Cape Cod Cranberry Relish – Perfect For The Holidays!

Now you all are probably stopping and wondering why I called it “Cape Cod” right? Do you remember the Cranberry Apple Martini that I made with Crystal Head Vodka? Well after that fun post, Crystal head Vodka sent me a wonderful gift that I sooooo had to share with you all! I am beyond excited! BUT first a little about the recipe!

This cranberry relish is actually my Grandma’s recipe, and a true childhood favorite. This was the first cranberry relish I really ever had, and the only one I really ever loved. Oh there have been other recipes I have tried over the years, but something about my Grandma’s recipe that always brings me back. I actually always thought this recipe was so hard to make, and took hours to prepare. BUT it really is the easiest recipe, and packed with delicious flavor.

I wanted to make sure to share this with you a few days before Thanksgiving, to give you time to run out and grab the ingredients. Trust me you will love it!

Now Gram always adds brandy to her recipe, but since I only had Grand Marnier, I decided to add that to some of the batch I made. Then hubby asked about what vodka would be like in the relish. Honestly, I totally think that was a perfect idea, especially since I like Cape Cod drinks so much.

So look at the fun gift I received, I have two gorgeous new shot glasses thank you to Crystal Head Vodka! This next picture would have been perfect to share on Halloween…..BUT I don’t make cranberry relish on Halloween….

Here is the cranberry relish with Grand Marnier. The recipe calls for orange marmalade, so the Grand Marnier is a perfect flavor combination! I just read a few blog posts where they add bourbon to their recipe. So you could get creative to whatever you have in your liquor cabinet.

I did adapt this recipe a bit, I decided to add the apples just because. Also, I didn’t add as many walnuts as Grandma does, so you could add a lot more if you like. She would also add a wee bit more orange marmalade, but since I added the apples, I felt one jar was more than enough. Also, after trying the recipe the next day, you could add more vodka….but the amount of Grand Marnier is perfect.

Cape Codder Cranberry Relish

15 minPrep Time

45 minCook Time

1 hrTotal Time

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2 Macintosh apples, diced
2 (12 oz) bags of fresh cranberries
3 cups sugar
3/4 cup walnuts, chopped finely
1 small jar of orange marmalade
6 Tbsp Crystal Head Vodka or Grand Marnier (or Brandy)


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

In large casserole dish, or large lasagna pan, mix cranberries, sugar and diced apples. Bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on oven. Cranberries should pop and open.

In medium bowl, add cooked cranberries, orange marmalade, diced walnuts, and vodka (or alcohol of choice.)

Refrigerate overnight, and enjoy!

Recipe Type: Side Dish

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family has over the years. This recipe is truly perfect alone, or in a delicious turkey sandwich! My Grandma, Grandpa, and I want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

I have been reading on Facebook and Twitter what you all are so thankful for this Thanksgiving. So I decided to share what I am thankful for this year! I am thankful for my angel-my husband, he continues to brighten my days, each and EVERY day. I am thankful for my family, and the wonderful trip home we were able to make this year. I am thankful for my dear friends, especially my best friend who will stop everything to give me love and support. I am thankful for my job, and the opportunity I had to go full-time in January. I am also most thankful for my health and happiness.

What are you thankful this year?

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  • Beautiful relish, I love family recipes! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Terra! I'm thankful for my family & God's faithfulness!
  • FANTASTIC! Happy Thanksgiving to you, Terra!
  • Gorgeous relish!! I'm thankful for good health, good friends, my husband and my dog :)
  • great relish Terra. Hubby is a big fan of canned cranberry sauce (can not make him eat homemade to save his life) and I love making some for me.Can't wait to try your version. Happy Thanksgiving
  • Barb | Creative Culinary
    I have a thing about cranberry sauce/relish. I love making new ones each year. This one reminds me most of one I did a couple of years ago that I called 'Cosmopolitan Cranberry Sauce' - it was the vodka that did it and I served it in martini glasses! I'm thankful I'm spending the day with my daughter and her kids...I mean dogs. I'm also thankful every year for being born in a country where even in times of less we have abundance many people could only dream of.
  • Cynthia Briggs
    Our 13-year old dachshund,Leon, has been very ill for the past two months. We are thankful for many things but mostly this year we're thankful for Leon's improving health.
  • kitchenriffs
    Really nice! I can't believe I've never added booze to cranberry relish - but I haven't! I definitely need to work on that. The Grand Mariner would be great in this, I think. A dark rum would be kinda interesting too. Good stuff. Thanks. And Happy Thanksgiving.
  • Keia Mastrianni
    I love how you substituted Grand Marnier for the orange marmalade and I'm always keen on family recipes. Happy Thanksgiving Terra! You're bright spirit always shines through on your posts. :)
  • The color is pretty and tempting of your relish. I dont remember when I made something like that last, must have been ages for sure. We don't celebrate thanksgiving as such but I wish you and your family happy thanksgiving! =D
  • [email protected]
    Oh my God, I want to hug your grandparents!!! They are beautiful! Grandma's relish looks irresistible. What did she think of those shot glasses?! :) Mine would start pouring blessed water on my head if she saw them. LOL! xo
  • Love the photo of you and your grandparents! And, this cranberry relish looks divine-love the shot glasses too! I am always thankful for my family & friends, and for good health for all of us too. Happy Thanksgiving friend!! xo
  • Awwww you and your family are so cute my friend - have a wnderful holiday :D Cheers CCU
  • The Café Sucré Farine
    Beautiful Terra and so special that it's your gtrandmother's recipe, somehow family recipes just seem to taste better, maybe it's the wonderful memories that go along with it!. Love your photo, your grandparents look like they are so proud of you!
  • What a wonderful photo of you with your grandparents!! And your Grandma's relish sounds amazing...I love the addition of orange marmalade AND Grand Marnier....mmmmm. Hope you had a most delicious Thanksgiving!!! xo
  • Sanjeeta kk
    What wonderful colors, this simple and yummy relish!
  • So fun that they sent you a package after you mentioned them. Looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.
  • Karen (Back Road Journal)
    This sounds like a delicious relish.
  • Soni Sinha
    Ooh this looks delish!Love the boozy touch and so tempted to try this!!Those glasses look gorgeous and so does all your pics :)
  • Mmmm.. That looks super delicious, Terra! Thanks for sharing this incredible recipe!