Cranberry Apple Martini with Crystal Head Vodka

Whew!  After a fun….BUT long week, this girl needs a cocktail!  When hubby and I took our MANY trips to Las Vegas, my drink of choice was always a Cape Cod.  Cranberry and vodka together is beyond delicious!  It is a perfect combination of flavors, with the tart flavor from the cranberry juice.

With Fall in the air, an apple cranberry drink was just what I needed.  AND thank you to Crystal Head Vodka for making my 5 o’clock ROCK!

Crystal Head Vodka is known for it’s gorgeous bottle…er, um, head.  The crystal skull’s “are thought to offer spiritual power and enlightenment to those who possess them, and as such stand not as symbols of death, but of life.”  This yogi loves reading such a wonderful thing, and VERY happy I have one of the skulls now!  The delicious liquid inside the bottle is pure, with no additives, no citrus oil, and no raw sugar- literally all natural, and smooth going down.

In my life a drink requires just a wee bit of sweetness, or as I like to say, “a touch of happiness!”  BUT let’s keep it simple, and add some of my favorite flavors into one beautiful martini glass!

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Cranberry Apple Martini with Crystal Head Vodka

A simple drink, with a purely sweet delicious flavor combination!

5 minsPrep Time

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1 oz cranberry juice
1 oz sour apple schnapps
1 oz Crystal Head Vodka
Pinch of nutmeg
1/2 tsp of pure honey


In a mixer, or covered container, mix together all the ingredients, and add ice. Shake ingredients together well, and pour drink into martini glass without the ice. Garnish with an apple slice for fun!


What is your favorite cocktail of choice when 5 o’clock rolls around?

Do you love Las Vegas….or Vegas Baby, as much as I do?



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  • kitchenriffs
    Cool bottle! And cool cocktail. I agree that cranberry is a great ingredient in a drink. The addition of the sour apple schnapps is kinda interesting - I haven't tasted that, but I can imagine. This looks terrifically refreshing! Fun post - thanks.
  • Ilke
    Guess gotta put Vegas on the list soon :)) Love cranberry-vodka!
  • Crystal Head Vodka? OMG how cool is that? ...and perfect for the season. I love this cocktail!
  • Oh, what a pretty cocktail! Love the cranberry apple flavors!
  • I confess that usually I'm just a Cabernet gal when 5 rolls around, but I do enjoy Bombay, Club Soda & Lime every now and again :)
  • That's a fun bottle! Just perfect for the season.
  • Sounds like a tasty way to end the day, or start the night. I've not tried the vodka, but am curious how it actually stands up to other brands, like Titos or Absolut
    • Hi Matt, Crystal head is much smoother and does not have as much bite compared to other vodkas. Take care, Terra
  • [email protected]
    I want that bottle!! :) What a great way to wind down...lucky you! I have to wait a few more months before I can have a sip... or the baby will be just as drunk as I! :)
  • This looks awesome Terra. I wish we were neighbors. :)
  • EA
    Love the addition of nutmeg in your martini-looks delicious! I am a vodka martini girl w/ olives, or for something sweeter, a Greyhound w/ vodka and grapefruit juice. I like Vegas in small doses...used to travel there for work a lot and didn't love it, but hubby and I go sometimes and love to eat, shop, and get a good spa treatment when we're there :-). Hope you have a wonderful week! xo
  • Oh I want the whole bottle! That looks insanely delicious, Terra! Cheers! A
  • justonecookbook
    I'm not much of a drinker and I had never seen those bottles! SO COOL!