Homemade Apple Pie with The Good Bean

Fall to me means apples, apples, and more apples!  There will be a few pumpkin recipes thrown in here and there too, of course!  BUT for me apples scream, “Hello Fall, Hello Cool Weather!”  I have had my blog for over three years now, and I have never shared a cozy homemade pie on my blog….crazy right?  It was definitely long overdue to share this pie!  Now before we discuss the apple happiness…..let’s chat about The Good Bean first.

Homemade Apple Pie with The Good Bean

Why are we discussing The Good Bean?  Well why not?  No, seriously, it is a new favorite traveling snack for this traveling girl.  Plus there are some sweet chickpeas nestled in the crust of the yummy pie.

So what is The Good Bean? All natural roasted chickpeas.  There are four flavors of chickpeas to choose from – Sea Salt, Cracked Pepper, Smoky Chili & Lime, and Sweet Cinnamon.  To decide which one is my favorite is next to impossible.  Each flavor can be enjoyed depending on your mood.  For example- you have  a sweet tooth, eat sweet cinnamon.  You are feeling you need a little spice in you life, smoky chili and lime will do just fine.  AND my husband always has a craving for a salty treat, so the sea salt would be a perfect addition to your snack list.  Now for me, my favorite is cracked black pepper, and I could eat it anytime of the day!  To make The Good Bean rock even more, they even have Fruit and No-Nut Bars!!

The Good Bean all natural roasted chickpea snacks

The Good Bean snacks are Gluten Free, do not have GMO’s, have six grams of fiber, seven grams of protein, are low fat, and heart healthy.  A perfect snack right?  A couple other little pieces of info that are fun to share – 1 serving of The Good Bean  has as much fiber as 2 cups of broccoli, 1 serving of The Good Bean has as much protein as an egg, 1 serving of The Good Bean has as much folate as 3 cups of spinach, and The Good Bean is a rich source of antioxidants like pomegranates.  AWESOME right?

Homemade Apple Pie with The Good Bean

Cinnamon is one of my most favorite spices to bake with….AND there was a bag of sweet cinnamon chickpeas calling my name.  Adding the sweet cinnamon chickpeas to the crust of the apple pie seemed like a perfect way to enhance the flavor of the crust.  There is also brandy in the crust, not for the boozy fun, but to enhance the flavor a few more notches.

The crust I played off of was Julia Child’s classic sweet crust she uses in her Tart Aux Pommes.  I have made the crust, and the Tart Aux Pommes before, and love the flavor.  With the chickpeas ground up and mixed in, you get a crunchy delicious texture.

Yields 8

Homemade Apple Pie

1 hr, 30 Prep Time

45 minCook Time

2 hr, 15 Total Time

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The Crust:
2/3 cup sweet cinnamon Good Bean, ground up
2 1/3 cups all purpose flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp salt
2 Tbsp white sugar
14 Tbsp unsalted butter, cold, and cubed
3 Tbsp brandy
2 Tbsp water
The Pie Filling:
10 Cortland or Macintosh apples, peeled, and sliced
2 cups white sugar
1 Tbsp cinnamon
1/4 cup brandy
1 tsp nutmeg


For Crust:

In food processor or blender, grind up one package of the sweet cinnamon Good Bean.

In medium bowl - Mix together ground up cinnamon Good Bean chickpeas, flour, cinnamon, salt, and sugar. Add in cold, diced butter and mix well, break up butter until mixed into flour and mixture looks like crumbs. Slowly add in liquid on tablespoon at a time until dough mixes together, and forms into a ball. Wrap dough in a plastic covering, and chill in refrigerator for 4-6 hours.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Spray 9 inch pie pan with cooking spray.

For Pie Filling:

In large bowl - mix together carefully the sliced apples, sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, and brandy.

To Assemble Pie:

On floured surface, cut chilled dough in half, roll each half of the dough out carefully, place one half of rolled out dough in greased pie pan, fill the pie pan with apple pie filling to two inches above top of pie pan. Carefully place second rolled out dough on top of pie filling, form around edges to hold filling in securely, make four slits on the top of the pie crust, and bake for 45-50 minutes depending on oven, or until crust is golden brown, and apples are tender.



Homemade Apple Pie with The Good Bean

So ummmmm….ya…..this pie rocked my senses for sure!  Since there was a whole pie, and friends coming over for dinner, it was a perfect treat to share.  We all enjoyed hubby’s roasted pork loin, and then followed it up with a delicious apple pie!  Hubby and I may have outdone ourselves, we tend to go a bit crazy when it comes to cooking/baking!

Homemade Apple Pie with The Good Bean

Do you want to win some roasted chickpeas from The Good Bean?  Well no need to wait, let’s have a fun giveaway now!  I will keep the giveaway open until next Wednesday 10/23 at midnight!  There will be another apple treat coming your way to celebrate the winner, WOO HOO!!!  Good Luck!!!


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    Apple dumplings
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    Love making apple galettes!
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    Apple crisp!
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    Apple crisp! :)
  • kitchenriffs
    Haven't heard of the Good Bean - sounds interesting. I have, of course, heard about apple pie! Yours looks terrific. I want some. Now. ;-)
  • Apple Dumplings!
  • Jordan Dunne
    Apple butter!
  • Angie
    A wonderfully delicious and seasonal sweet treat, Terra. Those golden bean energy bars sound good!
  • Hotly Spiced
    Those chickpeas look like a really good snack and I love the sound of all those flavours. I wonder if we will be able to buy them here. Very happy they're GMO free too. I love the look of your pie and congrats on having your space around for three years xx
  • That's one gorgeous apple pie! I can smell through the computer screen! I can't believe you used some of the snack product in the crust. What a great idea and I love the way you added some cinnamon into the crust. I'm not familiar with The Good Bean, so it's good know about it. Great review!
  • In answer to the giveaway question: I love sauteing apples in butter with some apple pie spice and then melting cheddar cheese on top right before serving. :)
  • The Joy of Caking
    Great looking apple pie Terra. One of my favorites - I might add! I've already made one and feel like I need another - lol...
  • [email protected]
    Ooooooh that crust looks and sounds amaaaaazing! The pie itself is just gorgeous! I love apple buttah! :)
  • Your apple pie looks absolutely delicious Terra and I love that crust.Love the cinnamon in there too! Good Bean seems to be a great product!
  • Tutti Dolci
    Beautiful pie, I love that it's loaded with apples and cinnamon!
  • I love pumpkin and apple pies most! One day I want to make them from scratch. Your lattice looks beautiful!
  • Jessica Fiorillo
    That pumpkin pie looks insane, I confess that I've never tried a lattice crust. But I'm more of a savory cook than a baker; at least I've blogged about that fact, full disclosure is key : )
  • jacquie
    apple crisp!
  • Thespicyrd
    This is one gorgeous pie! Love that you added chickpeas to this crust-genius! Apple crisp is probably one of my favorites, but tonight we had sliced honeycrisps sauted in coconut oil with cinnamon sprinkled on top (my sons idea :-) & it was fabulous ! Hope you're having a wonderful week Terra :-) xoxo
  • Kate | Food Babbles
    This pie sounds fantastic! Those Good Bean products sound so good and love how you used them in the crust if this gorgeous spoke pie. Yum!!