Breakfast Pizza for a #PizzaParty

They say the first step in any addiction is admitting you have a problem.  I am comfortable in saying I have a serious pizza addiction!!!  Here is a montage of pizza images I have taken and shared on my social media sites… can truly see how deep my addiction runs!

My Pizza Love

Now we all know that pizza is more fun enjoyed with friends right?  So what better way to celebrate this lovely treat then by having a pizza party!!!  Priscilla from She’s Cookin’ and I are hosting a fun blog hop, where you can link up your favorite pizza recipe you have made!  We both don’t like setting lots of rules, but please only share one or two of your recipes.

This morning I realized a breakfast pizza has not been shared yet on CafeTerra.  I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate this pizza party, then with a fun breakfast pizza….AND it is perfect for this traveling girl!!

Breakfast Pizza for a #PizzaParty

There was a copious amount of basil in my garden that needed to be devoured!  So pesto on a breakfast pizza would be a perfect way to start any day!  I technically did not measure any of the pesto recipe, but will provide close to the amounts I used in my recipe below.

There is a new spice being used here at CafeTerra, it is called Big Devil Spice from Pollen Ranch.  Big Devil Spice contains fennel pollen, along with red pepper seed, habanero, mustard seed, four pepper mix, paprika, ginger, cayenne, garlic, onion, fleur de sel, curry, and cilantro.  I used a small amount to just give the pizza a hint of spice and flavor.  There is enough flavors happening in the recipe, you wouldn’t want to overpower the gorgeous pizza with too much flavor.

If you have missed some of my fennel pollen love, here are some recipes using fennel pollen, and the Divine Dessert Spice with fennel pollen:  Homemade Apricot Preserve, Grilled Veggies and Shrimp, Marinated Grilled Fresh Vegetables, Tart Cherry Souffle‘, and Grilled Apple Dutch Baby.

Breakfast Pizza for a #PizzaParty

Yields 6

Breakfast Pizza

A pizza should never come with limitations or rules, so the ingredients below will not share amounts used.

1 hr, 30 Prep Time

20 minCook Time

1 hr, 50 Total Time

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Sausage links, cooked and diced
Baby bella mushrooms, sauteed
6 large eggs scrambled
1/4 tsp big devil spice (or your favorite spice)
Onion, diced
Bell pepper, diced
Black olives, sliced
Mozzarella cheese
Salt and pepper
3 cloves garlic
About 2 cups of fresh basil, remove leaves from stems
About 1/2 cup walnuts (or your favorite nut)
About 1/2 cup fresh parmesan cheese
1/4 tsp Big Devil Spice (optional)
Olive oil
Salt and pepper


Prepare pizza dough in advance to give the dough time to rise. Use the link above for the Red Star Yeast recipe.

In medium saute pan, cook sausage links through and then sit aside. In same pan with sausage grease, saute' the mushrooms, then sit aside. in same pan with sausage and mushroom juices, scramble eggs, and add in the Big Devil spice, then sit aside.

Preheat oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Lightly grease sheet pan with cooking spray, and sprinkle a small amount of corn meal over greased pan, then sit aside.

Dice up onion, bell peppers, and black olives.

To make Pesto recipe:
In food processor or blender, mix together the basil leaves, garlic, walnuts, parmesan, Big Devil spice, and salt and pepper on medium speed. While food processor is running, slowly add in olive oil until mixed together and slightly creamy texture.

Assemble the pizza: Roll out or form pizza dough with hands, and place on greased sheet pan. Then add pesto, sausage, scrambled eggs, onion, bell pepper, black olives, cheese, and top with small amount of salt and pepper.

Bake in oven for 15 to 20 minutes depending on oven.



Breakfast Pizza for a #PizzaParty

I am so excited about this pizza party that She’s Cookin’ and I are having!!!  I really would love for you to join in the fun, AND what a great way for me to feed my addiction!  With all the fun new recipes you all would share, it would give me so many more fun pizza recipe ideas!

What is your favorite dough, white or wheat?

What is your favorite topping to add to your pizza?


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  • Tutti Dolci
    You sure know how to have a pizza party! Love your breakfast pizza - so creative!
    • Should do quiz know known @GlobalButterfly:disqus
  • Haha, yeah you have a serious addiction BUT who won't, when we have these delicious pizza in front of you!! :D My family including myself will be happy if I serve this for breakfast.
  • Priscilla Willis
    Yay! Pizza for breakfast - the perfect start to your day :) I just added a breakfast pizza, too!
  • Angie
    wow Look at all the PIZZAS!! I am drooling, Terra. It's breakfast time here and I need my breakfast pizza too.
  • indiaandworldcuisine.blogspot.
    who can say no to a warm and comforting pizza for breakfast....we are going nutty over those amazing pizzas :-)
  • OMG beyond beyond beyond delicious!!!!!!!!
  • Choc Chip Uru
    This pizza looks fantastic, I want a breakfast pizza party :) Cheers CCU
  • Hotly Spiced
    How lovely to have all that basil. I must do something about creating a garden. I love the look of all your pizzas. I used to hate pizza! My husband was so distressed because I'd never make it or want to go to any pizza parlour or order takeaway. I've been healed of that affliction and am now making up for lost time xx
  • David @ Spicedblog
    This breakfast pizza is making me really hungry! And what a fun idea to have friends link up their favorite pizza posts! Thanks for organizing this one. :-)
  • kitchenriffs
    My usual breakfast pizza is cold pizza leftover from the night before. ;-) This looks terrific! And the pizza party is such a fun idea. Thanks!
  • If you're going to have an addition, this is the one to have! I could eat pizza everyday, but my body tells me that I better not. :) Love all of these pizza choices and that breakfast pizza is perfect! Usually when I eat pizza for breakfast, it's leftover and cold. This looks like a much better way to enjoy pizza in the morning.
  • Jeanette Chen
    How fun - pizza for breakfast! I've never heard of Big Devil Spice but it sounds good. Love the use of pesto!
  • I LOVE pizza!! I need to make some soon!