Cocktail Hour (pt 1) – Ballet Russe

“A Change Is Gonna Come!”

Plan for good changes for sure!  One of the changes that has occurred, I had my “about me” picture to the right here updated.  The picture was actually taken by my six year old niece, and really portrays me and my silly personality!  The other changes will come in time, no need to share all the fun all at once!

Cocktail Hour (pt 1) - Ballet Russe

Last weekend our dear friends were here from Tucson, Arizona.  You remember how we celebrated a birthday with Grilled Strawberry Upside-Down Cake?  We also celebrated her birthday with two very different cocktails.  I will be sharing part two of the cocktail fun in a few days!

This cocktail is my friends favorite, they really love the flavors that come from this drink.  Creme de Cassis (blackberry liquor) was new to hubby and I, BUT will be used again VERY soon.  To remember how to say Cassis was the joke of the weekend, it is pronounced KREM de cah-CEASE.  For some reason hubby and I for the life of us, could not say the word correctly. 🙂

You can find recipes for Ballet Russe all over the internet.  There are many differences to the recipe.  Some have sugar added or simple syrup, and some do not add any sugar at all.  Some recipes add lemon, while others add lime.  We decided to add both lemon and lime to our recipe.  Like most anything, you can make this drink work to your taste.

Cocktail Hour (pt 1) - Ballet Russe

Yields 4

Ballet Russe Cocktail

10 minPrep Time

10 minTotal Time

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2 shots Creme de Cassis
4 shots vodka
Juice from 6 large limes
Juice from 1 large lemon
2 shots of simple syrup


To make simple syrup - In small sauce pot, 1 cup sugar and one cup water, cook down until the sugar completely dissolves. Once sugar water is made, let completely cool. You can make the sugar water a day or two in advance, and store in the refrigerator.

In large pitcher - add ice, creme de cassis, vodka, limes, lemon, and simple syrup, mix well. Pour drink into each glass without the ice, to prevent drink from getting watered down.



I am an extreme audiobook addict, and listen to everything.  I travel for my job, so the audiobooks keep me entertained.  I recently became a HUGE fan of author J.R. Ward, and her series called The Black Dagger Brotherhood.  The series is a vampire romance, with some violence thrown into the mix.  One of the characters LOVES Grey Goose vodka.  I have been wanting to try this brand of vodka, so for this drink we enjoyed Grey Goose.  It is really a delicious vodka, and works perfectly with the cocktail.

In the same series, another character loves Herradura Tequila, so my next mission is to try that lovely top shelf tequila!  It is amazing how books can influence our senses!  Is there a book you have read that made you want to try a specific alcoholic beverage, or a specific food?

Cocktail Hour (pt 1) - Ballet Russe

The drink was served with raspberries, but of course would be lovely also served with blackberries.  This drink is refreshing and would be wonderful during the hot summer months, or perfect for any party!

If you like this recipe, here are a couple other recipes you may enjoy!  Cranberry Apple Martini with Crystal Head Vodka, Pumpkin Apple Martini, or how about a Hazelnut Creamitini?

What is your favorite brand of vodka?

Have your tried Creme de Cassis?


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  • Hotly Spiced
    This is definitely my kind of cocktail. I don't like the creamy ones or the ones that are too sweet. It's a pretty colour too. Love the new pic! xx
  • Even though I'm not a connnoiseur of cocktails..I thought I knew them all. I've never heard of a Ballet Russe, but I love it, from the name to the color to the ingredients! This is one I have to try!
  • kitchenriffs
    This is a new cocktail to me - I haven't heard of it. Looks delish! Creme de cassis is wonderful stuff. When it comes to vodka, I don't find much difference in flavor, but the more expensive ones are smoother - more filtration, or so I read. Fun post - thanks.
  • Vicente Sagunt
    What a great plant that has this recipe is riquisima and beautiful, great photos Congratulations. I appreciate you made me a visit. I send you a warm hug Vicente Sagunto
  • Love the color, serving with fresh berries is such a great idea!
  • Angie Tan
    Ballet Russe...what an elegant name! Love it with fresh berries!
  • Hehee I really love your profile picture! My picture you see here has been on my blog for more than 2 years. My hair is longer now and I look fatter (thanks to food blogging). Sigh, it's about time to change too (but have to ask someone to take pictures of me!). I love your cocktail!
  • Eileen
    I've been on an antibiotic that has prevented me from indulging in any cocktails. And boy could I use a drink right about now! LOL.... Your Ballet Russe looks so inviting :) One of these days! Great new pic by the way...
  • Jennie @themessybakerblog
    This looks delish! I'll take one... Maybe even two.
  • Love your new picture! It definitely speaks YOU! I've never heard of this cocktail nor Creme de Cassis. Blackberry liquor - I've never had it. Sounds like a somewhat sweet and sour type drink. Sure is pretty. Thanks for mentioning the book. I've been a fan of vampire stories for decades! Read all of the Ann Rice books and many others. I'll have to check it out.