Healthy Snack – Roasted Edamame {and Lost Photos From 2012}

Guess who doesn’t hear fans anymore?  Silence in our home is pretty fantastic.  Wellllll……I suspect it is, I am still in El Paso, Texas for work.  I was trying to figure out what to share with you today.  I had to get creative, and in the process found some pics I never shared with you.  I also found a fun snack I made when I did my Yellow Tail wine post.  Do you remember my Poison Appletini and Snow White Crusader cocktails made with Yellow Tail wine?  Well that post was all about snacks-wine-movie-and of course fun!

First, here are a couple pictures l found, my babies make me smile!  Of course as always, my puppy is no where to be seen. That girl hates having her picture taken.


Junebug relaxing!


Tuki playing with his toy, and being cute!

Terra USS Charlotte Wilmington, NC

That’s me at U.S.S. North Carolina, in Wilmington, NC

I don’t share a lot of pictures of me, but we honestly don’t take a lot of pics of me.  I guess my puppy and I are a little bit alike that way…..just a little though!

Now I made this recipe several months ago, so I have to go on memory for cook times.  This girl who gets called, “short-term memory girl” has remember what happened several months ago……this could be scary….

Roasted Edamame

Nahhhh, have no fear, I have this all under control!  I think we have established I travel A LOT, so snacks are my best friend!  The roasted edamame is perfect to throw in a small container, and enjoy throughout the day.  If you love roasted chickpeas, then you will love this recipe I promise!

Healthy Snack - Roasted Edamame

A perfect healthy snack for when traveling or just home relaxing!

5 minPrep Time

25 minCook Time

30 minTotal Time

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2 (8-10oz) bags of frozen shelled edamame, thawed.
2-4 Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil, just enough to coat edamame.
Garlic powder
Salt and pepper


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahreneit.

Spread out thawed edamame on a sheet tray. Toss olive and spices on edamame. Bake in oven for about 20-30 minutes depending on oven, or until golden brown and slightly crispy.



There is no exact amount for spices, add as much as you like. Have fun and add your favorite spice.


Not bad for this “short-term memory girl” right?  Now I want to make some more soon.  When my kitchen is back to normal, I am all over this recipe!

Roasted Edamame

Now since I don’t have full use of my kitchen, I have some fun upcoming posts that involve a friends’ kitchen, some no-bake treats, and hubby’s favorite…grilling!  I want to say thank you again to Tara at Della Rose Living, and Kate at Diethood.  I truly appreciated  the guest posts they shared, and their last minute love when I was in a bind due to my kitchen catastrophe.

Tell me something funny, I need more smiles in my day!


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  • Your cats are such sweeties, Terra! :) And what a tasty snack!
  • The Café Sucré Farine
    Hope you're having a good trip, your kitties are darling, so healthy looking as are your edamame!
  • Love your kitties! They are so sweet. The roasted edamame are looking not only delicious, but very healthy too.
  • I want that for lunch!! It sounds soooo yummy-good! Your kitties are cuuuute!
  • Awww...your kirttes are so cute..and so are you in that photo! Looks like you have a nice tan going there! With that said, I LOVE the idea of roasting edamame! Everyone roasts chickpeas, so why not edamame? Oh, I'm so getting to these pronto!! xoxo
  • Tara Platt (Della Rose Living)
    aww love the photos! Thank you again for letting me be apart of your blogging family. I enjoyed it so much Terra! This recipe sounds soooo good for a fun snack! I can't wait to make them! xoxo
  • kitchenriffs
    Really cute cats! I love looking at pictures of kitties. And food. ;-) Really like this recipe - I've never roasted edamame before (who knows why, since I roast almost every veggie) but I'm going to. Thanks for this.
  • I love pet photos almost as much as food photos! You and your kitties are ALL adorable! And your roasted edamame sounds like a perfect snack. I will pick some up at the market this week to give your recipe a try :)
  • Awwww your kitties are too cute :D And your recipe looks so delicious my friend! Cheers CCU
  • mjskit @
    I had a feeling you were a cat person. :) What cute kitties! It's funny how cats love getting there picture taken. We have a ton of pictures of my cats. :) Edamame - Bobby and I both love it!!! We always order it when we go out for sushi and there are a couple of dishes that I throw some edamame into; however, I've never made anything like this. These look delicious! What a great post to "throw together" on the road!