Chocolate Sundae Cocktail (for TerraFest2014)

For a majority of my birthday celebrations banana cake was always my number one choice.  Since I started my blog in 2010, I have tried other cakes and even doughnuts.  So this year it was time to shake things up, and end my thirties in style.  Who needs cake or ice cream, when you can have a Chocolate Sundae Cocktail!!  This cocktail includes chocolate, nuts, fruit, and dairy, just like you crave in a sundae!
Chocolate Sundae Cocktail

My thirties did not start on a bright note.  For my thirtieth birthday, the year to kick off adulthood in my eyes- I had to celebrate the special day away from husband, while I worked on completing my Dietetic internship.  Then half way through my thirties I had a few medical hicups that caused me to think about life in a new way.  Now at 39, I realize that the last four years have been beautiful.  Thirty started off rocky, but through determination, and love, thirty will go out with a bang!!!

Chocolate Sundae Cocktail

You could make this recipe stronger.  Maybe add vodka, or chocolate liquor, or even a coffee liquor.  However, since I was by myself when taking photos, four glasses needed to be enjoyed… need to waste good liquor.  So I can honestly say, this drink is for sure plenty strong enough!

Chocolate Sundae Cocktail

Yields 4

Chocolate Sundae Cocktail
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For hot chocolate:
Make 16 oz of your favorite hot cocoa (dark chocolate preferred)
For cocktail:
4 shots (8 oz) hot chocolate
4 shots (8 oz) Frangelico (hazelnut liquor)
2 shots (4 oz) Chambord (raspberry liquor)
2 shots (4 oz) maraschino cherry juice
To garnish cocktail:
Whipped cream
Maraschino cherries
Chocolate icing to coat glass
Chocolate bar to grate over whipped cream


Make the hot chocolate and let it cool.

In a cocktail shaker, or enclosed container, add ice, add cocktail ingredients and shake well.

Line martini glass with chocolate icing, add shaken cocktail, top with whipped cream, and cherry.



Here are a couple birthday recipes shared at CafeTerraBlog – Strawberry Banana Doughnuts for TerraFest2012, Marnely made a Tamarind Maple Cocktail for TerraFest2013, AND I made Marnely a Banana Cream Pie Cheesecake for NellyFest2013!

This year I will enjoy saying goodbye to my thirties.  So Here’s to an amazing year!  AND cheers to kickin’ this birthday in style!

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  • David @ Spicedblog
    wow these look awesome, Terra! I can totally see why you'd go with this for your birthday...although I don't think I could ever leave out a cake. :-)
  • The Joy of Caking
    Happy Birthday Terra! I'm amazed you can remember your birthdays. I don't share that same skill -lol. This looks like one heck of a dessert. Chocolate always makes for the best celebration. And a drop or two of liquor doesn't hurt :) Trying to catch up with everyone. I'll be in touch soon.
  • kitchenriffs
    Happy Birthday! What a great looking cocktail you've created for your 39th. And I'm glad you got to drink all of them yourself! ;-) Fun post - thanks.
  • Angie
    Happy Birthday, Terra! These birthday cocktails look fanfreakingtastic! Cheers!
  • Happy Birthday Terra! really know how to celebrate! I was wondering how you got the chocolate spiral on the glass. Icing - very clever. I've got to thing of a celebration for I can make these cocktails. They're awesome!
  • Mari’s Cakes
    It looks delicious, and the presentation is beautiful! Have an extraordinary 39!
  • Suzanne
    Happy Birthday Terra and Happy 2014!! I hope your 2014 is as delicious as these sundaes look :)
  • Ilke
    Cheers And Happy Birthday! :) I could have come and helped you to finish those :))You will be rocking in your 40s decade! Watch out World :)
    • You rock Ilke!!!! Hugs, T
  • Hotly Spiced
    I'm so glad your 30's have ended well. This is such a pretty cocktail and it looks very celebratory. I love how this has raspberry liquor in it - the raspberry and chocolate would work so well together xx
  • Como Water
    Happy Birthday chica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HUGS! I'll have some whiskey with a cherry on top from here in solidarity! :D
    • Whiskey with cherry on top heading your way! Thanks love, Hugs, Terra