Herbed Grilled Cheesy Happiness Sandwich (+ Pictures of my Hometown)

Ahhhhh….the sound of the word vacation is like music to my ears!  Hubby and I are taking a few days and spending time with our family up in gorgeous Michigan.  Also, this is crazy talk, BUT it is already time to celebrate my 20th class reunion.  WOW how time flies when you are having fun!  Since I am on vacation, my next few posts will be short and sweet, with pictures of all my adventures along the way!

This grilled cheese is the recipe I have been making WAY too much, and sharing teasing you all with on social media.  There really isn’t a recipe technically, just a little of this, and a little of that.  Another recipe of course that you can totally make your own!

Herbed Grilled Cheesy Happiness Sandwich

This year I have tarragon, rosemary, oregano, lemon verbena, and basil growing in my little mini herb garden.  What ever herbs you have in your garden will work perfectly in this fun sandwich.  I do recommend trying lemon verbena if you have never had it before, the lemon flavor it gives to each recipe is wonderful.

To compliment the dish I sliced up some of our home grown tomatoes!  This year has been so much fun growing herbs, tomatoes, serrano peppers, and jalapeno peppers, and a pretty plant.

Herbed Grilled Cheesy Happiness Sandwich

Yields 1

Herbed Grilled Cheesy Happiness Sandwich (+ Pictures of my Hometown)

10 minPrep Time

4 minCook Time

14 minTotal Time

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A good handful of herbs, chopped (Basil, tarragon, rosemary, lemon verbena, & Oregano)
Bellavitano Sartori Merlot aged cheese (Any good aged cheese will work)
1/2 of serrano pepper, de-seeded, and chopped (you can can use a whole serrano pepper, with seeds, it depends on the heat you want)
Crusty fresh bread (I used Italian loaf)


Spread a small layer of mayonnaise on each slice of bread. Put a generous layer of chopped herbs next, then add chopped serrano pepper.

Carefully slice up the cheese, and add slices to one slice of bread.

Then carefully put the slices of bread together.

In small sauce pan on medium heat, add 1/2 Tablespoon of butter to warm pan and move the melted butter around. Place sandwich in pan. Place a plate on top of sandwich while in pan, and put a brick on top or heavy object to press down the sandwich.

Cook on one side for about 2-4 minutes depending on your stove top, cook until it is golden brown and cheese is melting. Carefully put sandwich on plate off stove top, and add another 1/2 Tablespoon of butter to pan and melt it down. Then place second side of sandwich in pan and repeat cooking process.

When cheese is melted and bread is golden brown, let it sit on plate for about 1 minute to rest.

Then enjoy!


This grilled cheese is seriously addictive, and a perfect way to use up some of your herbs!  The Bellavitano Sartori Merlot cheese I used has a stronger taste, with creamy flavors and hints of Merlot all wrapped into one happy package!

Herbed Grilled Cheesy Happiness Sandwich

I hope you enjoy this sandwich as much as hubby and I have…..it is that addictive I promise, so be aware! I will leave you with pics of my parents home and all the beauty it has to offer!

Michigan Beauty 2013

Growing up I loved cat tails…still do today!!!

Michigan Beauty 2013

I loved living in farm country, it was so peaceful!!!

Michigan Beauty 2013

My one home growing up, I love this place!!!

Michigan Beauty 2013

The view inside the old barn, in the room where the milk was stored, after milking the cows!!

Michigan Beauty 2013

The barn has so much history, and character!!!

Michigan Beauty 2013

A place for sweet birds to call home with a perfect view!!!

Just a quick reminder, I will keep my Audiobook Giveaway open for a few more days.  With my vacation and planning for the vacation, I don’t feel I shared the fun post with you enough.  Here is the link to enter the Audiobook giveaway for Tanya Eby’s book Blunder Woman.  The book is funny, with raw humor, and will make you laugh until you have tears in your eyes!

Have you ever visited Michigan?  What is your favorite place to visit in Michigan?


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  • Tutti Dolci
    With all those herbs and melty cheese goodness, this is certainly a happiness sandwich! :)
  • Liz
    Pure happiness! I love a cheesy sandwich!Great shots of your hometöwn....we ventured into Michigan a few times last week when we were in northern WI
  • Angie
    Great photos of your hometown, Terra. The sandwich looks mouthwatering with gooey cheese!
  • The Joy of Caking
    Have a great vacation Terra! I think that grilled cheese looks out of this world - yum... Beautful pictures of your home. I'm a country girl so I appreciate every one of them :)
  • Alex
    i can see why it is a Happiness sandwich. I can't stop smiling while looking at it - I wish I had one exactly like that here right now. I've never visited Michigan: from what I've read / seen, I bet I would love it. Have a wonderful week!
  • kitchenriffs
    I love grilled cheese sandwiches, and this is a particularly nice version. Have a great vacation! And thanks for the pictures you're sharing today (they're terrific!). Look forward to seeing more. ;-)
  • What a dangerous sandwich! Bobby and I could probably eat this for lunch every day. Hope you have a wonderful vacation. You family farm does look like a great place to live. Gorgeous pics!
  • Hotly Spiced
    Enjoy your holiday. I love the look of this sandwich with all the cheese and all those herbs - it would be a flavour sensation for sure xx
  • indiaandworldcuisine.blogspot
    oh how we adore those perfectly crisp grilled cheese toasts...yummmmm....beautiful clicks :-)
  • Jennie @themessybakerblog
    I want this cheesy goodness in my mouth! Michigan looks peaceful and beautiful. Enjoy your vacay!
  • justonecookbook
    I know it's wrong to say but I want to get that red barn wood boards for my photo shoot. :D Such a beautiful farm! Love your grilled cheese sandwich!
  • THe photos of your hometown is so breath-taking!! And that grilled cheese?! My stomach is growling :D
  • [email protected]
    That samwich looks SO GOOD! I'd love to just bite into it! :) Have fun on your vacay!! My 20th is in 3 years...gah! ;-D
  • It's so nice to see where you grew up Terra and I am always curious what the farm houses look like there. Gosh I wish I was chewing your sandwich now while looking at the shots.
  • Kim Bee
    I love a good grilled cheese. This is way better than good, it's gorgeous.
  • Mom
    Made a version of your grilled cheese.......used herbs and a good provolone cheese.......delicious......