Wood-Smoked Beef Brisket Nachos {AND What’s Happening at CafeTerraBlog!}

Here I am!  So I thought I was going to be putting up my special post this last week, so I waited on sharing anything.  Weeellllll….as you can see the special post did not happen last week, instead it will be going up this coming up week.  So while we wait, let’s devour some nachos together, and chat about what has been going on at CafeTerraBlog over the the last week.  There was Brisket eaten, peppers growing, and one cookbook that inspired me!

Wood Smoked Brisket Nachos

1. Wood smoked beef brisket is something special at the CafeTerra house.  Almost a year ago hubby shared his inaugural experience with brisket.  He started getting the itch to go for it again.  So we plotted out a day that would be perfect, and he literally spent 12 hours babysitting his beautiful brisket.  I am not joking when I say 12 hours either.  Here is the brisket guest post that hubby wrote last year.  We tend to do different sauces and rubs for each of our wood smoking experiences, we like to change things up a bit.

Wood Smoked Beef Brisket

That is nine pounds of pure love in that wood smoker!  We had friends over to share in the love, but there was still leftovers of course.  We talked about tacos, chili, and yummy sandwiches.  In the end it all came down to my craving, which just so happened to be nachos.  So after my first ever kayaking experience, we fueled up with delicious wood smoked brisket nachos.  Oh My Word YUM!!!

Home Grown Serrano Peppers

2. Would you believe that this picture of the peppers is only about a two week separation from each other?  I am more than excited about growing peppers this year, and on my serrano plant there are about 15 to 20 peppers in the making.  On my jalapeno plant there about 10 to 12 peppers happening.  I can’t decide what to make with my first ever serrano pepper?  Salsa is too easy, I want to try something unique with that precious pepper.  The inspiration will come in due time, for now I am loving going on my patio and looking at my kids each day!

Rachael Ray Cookbook - My Year In Meals

3. Inspired by a cookbook, isn’t everyone?  Well it has been almost three years since I first said I should make my way through a recipe book.  Have I done anything?  No, of course not.  My delay was due to trying to decide what book to make my way through.  I could do a Julia Child cookbook, but everyone seems to be doing that.  My deciding vote solely rested on the fact that I adore Rachael, and love all of her books.  I started watching 30 Minute Meals on Food Network back in about 2002.  I was hooked, and made many or her recipes.   My food love, and love for creating recipes all links back to my time in from of the television watching Rachael Ray do her thing.

Rachael Ray and CafeTerraBlog.com

THEN in December 2012 I got to meet her…..SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!  I still hold that dear to my heart, she is pretty awesome in my eyes.  AND in person she is super nice!  When I met her, I was also blessed to receive a signed copy of her new cookbook, My Meals In A Year.  Since I love cooking/baking/ and making cocktails, this book is perfect for me.   Not only will you find over 500 recipes from Rachael, you can flip the book over and find over 100 different cocktail recipes from her husband John.

So here goes nothing, I will be officially making my way though my very first cookbook.  I am excited to try all the lovely recipes, and explore new unique flavors.  There is a tab at the top of my blog labeled Cooking With Rachael.  I will be sharing my experiences there, and if you want to join my fun on social media, the hashtag will be #CookingWithRachael.  If you want to join me on the fun adventure, just let me know!

CafeTerraBlog.com Kayaking

So there ya go, my week filled with happiness and fun….oh and good food of course!!!  I hope you have a week filled with happiness too!  What did you do this last week that made you smile?  Did you make anything new or exciting?  Have you made your way through a cookbook before?


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  • Kim Beaulieu
    Okay two things lady. First I love these nachos, seriously they are perfection. And secondly where the heck do you find your energy.
  • Angie
    o my...that wood smoked brisket...just too dang irresistible!
  • kitchenriffs
    Smoked brisket is so great! It takes awhile to cook, but it's so worth it. Great looking nachos! And I'm looking forward to reading about you working through that cookbook!
  • The Joy of Caking
    Those nachos look delicious Terra. We've been talking about smoking a brisket for a while now. We just have to make it happen. I planted sweet banana peppers, purple peppers, and yellow peppers this year. I am praying they are bountiful! I noticed today something decided to chew on one of the plants - I'm being very vigilant now:)
  • Tutti Dolci
    I love smoked brisket, your nachos look fab!
  • Hotly Spiced
    I love your smoked brisket. I've never smoked anything on the BBQ before. I need to try this. I would have loved to have seen how you cooked it and how it was served. Good luck making your way through a cookbook - I've never done that before! xx
  • wood smoked beef, yummmmm!!! There is nothing better then the infused flavor of smoke in beef meat. I wish I could get beef here right now (the government is trying to mess around with the supply here), I would make it straight away and enjoy it with all my senses. btw your peppers look sexy terra. Kind of like mine but your leafs look healthier and I bet yours a different type. I need to grow more! =D Enjoy your week Terra, talk to you soon!
  • The Café Sucré Farine
    Those nachos look wonderful, I'm sure that smokey flavor is just amazing!
  • Choc Chip Uru
    These nachos look simply perfect, I want a huge bite :D Glad to catch up with you! Cheers CCU http://gobakeyourself.wordpress.com/
  • Dixya Bhattarai RD
    i would love if you would share her recipes. Rachel is such a pleasant person
    • Hi Dixya! I will share some of the recipe for sure, but to be fair to Rachael, I don't feel right sharing them all. Her book really is fantastic! Take care, Terra
  • Thespicyrd
    What a fun week-love those nachos and cute little pepper plants! I have never cooked though an entire cookbook before, and probably never will, but I'm excited to follow your cooking adventures! Busy, but fun week for me...son's end-of-year baseball party at our house this past Sunday, my Goddaughter's promotion from 8th grade today, hubby's b-day tomorrow, and my daughter's 6th grade promotion and post-promotion brunch at our house on Thursday. Whew! I'm exhausted...think i'm gong to bed :-)
  • Fun week!! and what a great idea of cooking your way through a cookbook -- reminds me of Julie & Julia :)
  • What a great week!!! We just bought a brisket at Costco yesterday so I've shared your husband's recipe for smoked brisket with my smoking man. :) Can't wait to have a taste of it and definitely can't wait to make these nachos!