caramel apple has won my heart! Gosh, tit looks too dang delicious!
  • Alex
    Sounds great!
    • Thank you so much! Take care, Terra
  • I bet those family events rocked with all the home produce growing around. The bread pussing looks great, I d like some please! =D Since you have mentioned doughnuts... my husband has been bugging me to make a REAL American doughnut. The thing is I don't know what a real one is suppose to taste like. I think so it has to melt in the mouth right? You got a recipe for that, please? I know your recipes are always yum!
  • The Café Sucré Farine
    What fun memories you have Terra! Those cider donuts look amazing! Wow, just looking at them makes my mouth water! Also love your bread pudding, such a yummy, homey dessert!
  • Ooh, this could be my favorite bread pudding! I love apples in desserts and this is truly a winner. I need to bring more recipes out of the vault...mostly to re-photograph them :) Your year old photos look darn good to me!
  • Sanjeeta kk
    Awee...loving that caramel dipped apple! Your family rock, Terra.
  • OMG!! Those caramel apples are insane! I wish he was my uncle! Your bread pudding is also insane..but in a more understated way.. understated as in..give me the whole bowl, 'pretty please?' ;) I love looks so, so comforting and delicious!
  • Soni/Soni’s Food for Thought
    Oh my!! This looks divine!! I recently enjoyed bread pudding on our vacation and your version with Apple sounds so so good!!! I'm so going to make this for my family :) Thanks for a great recipe my friend!!
  • Paula @ Vintage Kitchen
    An apple barn all for yourself! The caramel apples are incredible and the amount of caramel is just right! And I love the addition of granola on top of your bread pudding...can´t believe you just learned to make it, it´s the ultimate what-to-do-with-leftover-bread recipe. And you can make them savory!
  • Kim Bee
    My hubs just walked in and caught me hugging my screen. I love you for your love of apples. Everything looks so awesome. I am drooling over the bread pudding. I'm walking away hungry. Hope you're happy now. *giggles*