Raw Food Cookbook Review

Raw food means your diet consists of unprocessed food,  and the food is not cooked above 118 degrees F.  The fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains, not cooked to high temperatures, will retain all the nutrients.  Preventing your food from being cooked to high temperatures allows your body to get the most out of food.  The recipes in this book are not complicated, full of flavor, and provide a variety of ways to prepare unprocessed foods.  Below you will see a few of the recipes I prepared.  Here is my review for The Complete Book of Raw Food Volume 2 Edited by Lisa Montgomery.

Raw Food Cookbook ReviewCauliflower Spanish Rice

This is volume 2 of the Raw Food Cookbook, and provides over 400 favorite recipes.  In this book they share that volume 1 helped get you familiar with the raw food diet.  The first book also helped you understand how to sprout greens, and shared what equipment you needed for your kitchen.  In volume 2, they provided easy to make, and quick recipes for people on-the-go with a busy lifestyle.  The recipes are from the world’s top raw food chefs.

Raw Food Cookbook ReviewAsparagus Salad

This book will find a permanent home in my kitchen.  With all my diet restrictions, this is the perfect cookbook for me.  I loved all the bold flavors.  For example, the Asparagus Salad uses an orange and lemon dressing, along with fresh herbs.  Since I do have a busy lifestyle, it is nice to find recipes that are easy to prepare.   For example, in the Tropical Applesauce below all the ingredients are blended together, and that is it.  Easy applesauce, no cooking, tastes amazing, and a perfect snack option.

Raw Food Cookbook ReviewTropical Applesauce and Frozen Grapes

Since this is a review,  no recipes are provided.  What I decided to do was show you a side dish option, a salad, couple snacks, and dessert.  The dessert below is really simple, and screamed Summer with the fresh fruit.  I might make the dessert with a few additions.  Each time I took a bite I could see a few other flavors mixed in.

Raw Food Cookbook ReviewBanana-Strawberry Nut Cobble

One of my favorite raw food blogs is Fragrant Vanilla Cake, everything she makes I want to devour!  My next purchase will have to be a dehydrator, so that I can ensure my food is cooked to only 118 degrees F.  More kitchen toys needed, I hope I can find some room in my little kitchen!

Disclaimer: This book was given to me to review.  I shared some of the information about raw diet provided in the book.  The opinions and thoughts are my own regarding the book.

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